The new version 3.0.1 of SoundDiver extends its renowned, extensive editing and librarian capabilities to include a number of new devices. At the same time, additions in the functionality and the graphic display make SoundDiver even more flexible and easier to use.

New modules
The new module for the Access Virus series now has a completely new editor interface design. Supported is the latest Virus OS version. Differences between the Virus models are reflected by the module.

SoundDiver 3.0.1 includes a number of new modules as well as completely redesigned existing modules, as per the following list :

Access Virus, Virus b, Virus kb, Virus Indigo, Virus Rack.

E-mu B-3, B-3 Turbo, Mo'Phatt, Mo'Phatt Turbo, Planet Earth, Planet Earth Turbo, Virtuoso 2000, Xtreme Lead-1, Xtreme Lead-1 Turbo.

Korg N264, N364, Triton Rack.

Roland VM-C7100, VM-C7200, XV-3080, XV-5080, XV-88.

Especially noteworthy is the development of the XV Modules for SoundDiver 3.0.1, which Roland XV-3080, XV-5080 and XV-88 owners are eager to take advantage of.

Unique color design
The look of SoundDiver can be customized to an even greater degree. The interface colors can be set in the preferences to suit the individual taste of the user. A reset switch conveniently recalls the original SoundDiver settings.

Extended Yamaha SY77 support
Owners of the Yamaha SY77 enjoy an optimized device implementation in SoundDiver 3.0.1: *.Txx and *.Jxx file formats can now be imported directly from SY77 floppy disks.

Pricing and availability
The version 3.0.1 update is immediately available for owners of SoundDiver 3.0 to download from the Emagic web site:
Some of the new modules, however, will be available later.



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