For Immediate Release: January 14, 2002
Contact:Kari Debnar, Office of Communications, 517-780-7510
Mark Bott, Traffic & Safety, 517-335-2625

US-27 designation soon to be deleted from Michigan highways

US-27 converting to US-127; signs to be changed by fall of 2002
As a way to reduce confusion along the US-27/US-127 corridor, the entire corridor will now be known as US-127, the Michigan Department of Transportation has announced.

"By having just one designation along this busy north/south route, it will eliminate the confusion and uncertainty for residents and visitors to Michigan," said State Transportation Director Gregory J. Rosine. "Naming the entire corridor with one designation makes things much simpler."

Starting in the spring of 2002, crews will begin replacing all US-27 signs north of Lansing to where it meets I-75 just north of Higgins Lake, and along the business routes. All signs are expected to be converted to US-127 by the fall of 2002.

Replacement of the signs will have minimal impact on motorists. Work will be completed during non-peak hours to reduce possible inconveniences.

In addition to changing all US-27 signs north of Lansing, the majority of the dual designation signs (US-27 and I-69) in the southwest portion of the state have been changed. The US-27 portion of the signs will be dropped and the highway will now be labeled only as I-69.