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Phantasy Star Zero



Hello, and welcome to the new, revamped page for my yet to be released, Phantasy Star fangame, Phantasy Star Zero! No, it's not released yet. No, there's not even a demo. But believe you me, I am still working on it and it will be released someday.

The game will be going by the Japanese continuity as laid out in the games themselves and the Phantasy Star Compendium, although names from the English version will be used when necessary. The game itself takes place over 400 years before PS1 and will mostly take place on Palma. I may involve Dezolis in some way, but that all really depends on how well I'm able to implement that planet without taking artistic licence with the timeline.

At this stage, I'm working on the script, character sprites and the PS4-style manga stills that will be strewn throughout the entire game. I have no composer yet, but I plan on the music being mostly remixes of the tunes from the official games. I planned on having voice-overs, but that feature has been put on stand-by until I at least finish the script.

If you are willing to help out or you have any questions you'd like to ask, please e-mail me. It would be much appreciated, verily.


Friday, December 14th, 2001: An intriguing possibility has presented itself... Can we say Dreamcast port, boys and girls? I knew you could. ^_^ This was suggested by the one and only Naflign, whose working on his own PS game for the DC, in case thou didst not know that yet. But really, is that not sweet? ^_^

Monday, December 10th, 2001: This page is up!

Send Makou an e-mail if you've got anything important to say.