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 Updated - 2.19.02

Headline News, Schedule

Headline News

"Heartbreak" slated for Feb. 23 in Graham

The Carolina Wrestling Federation / FWA-Carolinas returns to Graham, NC at the Graham Rec. Center, this Saturday, February 23rd at 7:30pm for the star studded event "Heartbreak." Acting commissioner, William L. Cross has worked feverishly to line up another incredible event. This one is sure to have the fans talking for weeks afterwards. There will be more than hearts that break this Saturday. With the impressive lineup, expect to see some bones breaking too. Old scores will be settled, new feuds will begin, and someone will leave Graham on a stretcher!

Otto Schwanz says Madd Maxx will be his Bloody Valentine on Feb. 23rdThe main event is a special grudge match pitting WWF veteran Otto Schwanz vs. WCW/WWF veteran Madd Maxx. The last time these two saw each other Schwanz had cost Madd the heavyweight title and they fought all over the arena and even into the parking lot afterwards! Now both are considered #1 contenders to the FWA-Carolinas Hwt. Title. This match will determine who will stay the top contender. Commissioner Cross realized that he probably wouldn't be able to get a clear winner so a very special stipulation has been added to the bout. The match will be a first for the FWA-Carolinas... a stretcher
match! The only way to win is for your opponent to be carried out on a stretcher! The match might not settle their feud but it certainly will determine who stays at the top of the contenders list.

After serving his "title suspension clause," Gemini Kid finally
receives another title shot at FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Champion, Mikael Yamaha. Gemini was given the good news during the January event, but here's some not so good news for Gemini... the match will be a 3-Way Dance for the title with Michael Yamaha vs. Gemini Kid vs. Sexton Tyler. This could turn out to be very surprising as there has been quite a lot of conflict regarding the title belt between Yamaha and Tyler with Gemini the one stirring the pot. Will the brothers eliminate Gemini and then finally settle it in the ring? Or will Gemini continue the manipulation and somehow reclaim his lost championship? Expect this cruiserweight challenge to be a non-stop battle for the belt.

The Storm Brothers - Damien & Joe StormThe second of three title bouts will feature the FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Champions, The $outh$ide Playas defending against the Storm Brothers. The match pits the quickness and street smarts of the Playas against the hardcore violence of the Storms. The Playas have met and defeated all tag teams in the Carolinas so far, but this is one storm that may not weather.

The third title bout will be for the FWA Women's World Championship. After her upset non-title victory over champion Amber Holly in January, GeeStar will receive a title shot against Holly. GeeStar is out to prove her win was no fluke and claim the gold.

If that wasn't enough, the extreme lucha icon Cham Pain, ECW
superstar C.W. Anderson, former heavyweight champion "Awesome" Jeff Justice, the 7-foot giant Granite, and many more will also be in action! Also slated to appear in Graham... Bizarre has a new definition... see the debut of The Amazing Sideshow!

Advance tickets are available online on our schedule page. Order online and save $2 off ringside seats.

Women's Top 100 World Rankings

GeeStar with a head-dropping suplex on Amber HollyThe CWF/FWA-Carolinas are proud to announce that two of our women competitors have recently been recognized as two of the best in the world. The controversial but only respected Top 100 Joshi World Rankings of active female wrestlers was released on Feb. 1. The "DVD Joshi 100" is published semi-annually and is considered a true attempt to rank female wrestlers around the globe. Due to the strict requirements of the list, very few North American females even make the list at all. In fact, of the 100 females, only 14 currently active females from the United States and Canada were selected.

In a list dominated by the incredible Japanese female athletes, we're proud to note that our very own FWA Women's World Champion Amber Holly (# 95 overall, # 10 in US/Canada) and her top rival, GeeStar (# 97 overall, # 12 in US/Canada) made the cut! Being ranked on this list is even more impressive by the fact that far more famous female competitors such as Lita and Trish Stratus did not even make the rankings.

Title turmoil thickens as ECW Superstar enters

Look who's coming now... C.W. AndersonThe hotly contested FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight Title currently held by "NiteStic" Eddie Brown, just got hotter. ECW superstar C.W. Anderson has made his intentions clear that he is out to add that title to his long list of accomplishments.

New interim commissioner William L. Cross has declared that it's just too close to name a number one contender as there are now five top wrestlers with legitimate claims to the # 1 slot. Anderson joins the list with Madd Maxx, Otto Schwanz, Cham Pain, and Jeff Justice.

Cross has added a new poll to the Commissioner's Corner to ask the fans who they think is the real # 1 contender.

"Ultimatum" detailed results

NiteStic drops Cham Pain on his head!A tremendous turnout of fans filled the Graham Rec. Center last night for the CWF/FWA-Carolinas event entitled "Ultimatum." Including the incredible return to wrestling by Cham Pain!

