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the Reverend John Gibbs
March 17, 1755 to January 26, 1847


Revolutionary War Soldier
Resident of Burke Co., N.C.



So far family researchers have not been able to determine where John Gibbs was born. There is a separate page devoted to the theories which are currently being pursued. In any case, as a young man he was already on the edge of the frontier in North Carolina. There in 1776 he married Rebecca Connelly (aka O'Connelly & Conley). Rebecca was a sister of his militia company commander, Captain John Connelly, Second Company, with whom John Gibbs served at a fort at the head of the Catawba River.

They were married for seventy years until separated by death in January of 1847. They died within ten days of each other. Their union produced eleven children (see separate page). They lived on the 200 acres he was granted after his military service. In addition to farming, he was a pastor at the Methodist Church in Obeth. In their twilight years they lived with their youngest son's family, Wesley Gibbs, near Marion. In 1844 at 89 years of age Rev. John applied for his Revolutionary War pension (see separate page).

Coincidentally, there was another John Gibbs living in Burke County at the time of the revolutionary war. He and a Richard Gibbs were living in the Morgan district. This John Gibbs married Hanna Muchmore and moved on to Kentucky. Strangely, by some accounts both John Gibbs were born and died within a year of each other. Understandably, this has occasionally resulted in some confusion, which hopefully this site will help to reduce.


Please note the following family tree information is presented for peer review purposes. It has been gleaned from various sources and surely includes some inaccuracies and errors. Our goal is to gather a family tree of the descendants of Rev. John Gibbs which is as extensive and accurate as possible.

The assistance of fellow family researchers is vital to the success of this project. In order to facilitate the compilation of this material, please present corrections as clearly and succinctly as possible. For more complicated cases it would probably be easiest to create a gedcom file for the individual in question which includes parents and children if applicable. This can be sent as an email attachment, reviewed and then incorporated into the tree.

It would be ideal if at some point a descendant or group of descendants from each of Rev. John's children could become responsible for a branch of the tree. At this point, to our knowledge we have descendants from William, James, Hugh, Archibald, David and Bryant involved in family research.

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The Gibbs Family History and Their Relatives of the Olden Times
Third Edition, by Vernon Gibbs 393 pages, 818KB (Adobe Acrobat format)


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This site is an ongoing collaborative effort of descendants of John Gibbs. Submissions and suggestions are welcomed, please indicate whether or not you wish to be credited.
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1. Pursue and present the truth to the best of our knowledge.

2. Honor our ancestors and preserve their dignity.

3. Respect the privacy of the living. For that reason no information on persons born after 1899 will be revealed on this site.



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