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the hyperdub virus: a medical record

South London is the primary incubator of the Hyperdub virus (airwaves travel at lower frequency in this neck of the woods). The first 5 releases on Shelflife hail from the deep South. Featuring the skippy 'nu dark swing' rhythms of the Ghost trax crew, a sound brewed up in Streatham and Camberwell, and Brotherhood (a.k.a Ride It Riddims), this shit is 21st century skank. An eeeeery synthetic cat meows you in to the Shelflife flavour, giving you an insight into the psychogeography of the area, with El-B & Nude's 'South West'. The lights go off and you are in the instantly recognizable El-B bass space. Blaze, Roxy & Es-G increase the pressure on 002, 004 & 005, adding almost imperceptible, fleeting, glimmers of hip hop, reggae, soca & disco into the dark dubstep. 006, 'Congo Fever' takes 2step into Bambataa territory. Watch your bassbins, I'm tellin' ya!

Read interview with El-B here.

Shelflife 001 - Nude vs. El-B
1. Southwest
2. Reality
Shelflife 002 - Blaze
1. Come Again
2. The Other Side
Shelflife 003 - Brotherhood feat. Big Wez
1. Can U Feel (Dub)
2. Can U Feel (Vocal)
Shelflife 004 - Roxy
1. Watch Dis
2. Morse Code
Shelflife 005 - Es-G
1. Rollin London City
2. Get Dirty
Shelflife 006 - Hypa Hypa & KMP
1. Conga Fever
2. Rollin Touch

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