Primitive Pines Yo-Yo Afghan & Christmas Tree Skirt

by Priscilla Hewitt ©2000

The bottom left corner of the afghan is pictured

(For general yo-yo instructions, click here.)

This is a join-as-you-go afghan & tree skirt...a little different from the usual yo-yo project.  The yo-yo's are not made in advance. After crocheting each yo-yo, do not finish off...instead, continue using the same yarn to edge and join each yo-yo, working according to the graph.

Yarn: Worsted weight acrylic

I'm not real sure about the amounts yet, as this afghan is in progress. I'm guesstimating about 32 - 40 ounces of a buff color, 24 ounces of dark green, 16 ounces of burgundy and 4 ounces of brown for the afghan.

Hook: Size I

Finished size: As graphed,  afghan - about 50" wide x 75" long; tree skirt - about 48" diameter at widest points

Number of yo-yo's used: (Do not make yo-yo's in advance) Afghan - 718 (442 buff, 160 green, 100 burgundy, 16 brown)  Tree skirt - 390 (210 buff, 60 green, 114 burgundy, 6 brown.)

Joining method: For afghan, flat braid method in rows. (click here) For tree skirt, flat braid worked in hexagon, (click here) omitting the center 7 yo-yo's and leaving unjoined at the blue line on the chart.

Edging: Using size J hook and main color, work 2 sc in each  unjoined ch-3 sp around the outside of the afghan.



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