I'm Little Girl Lost and this is my webpage on ageplay. This site has been online for quite awhile now, and I finally gave it a complete facelift in February of 2001! I have been active in ageplay for about 4 years now, although many of the writings here reflect my life of 3 years ago. I'm slowly going to start adding new information here to reflect my life and experience as it is now. It has been a long journey, and a very fun one!

I still do not presume to present "answers" here that are all encompassing or complete by any community's standards. This page merely explains what I like to do and how I feel about it. I decided to write this page about 3 years ago when I noticed that most of the writing out there on the web was about adult babies and sissy ageplayers. I feel there are a lot of us that play different ages and are bio girls, and we need to be represented in some way. I also noticed that a lot of sites are about pictures or erotica. That is wonderful, but I am more concerned with discussing the psychology and the relationships involved in what I do. I know I have grown emotionally by writing the pieces here, and I hope that you can benefit from them also.

I will warn you that this is a frank discussion of play and not intended for those who may have issues about real life nonconsensual incidents in their childhoods or adulthoods. If you do have issues with such things you may have "landmines" triggered by the type of play I engage in with consenting adults. If you are an "adult child" or "adult baby" that is offended by play of a sexual and/or BDSM nature than I suggest that you LEAVE NOW!

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The Difference between Pedophilia and Ageplay
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School Girl (7-12yrs old)
Goth Girl (13-15yrs old)
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