Hot News

January 2002

APHASIA "Arcane In Thalassa" is now available!!! Excellent melodic Black Death Metal must be expected here... We are taking orders now! Ask for wholesales or trades... This is a GRIND IT! Records release!

C OF E "Protect Me From What I Want" is out now! The band's brilliant debut album is crossing the fine line between Metal and brutal Hardcore... A truely mesmerizing, addictive album that fans of the new breed of Hardcore (and METAL!) will rejoice upon... Get it now!!! We have also just released the band's multi-media Video MCD of their song "Day By Day" (off the "Protect Me..." album)... Killer computer generated effects, high octane action! You should also add this to your collection now! Get it also!!!

MERLIN's new album title revealed: "Brutal Constructor" is the tentative title for their 3rd album for GWN/Grind it!. This new offering is slated for late summer 2002. Expect the band's most brutal outing to date, surpassing "Deathkoteque" in speed... We are also working out details for a Live CD, which will be entitled "10 Years Of Carnage". A video is also in the planning stage, which would include Live stuff, back stage fun and so on...

ASGARD's "Cold Season" coming out on February 15th... This "guitar oriented" Black Metal release which will have DIMMU BORGIR fans begging for more! Unrestrained! Magazine annouced an interview with the band for their next issue. Beware of the "Cold Season"!

TRAILS OF ANGUISH are destroying a studio on the south shore of Montréal for the extra track for the GRIND IT! Records' version of their debut MCD "Relentless Abhorence Of Misery's Grievance". New packaging is being worked on right now. IMMORTAL's "Blizzard Beast" fans should take notice... TRAILS OF ANGUISH is serious business! Extreme, yet melodic Black Metal... Killer!

Belarus' DIVINA ENEMA will be re-issuing their debut full length CD "In The Conclave" via GWN. Also in the work; "Impyre Concord" Mcd and "Under Phoenix Phenomenon" CD.

The first issue of THE GREAT WHITE NORTH REPORT will be available in late February with infos on the GWN bands, GWN international, GRIND IT! Records and an interview with MERLIN! 6000 copies on cool glossy paper... How nice can we get?! This will be distributed worldwide. Ask for it!!!

PROFUSION DIRECT online store has been pushed back to February to give us a breather with all the cds we are releasing in the next few months... More on this soon.

October 2001

Merlin's cult debut MC (only) album "Deathkoteque" is finally available on CD format from Grind It! Records (a division of GWN AMERICA). The album has been remastered and has a new packaging... Everybody into good old MORBID ANGEL and VADER would do well by adding this cult album to their record collections... For wholesales and possible trades, please drop us a line at

Unfortunately, we have decided not to go on with the DECAYED REMAINS "Moonlight" project which was slated to be unleashed over 6 months ago! The band decided to push the release date back further because of internal (read: Line-up) problems, something we couldn't afford anymore with our busy GWN and Grind It! Records schedules.

GREAT WHITE NORTH AMERICA and GRIND IT! Records are now being distributed in Canadian shops by PHD CANADA. We believe PHD was the next logical choice for our growing company. We would like to take the occasion to thank our past associates from WARFARE/SPECTRUM MUSIC for their professional business, friendship and total support since our humble beginnings! GWN/GRIND IT! are also being distributed in the USA by RELAPSE and in JAPAN by SOUNDHOLIC... New distros are to be announced soon by our European office.

Scheduled for September, C OF E's "Protect Me From What I Want" CD is about to destroy North American shores!!! The album will finally surface in November: Be there 'cos it is one hell of a joyride! Also available within the next few weeks by MAILORDER (ONLY) is the Single "Day By Day", featuring the amazing video of the same name... Incredible CGI animation, effects and trippy stuff is to be expected here!

FRUSTHATRED is also hard at work on their video and CD single... The album "Undertone" will be available in late November/early December... Fans of MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA and FORBIDDEN must get this raging slab of heavy catchy power Thrash Metal...

DIACHRONIA's "XX's Decline" is now available in Europe and will be re-pressed early 2002 for the North American territory. The band's busy playing gigs in and around Poland. A Euro-tour will take place in 2002.

