The Fabulous Baker Boys
Photos By Jeff bridges

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Premiere Magazine October 1997
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On set, Jeff Bridges has a hobby of photographing his colleagues at work, a ritual that began years ago, when his wife gave him a Widelux camera.

Occasionally, Premiere Magazine publish a selection of the shots (see above) but Jeff initially publishes the photos as a set diary in private runs of about 1,000 copies, which he gives away as presents and sells at photo shows and galleries to benefit the END HUNGER NETWORK.

A signed copy of one of his BAKER BOYS albums was sold at a charity auction for US$280 as recently as November 1999.

Captions are printed in gold and THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS album contains 49 photos.

Enough Of This Waffle - Show Me The Photos!

Official copies of these books (each one specific to a certain Jeff Bridges film) were initially available from:

Lea Russo
The Gallery Of Contemporary Photography

Santa Monica USA
Tel. 310 264 8440 / Fax. 310 264 8443

Enough Of This Waffle - Show Me The Photos!


The gallery sold copies of these books signed by Jeff for US$75 and unsigned copies for US$50 (stocks were extremely limited and the gallery has now apparently SOLD OUT). Original prints of individual photos may still be available at US$750 each for an 11x14 and US$1,000 each for a 20x24 (please confirm prices with the gallery).

Each book is soft cover and measures 12x9 inches, and each photo measures roughly 9x4 inches. All dedications and captions are in Jeff's handwriting, as are all handwritten notes on this and the following pages (some of the handwritten notes by Jeff are actually from his website, not the book).

Prints of several of Jeff's photos (including some BAKER BOYS shots) are now available for purchase through his website:

Special thanks to

Lea Russo at The Gallery Of Contemporary Photography

and all at The Jeff Bridges Mailing List

for their help with this information.

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