The opening bout saw the 7-foot giant Granite and Playboy Tripp take on the 400-lbs+ Corey Edsel and Kenny James. Granite did the absolutely increadible feat of chokeslamming Edsel from the top rope!
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"New Year's Knockout" detailed results

The CWF/FWA-Carolinas hosted a special benefit wrestling event to raise funds for a local woman to help pay for her kidney transplant operation. The operation was held on Friday and the good news is that the transplant was a success. Thanks to sponsors, advance ticket sales, those attending the event, and the wrestlers that donated their time to make the fund raising event a success, over $2000 was generated to help pay for the operation. The event was held at the Clayton High School in Clayton, NC. We cannot thank those involved enough for their help!
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"BattleCade" quick results

WWF veteran Otto Schwanz had gold in his eyes all night for the CWF/FWA-Carolinas event "BattleCade." Schwanz nearly captured the FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Titles with Jeff Justice, but a slight miscue cost them the match. Schwanz then floored his partner with his "brain scrambling" powerbomb. Schwanz would be the deciding factor in the main event as well, costing Madd Maxx the heavyweight title. Maxx went to the locker-room and pulled Schwanz back out, put him on a rolling cart, and delivered him to ringside for a post-match brawl.

The debuting J.T. Sparxx pinned Tony Plantinum after a flying top-rope headbutt.

In a six-man tag team bout, Granite, Johnny Blaze, and Playboy Tripp defeated Ethan Cage, Kenny James, and L.A. Stevens after the 7-foot giant Granite pinned Kenny James with a chokeslam.

Hoping to put an end to the rift in the Hirydaz, Sexton Tyler called out his brother Mikael Yamaha to ask him to tag with him next month for the FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Titles. Yamaha declined stating that he would be defending his cruiserweight title next month. Caprice "Ice" Coleman and GeeStar came to the ring to tell Yamaha he should accept the deal because Coleman was going to be the new cruiserweight champion at the end of the night. Just then The Main Attraction (Chris Steele & Scott Powers) came through the crowd and jumped the Hirydaz from behind. All three pounded on Yamaha and Tyler. Afterwards Tyler challenged the threesome to take them on in a 3 on 2 match but Amber Holly said she would be the third member to even the odds. Coleman and company laughed at the prospect, but accepted the challenge for later that night, postponing his cruiserweight title match.

"Wild Thing" Larry Isley upset Rob "The Bull" McBride with a school boy roll up to score the pinfall.

The $outh$ide Playas retained their FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Titles defeating Otto Schwanz & Jeff Justice. J-Money pinned Justice with a small package.

The Hirydaz (Mikael Yamaha, Sexton Tyler, & Amber Holly) defeated Caprice Coleman & Main Attraction (Chris Steele & Scott Powers). Amber Holly pinned Scott Powers with a flying crossbody block off the top rope.

In the main event of the evening, "NiteStic" Eddie Brown pinned Madd Maxx to capture the FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight Title.

BattleCade 2001 videos are now on sale in the store.

"BattleCade" - Night of Champions

FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight Champion - Madd MaxxThe CWF/FWA-Carolinas hosts it's annual "BattleCade" event on Saturday, Dec. 29th at the Ray Street Recreation Center in Graham, NC. Three big title matches are slated for the "Night of Champions." FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight Champion, Madd Maxx will defend against # 1 contender, "NiteStic" Eddie Brown. FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Champion, Mikael Yamaha, will defend against # 1 contender, Caprice "Ice" Coleman. The FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Champions, The $outh$ide Playas, have issued an open challenge to defend their titles against any tag team willing to step up to the challenge.

FWA Women's World Champion - Amber HollyAlso appearing will be the FWA Women's World Champion, Amber Holly, "Awesome" Jeff Justice, the 7-foot giant Granite, and many more!

WWF Veteran Otto SchwanzRumor has it that WWF veteran, Otto Schwanz, will return. Schwanz has been outraged at the fans for continuing to call him a "chicken," even after Schwanz defeated Madd Maxx in a non-title match last month. Schwanz claims he is the true # 1 contender and anything could happen if the fans again call him a "chicken" when he steps in the ring! He has made it clear he has come to capture gold and it doesn't look like anyone can stop this superstar.

Advance ringside tickets are available on-line on our schedule page or at the Ray Street Recreation Center.

CWF/FWA-Carolinas presented with awards

The Independent Insider presented its annual awards for North Carolina wrestling on Dec. 16th in Greensboro, NC. Several FWA-Carolinas wrestlers were recognized for their hard work throughout the year of 2001. FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Champions, The $outh$ide Playas were named the "Tag Team of the Year." Cham Pain was named the "Singles Performer of the Year." Other FWA competitors that received awards were: Corey Edsel for "Most Improved," the 7-foot giant Granite as "The Next Big Thing," and Rob McBride as "Man of the Year."

The CWF/FWA-Carolinas was named the "Promotion of the Year" and also the CWF/FWA-Carolinas October 13th supershow "Tribute" was named the "Event of the Year." FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Champion, Mikael Yamaha, and FWA Women's World Champion, Amber Holly, accepted the awards on behalf of the CWF/FWA-Carolinas.