NECROLOGY recently replaced Remmert (drums)... New stuff is being worked on. The band will be touring in Europe soon. The album will be re-pressed soon in North America... Believe the hype!!! This band is amazing!!!

GWN America is signing up MERLIN for their third album. The band's now the label's top priority... The new album will be recorded sometime next summer and will contain ten songs and a cover cut... MERLIN will tour in Europe next year... GWN America will be releasing some MERLIN shirts and other goodies early next year. Posters are going to be available as for November 1st.

Guess what?! ASGARD's debut album "Cold Season" will finally be released early 2002... More delays in the studio is once again pushing this maelstrom of an album later... DIMMU BORGIR and SATYRICON fans beware: This band's kicking some serious asses!!! Euro fans will have the chance to see them Live in 2002 as it is one of our booker's (DYNAQUEST) priorities...

APHASIA's debut CD for Grind It! Records will be available early 2002. A proper release date as yet to be decided but expect one hell of a brutal DEATH/BLACK sounding album with similarities with IMMORTAL... Gruesome!!!

We are working on our Virtual Metal Store as you read this... PROFUSION DIRECT will be unleashed on the net as early as January 2002!!! More on this soon! Take note that our new Mailorder Catalog will be available at the very same time...

GWN/GRIND IT! are working on a serie of 100% Québec Metal, going under the name of SÉRIE QUÉBEC EXTRÊME... A proper press release will be available shortly describing the project and announcing the bands involved...

We are soon announcing a new division to GWN... More extreme music for the masses! Can't get any better right?!

July 2001

Since July 17th, we finally have a cool message board where you can post messages, reply to them, advertise, post impressions and opinions, etc. Check it out right here!

June 2001

It is now confirmed: Grind It! Records, GWN's division, will re-release Decayed Remains' Moonlight with a slightly different lay-out and package. It is scheduled to come out in August.

Grind it! has also just signed Montréal Black Death Metal trio Aphasia for the release of their first full length album, entitled Arcane in Thalassa. This should come out in late 2001, early 2002... More on this soon.

Finally, Grind It!'s web page will be completely redesigned in the coming weeks... Just a little bit of patience and you'll get extra stuff and infos in Grind It!'s site very soon

May 2001

Québec Metal and Éric Galy are now officially handling our mailorder service... They will process all credit card orders, etc.

April 2001

Finally, after a few (more!) delays, XX's Decline is now available for mass distribution� This newcomer from Poland plays a mesmerising hybrid of Cradle Of Filth and Emperor with a beyond average musicianship. This band's best weapon is their capability to create amazing arrangements. The album's production is flawless! If you are into original and talented Black Metal, you must get this!

Eric and Edwin Pisters of GWN Europe and Dynaquest will be attending this year's well known POPKOMM musicfair in Germany...

Distritrade is now the exclusive distributor for Pulsar Records (Italy) in Europe.

GWN France (Promo/Mailorder) is now operational� Check out and meet Gregor, our French representative

GWN Chile is starting its operation late Spring.

Éric Galy (Québec Metal fame among other projects!) is now part of the GWN America team. Éric's job will be to take care of mailorder sales as well as booking for our local GWN bands. will (again!) have credit card capabilities available soon (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER�)

We are looking for people interested in translating The Extremist in other languages. Interested parties should get in touch right away! In the meantime, you can get our brand new Extremist Newsletter right here! Available in English and French at this time...

March 2001

Les Immortels is a promotional compilation CD with a print run of one thousand copies. Freely distributed with Québec's leading metal-fanzine Sang Frais, this promo-CD is set for massive, direct and immediate promotion. Sang Frais #8 is scheduled for May 12, 2001. This offer is a win-win situation. Write to us here for more informations about this great promotional opportunity. Hurry up, places are limited!

Now cooking for GWN Records Canada; the amazing new album from DIACHRONIA "XX's Decline". The album is now being printed at this time. The Polish Black/Death Metal sensation will be releasing its second (first for GWN International) album in late April (Euro street date TBA). This offering, soon to be a classic of the genre, will be nothing short than mesmerizing! Be sure not to miss it! EMPEROR fans: Get this at all costs!!!

