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Bart HoyleBart Hoyle

I’m originally from Sydney and completed a Bachelor of Economics at Sydney University in 1995. After university I worked in the banking industry in Australia and later in London where I took the opportunity to do a fair bit of travelling. During my time overseas I came to the realisation that I have a strong interest in the law and its role in society so I returned to Australia to study law at the Australian National University. On completing my LLB in 2000 I accepted a position at the Attorney–General’s Department as it offered an impressive graduate program and most importantly the type of work I was looking for. In addition over the course of my studies I found that I had developed an appreciation of the Canberra lifestyle (to the shock of many of my Sydney friends) so was very happy to continue living here.

My experience with the graduate program so far has been great and I can definitely recommend it. Over the course of the program I will have the opportunity to work in three very different areas of the Department, taking full advantage of graduate and work-based training. At the moment I am just coming to the end of my first rotation which has been in the Criminal Law Branch of the Criminal Justice Division. This rotation has given me exposure to various processes involved in policy development and in securing the enactment of legislation. If you are interested in working on issues that are topical and that have a direct impact on Australian society, my experience to date indicates that you will find the Attorney-General’s Department a very rewarding place to work.

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