Hiii invitate  u ''I Kissss uu all over!!! 

SMILE  SMILE for me for u

Thanks for your love and visit me.

I update my kiss 

Give lips mee for talk and kisss

I uptade me You see new uptade MAHIRR

Unimportand  religion,nationalty,language,anything for friend for love

Give  me your hands for better world


Mahir.jpg (56235 bytes)

Now  Im internet king only I try find my quin.

I want trust girl-women clean and who love kids ,sex,nature nice cook-sweet...

Who want kiss me I ready for give my lips she and my all places.....

I like sex who dont like sex Im strong  normalyy men-humen,

IM STUD  Hmmm why not  who can knowwww May  bee !!!

Ha ha ha many many women people think me turkish stud, and n

Now I feel Im sperm fabric,

now i feel same .....


I Love  music I can play few instrumans I have my home,and I have single -video and cartoon now,

I Love Travel I been  many countries cities  I stay usally  my friends home.I Been America,Germany,Holland,Belgium,Sweden,Denmark,


I love astronomy,art,animals,green new friends,guest my home ,Take nice nude women-girls models foto and paint..



m27.jpg (30106 bytes)

I continue my travel , I went many many country with my donkey-guide

Who invitate me her home I go and I ll goo too I stayed her homes her show me  her city and she did me nice cooks,sweeets.and kiss  my lips everyhour

I  go often If her invitate me her home every contry

You can come me I can show u my city  famous places  sea beachs I can come your home too


Pict0059.jpg (125790 bytes)

I love sport usally walk-swim-table tenis Im stronge  My body have many many energy,electric

Who want come my home I invitate she still but this time I can marry some she,I want find my life womens,girls..If I can find she,

who want mary with she can go http://www.ikissyou.org/ I want  many many kids diffrent colors...


Pict0057.jpg (157499 bytes)

I love kids..My first job teacher...I love love and share  what I have with  she..

Ha ha ha everywomen - girl think Mahir sperm fabric, Now I feel Im sex - sperm fabric.

Now I know I have many many copy person, many people do home page same me. 

kiz.gif (285909 bytes)

My beautiful fan frm UK scotich girl-

If she can invitate me your hom we can take same fotos

I want learn many many tounge,If she  inviate me her hom  She can  teach her tounge.Who want touch me  she can touch me all over quiet.But You must send my ticket pls


I ll go free all kids,animals,green,homless-poor,peace-love  organizations



Hugss then Kissssss xoxoxo -xxx

(C) Copyright 2001 Mahir Cagri Millenium Edishin



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