ASGARD, who has an album worth of material ready for the studio, has finally found a new drummer! He is said to be totally killer and already has a good portion of the material ready for the studio! He is also a drums teacher...! They have also found a keyboard player, which completes the vision leader Jeffrey Plamondon had of this combo! They are planning on hitting the studio in August... More on this shortly...

Our main Canadian distributor, Warfare Records, has changed its distribution designation to Spectrum Music Entertainment. The name Warfare Records remains as a Metal label now... All distros will be handled by Spectrum Music Entertainment.

Great White North Europe has decided not to release GHOULUNATICS "Mystralengine"  in Europe after all. They have decided to work heavily on the releasing and promotion of FRUSTHATRED and C OF E. On the other hand, they have released the European version of NECROLOGY's "Malignancy Defined", which is already doing well on the market!

Grind It! now has its own website but due to some changes of politics from our website provider, the website is now available at However, Ritual's new album will again be delayed. Major problems with the album cover is putting the album on the side for at least a few more weeks. We will keep you posted on any developments... Be patient!

December 2000

We are proud to announce that the amazing second album from the Russian Death Metal gods MERLIN is now available! Appropriately entitled "They Must Die", this album will destroy, erase and kill everything in its path! If you're into PESTILENCE, VADER, MORBID ANGEL and the likes, you must (die to...) get this absolute bone crushing cee-dee!!! This is GWN's best production yet... The album is also being released in Russia on MC format by the Hobgoblin underground label. Further more, Malaysian underground label Mysery Records will also market "They Must Die" on Cassette format in Malaysia. More on MERLIN soon.

ASGARD's scheduled debut full length album, tentatively titled "Cold Seasons", has been pushed back to September. The quintet was recording the album, last december, in a local Québec city studio when the drummer, having problems with putting down its tracks, turned nuts and just, as stupid as it may sound, quit the band on the spot! A new drummer has been enlisted a few days later for the coming album. ASGARD will still honor previously penned engagements and they will have on board, as session drummer, the band's previous skin beater (and also founder) Steve McDonald, aka Death, from GORGUTS. More news will follow shortly...

November 2000

Great White North Europe is now operational! Coming up soon are the NECROLOGY "Malignancy Defined" CD, GHOULUNATICS "Mystralengine" CD, C OF E "Protect" CD (Multimedia) and FRUSTHATRED "Undertone" CD. Check out our Euro website at

Dutch power groove monsters FRUSTHATRED will be releasing their amazing debut album "Undertone" in North/South America during the course of the year, with a different package. More informations soon.

Metalcore extremists C OF E, another Dutch powerhouse, will see its debut album "Protect Me From What I Want" re-issued by GWN Records Canada this year for the North and South American markets. This album is expected to be multimedia and will be featuring a new video and some other cool freebees... The European version will be digipack and yes, GWN Canada will have limited supplies available. More news soon.

GRIND IT! Records is a new sub-label of GWN Records Canada. Releases are being worked on as you read this. Things are looking good for a split CD with some extreme Metal made in Québec... Featuring UTOPY and IN SHADE OF LIES... Both bands are in the SKINLESS/DEVOURMENT type of sound: Very EXTREME to say the least... GRIND IT! will also be releasing other type of Metal and Grind, like Black Metal, etc. Be on the look out for some new releases announcement. A GRIND IT! Records section will be added to our domain shortly. UTOPY will be touring with ALL OUT WAR and SKINLESS in April, for three dates in Québec. More on Grind it! soon.

We are proud to announce that we are now selling our releases on-line via!!! They accept VISA and MASTERCARD (secure server) and will also fulfill your orders by credit cards offline... They also accept money orders (Canada) and IMOs, etc. You can also get our releases via as well. We are also checking out possibilities to sell our releases on the ever popular MP3 format.

The Extremist Newsletter #1 will be available February 1st 2001... This little rag is the perfect GWN Records International source. It will be distributed with our mailorder catalog, downloadable on-line, etc. Get on our mailing list to get it on a regular basis. It will also going to be available directly from our Euro office. ASK FOR IT!