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Thursday, February 21, 2002
 Light Rain and 1.8°C  in Halifax, NS

Top Local Story

SaskEnergy holds off on distribution decision
The President of SaskEnergy says the company won't make a final decision on a bid to distribute natural gas in Nova Scotia until the province outlines new rules for the industry.
F U L L  S T O R Y

More Local News

  • Michelin to appeal WCB sleep ruling    
  • Competition on horizon for Air Canada    
  • Enrolment in public schools dropping    
  • NS one step closer to producing titanium    
  • Auditor General worried about Nova Scotia's debt    
  • Valley health board cancels surgeries due to nursing shortage    
  • MLA Dave Wilson suffers heart attack    
  • NS films bring in the bucks    
  • Let judge determine money for Johnson: NDP    
  • A new contract at Strait Regional School Board    
  • New airline planned for region    

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