Gemini Kid scores pinfall over Yamaha

A special FWA-Carolinas challenge match occured on Sunday, Dec. 16 in Greensboro, NC for Ringside Championship Wrestling. The team of Gemini Kid & GeeStar defeated Mikael Yamaha & Amber Holly in a special mixed tag team challenge match. Gemini scored the pinfall over FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Champion, Mikael Yamaha. The non-title win is "proof that I am the real top contender" said Gemini. This clouds an already murky title hunt, as both Sexton Tyler and Gemini Kid have disputed claims as the top ranked challenger to the FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Title held my Mikael Yamaha. Should Yamaha survive the challenge of the official # 1 contender, Caprice "Ice" Coleman, at the Dec. 29th "BattleCade" event in Graham, NC, it will be a tough call for FWA-Carolinas Commissioner Eddie Gilchrist to decide who will receive the next title shot. Gemini Kid has been banned from receiving anymore title matches against Yamaha until the end of the year.

FWA continues to grow

The newest member of the Frontier Wrestling Alliance has been announced as Top Rope Championship Wrestling. TRCW will also be known as FWA-Manitoba. TRCW is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and features some of the most talented wrestlers in Canada. They host a tremendous amount of quality events and we welcome this fine promotion to the Alliance. We look forward to seeing some of Canada's finest grapplers in North Carolina as well as some of our "southern superstars" visiting Winnipeg.

New items in the Store

The video for "A Matter of Pride" is now available in the store. A tremendous show that includes the crowning of the first ever FWA Women's World Champion.

Another new video added to the store is "Shooting Star," a compilation of matches featuring the new powerhouse in women's wrestling, GeeStar. Also new are autographed pictures for GeeStar and Gemini Kid.

And if you're looking for anything else in the world of wrestling, check out Click on any of the Highspots banners on this site and you're purchases will help support the CWF!
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"A Matter of Pride" detailed results

The CWF/FWA-Carolinas returned to Graham, NC for a wild night of action featuring three title matches including the crowning of the first-ever FWA Women's World Champion and a climatic main event pitting two members of the Hirydaz and brothers, with their most hated opponent as the referee.
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Commissioner releases Official Rankings

Due to popular demand, Commissioner Eddie Gilchrist has decided to publish the FWA-Carolinas Official Rankings. These rankings will be updated periodicly. Check them out to see if your favorite wrestler is in line for a title shot!
[Go to Rankings for more...]

FWA rates high in Top 500 World Rankings

The controversial but only respected Top 500 World Rankings of active wrestlers was released on Nov. 1. The "DVD 500" is published semi-annually and is considered a true attempt to rank wrestlers around the globe. We congratulate those that were recognized in the DVD 500.

Doug Williams (42), Cham Pain (100), Shane "Hurricane" Helms (106), Chris Steele (153), Scott Powers (179), Shannon Moore (186), Mike Hard (220), George Hines (284), The Stro (291), William Wealth III (311), Jodie Fleisch (319), Jonny Storm (327), Otto Schwanz (335), Caprice Coleman (340), Gemini Kid (397), Hot Property (450), Brad Hunter (475), Mikael Yamaha (477), and Bert Tripp (497).

FWA British Champion wows California crowd

The FWA British Champion, Doug Williams, scored a 1st round victory Friday night in the annual "King of the Indies Tournament" held at the Pacific Sports Center in Vallejo, California. Williams defeated Adam Pearce with a German Suplex in just over 8-minutes. The bout has won the FWA superstar new fans on the west coast with his incredible array of technical moves. Williams lost to former WWF wrestler and eventual winner of the tournament, American Dragon, in the quarterfinals Saturday night. His performance both nights has drawn rave reviews from those that witnessed the super weekend of action.

"Tribute" detailed results and rumors

The CWF/FWA-Carolinas special event, "Tribute" was an incredible night of tremendous action. Coming out of this supershow, some new faces made quite a mark in the Carolinas and Commissioner Eddie Gilchrist is quickly making plans for upcoming events.
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"Tribute" to raise money for NYC-FD

CWF/FWA-Carolinas will hold a special event, "Tribute," to raise funds for the New York City Fire Dept. Relief Fund. ALL ticket money will be donated to this relief fund in honor of all fire departments in Alamance County, NC. Special thanks to the Alamance County Recreation Dept and everyone involved in assisting with this cause.

"Payback" detailed results & updates

Don & Rocky KernodleThe Lakeview Civitans hosted the CWF/FWA-Carolinas event for a crowd of nearly 400 for the outdoor supershow, "Payback." The event began with the introduction of special guest and a true wrestling legend in the Carolinas, Johnny Weaver.

The opening bout...[Go to News for more...]

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Thanks to The Independent Insider

Several pictures were provided by a great website devoted to indepedent wrestling. Check it out!
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North Carolina to eliminate pro wrestling?

If you want to see pro wrestling after January 1, 2002, you had better read this and act now!
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