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Ease of Use

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IBM's Ease of Use Web Site Highlights
Discover new innovations, user-centered design, guidelines, stories, technologies and other resources to help improve the total-user-experience for your products and services. Learn more by reading the Overview of the Ease of Use Mission or browse the sections below.
Explore the methods, principles and guidelines for creating a positive user experience.
See how IBM's experienced professionals can assist you in reaching your product usability goals and increase customer satisfaction.
Try out various applications and UCD tools that will help improve usability.
Get the latest news about IBM's and featured companies' progress in bringing ease-of-use to you. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.
Be part of the ease-of-use community. Our annual Make IT Easy conference showcases papers, exhibits, workshops, tutorials and industry professionals from around the world sharing their ease-of-use experiences. Register now to attend the 2002 conference.
Ease of Use Books
User Interface Architecture
Make IT Easy Conference Quiz
OVID: Object, View and Interaction Design
Promotional Materials
Global Services Consulting
User-Centered Design
Web Guidelines
UCD Training
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