April 11, 1991
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  A high risk was in place across Ok/Ks and the Tx panhandle. A strong
dryline was moving into the eastern Texas panhandle and a strong short-wave
was forecast to move across the region. Shear profiles were very favorable
for tornadoes, but a strong cap was in place. I would be chasing with my
friend Troy Knight today, who rarely was able to go out. We decided to head
west on I-40 towards the dryline.
 As we got into western Ok, there were no low clouds whatsoever, which
happens often in a strong cap situation. At Sayre, we decided to head north
as the best dynamics would be to the north. We stopped at Roll and ate some
tasty sandwiches Troy had prepared. While we ate, we could see some very
small, narrow towers to the west along the dryline. The were pretty pathetic
looking. a couple of them put out mid level anvils, but they certainly
didn't look like they were going anywhere fast. We were feeling rather
pessimistic and were debating on whether or not to head back when we heard
of a strong storm near Wheeler Tx. We started west and found a TV station on
the portable TV. The storm actually looked pretty good on radar. However, as
we started west a tower went up rapidly to our north. It was narrow also,
but the convection was fairly vigorous. It seemed to be slowly getting
better and we heard the Wheeler storm was weakening rapidly. We turned back
north to the tower, but it also fell apart rather suddenly.
 We went back to the west again as we could see some more junky towers on
the dryline. As we headed west from Cheyenne towards Reydon we could see a
broken line of small, LP "storms" to the west. They were somewhat high based
and had little precip with them. As we got closer we could see the towers
were rotating nicely, but were in no danger of producing any tornadoes. The
storms were low topped and highly sheared over. We stopped near Allison Tx to
take some pictures and as one storm moved over us we got brief moderate rain
and nickel size hail. Soon after that as the sun began to set, all the
"storms" fell apart rather quickly.
  A big high risk bust here. Moisture and instability weren't as good as
expected and that kept the cap from breaking.
 There were tornadoes in northern Kansas and into Nebraska, with a F3 in