{SG}yOsh Interview :

{SG}yOsh, one of the top Terran players at the moment. A member of the World Team in the 2nd World Championship, yOsh is an amazing gamer considering his very young age.

~ZC~GriLLa : Before anything else, where did u get yOsh?
{SG}yOsh : i got the name "yOsh" from the classic Super Mario
~ZC~GriLLa : thot so!
{SG}yOsh : the fire-breathing, shell-eating dino
~ZC~GriLLa : but very cute :D
{SG}yOsh : i didn't use yoshi because my first ID was yosh-Ster! and yoshi-Ster! didn't sound right, so i stuck with yOsh, and i'm still using it to this day
~ZC~GriLLa : >:D
~ZC~GriLLa : Please tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself, don't forget to mention your name, age, location, hobbies, fave food, movie, and such.
{SG}yOsh : Sherwin Mahbod, 15, Canada (dual Citizenship for US and CAN though, i travel a lot). i like to play BBall and Soccer, and SC; i like deep dish (thick crust) pizza; Romeo Must Die, Terminator 1 and 2 are my favorite movies.
~ZC~GriLLa : dual citizenship is really great. hehe, thick crust is definitely better :D
~ZC~GriLLa : Most desired race? tactics/strategies? why?
{SG}yOsh : Terran (that's a given), because it's a complicated race and there are many factors that make the race undefeatable and many that make it an easy defeat against. usually i like to perform basic strategies, like 2 rax to fac in TvZ. i think micromanagement is important, so many times that can determine the current strategy, and sometimes even the game. 3 fac TvP is a valid play from different maps. different maps are what makes terran hard and more useful. it can completely change the terran universe from just playing temple.
~ZC~GriLLa : Hattan told me you're clicking speed is inhuman ;] well, what a race like terran really needs.
{SG}yOsh : that is not true. i'm quite slow... ppl all people have diff opinions. all ppl have different opinions.
~ZC~GriLLa : What clans have you joined in the past? what clan is definitely on top right now?
{SG}yOsh : i was in vC (vice classics) months ago, i then joined [DaK] for a week, then i hopped to [pG]. i left [pG] for my current team, {SG}, only to be closer to my friends. many think i was banned because of my "abrasive hacking and abusing". i think that {SG} is a really strong team, some [GG#] members are decent, and some [Kor]-'s are good as well.
~ZC~GriLLa : isn't [DaK] a korean guild? i don't think much is going to disagree that {SG} is a very strong team... with the four of you ? nah. [pG] is a european team right?
{SG}yOsh : yes [DaK] is a korean clan, and yah, Spikes, FroZ, Hattan, and i comprise the {SG} team. i like {SG} and the people in it. yes, [pG] is a euro team, and i wanted a North American one. but it had very nice members though.
~ZC~GriLLa : but i think vC was something really different.
{SG}yOsh : vC was an exceptional clan, i don't think anyone could forget them. we were accused of abusing Cloud Ladder (when it was popular), lots of people thought members hacked. but the decent gamers (even koreans) knew that we were just a good team. unfortunately, the team broke apart due to real-life-korean issues. i don't know the full story, nor the right story. but i believe i heard that one of the clan leaders stole the other's girlfriend, or something. tension broke out, and etc etc.
~ZC~GriLLa : yah, maybe that's why the former members are now in different clans.
{SG}yOsh : yes, the members all went their seperate ways.
~ZC~GriLLa : What are your noteable achievements as a Starcraft player?
{SG}yOsh : i haven't participated in any LAN tournaments, but i have played tournaments. i recently won 2nd after Elky with 200$ at the SCDynasty tournament. i qualified to Game-Q's 2nd WC (i still don't know what they are up to, they don't update at all). i'm playing in Ongamenet and KBK right now, and planning to play in WCG in the future.
~ZC~GriLLa : hehe, i was suppose to ask you about what's happening in the 2nd World Championship.
{SG}yOsh : ah, well i have no clue about what the Game-Q status is or what they've been up to.
~ZC~GriLLa : i remember Smuft telling me that the "company" had building changes. i'm not really sure though coz Smuft confessed to me that he was kinda drunk while i was talking with him --;;
~ZC~GriLLa : On your whole Starcraft life, who's been your "worthiest" opponent? Who do you think were/are the top ten players?
{SG}yOsh : i have played a lot of very good gamers in my whole SC time. there have been many worthy opponents at the time, i think that 10 other good gamers are Elky, BoxeR, Slayer, Hattan (he may not be as good as ElkY or Slayer, but his mind is just as good). i recently saw ChRh play, and he seems very good. there are a lot of korean pro's that are very good, but i haven't played nor heard of them. i guess, any pro gamer deserves to be close to the 10 ten if he is good enough to be sponsored. yeah, i think those are the good gamers right now. Spunky (from vC) i think is a good gamer, so is God)_ZeuS.
~ZC~GriLLa : hmmm, toss players... challenge huh ? by the way, Spunky is in a korean clan right?
{SG}yOsh : yes, i think Spunky is with N2) and toss players are usually a challenge
~ZC~GriLLa : Like Grrrr..., Maynard, Thor, Pillars, and the others, would you like to pursue a pro-gamer's career even for a short span of time? why?
{SG}yOsh : yeah, i'd like to pursue a pro-gaming career because i've put too much time into this game and i think i deserve to even have a short time to see what a pro-gamer feels like. however, it's difficult because of the distance from Korea and it's hard to find a sponsor if you are not in Korea... jobs, school, etc.
~ZC~GriLLa : Do you think Starcraft is dying? what do you think of Starcraft 2?
{SG}yOsh : i thought SC was dying after first quarter this year, but it seems to be fine right now. i don't think SC2 will be out in this generation's lifetime, and Blizzard seems to be favoring Warcraft (with WoW and Warcraft3)
~ZC~GriLLa : Well, what do you usually do when your on the web? do you just dedicate your time to playing on
{SG}yOsh : when i'm on the web, i'll chat with friends, surf the net for new updates on games, and devote some time to playing SC
~ZC~GriLLa : What can you say to inspire people in the whole universe that hopes to be someday like you and the other "greats"?
{SG}yOsh : well if u want to be like me, its a huge compliment. but just be committed and practice hard. i don't think it's fair to accuse others of hacking unless you have real proof. don't get upset after losing. and i think most importantly of all, i don't think being a sore loser or a winner is really acceptable.
~ZC~GriLLa : So, shout outs?
{SG}yOsh : shout outs go out to Hattan, Spikes, FroZ, all my good korean friends (DaK members, The'Raul, etc.), and i think anyone and everyone who doesn't think i hack. people got the assumption that i hacked after Ongamenet. and a special shoutout to the staff of SCDynasty for working on a site for {SG}, and Se7eN-VII for also working to help us with a website.
~ZC~GriLLa : well, thats all dude
{SG}yOsh : ok
~ZC~GriLLa : it was really nice meeting you
{SG}yOsh : nice interview and nice meeting you, thanks. cya
~ZC~GriLLa : thank you too. later~

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