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How We Got Here:

  • In 1996, Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Hirschfield produced four LEXX movies.
  • In 1998, LEXX was turned into a series, with Salter Street Films producing 20 new episodes.
  • On January 9, 1998, Canadian fans rejoiced as SPACE: The Imagination Station began airing the LEXX series.
  • SPACE: The Imagination Station has been a supporter of LEXX from the early development stages.
  • As the series developed into a sci-fi phenomenon, a third season was filmed in 1999, which attracted fans from around the world.
  • LEXX has become an international sensation, with a massive network of fans connected on the Internet. Hundreds of fan sites have been developed overnight.
  • Season 4 is a year-long production which started in November 2000 and will end in November 2001.
  • On August 8, LEXX Season 4 will premiere in Canada on SPACE: The Imagination Station.

If It Wasn't For The Fans...

  • Most sci-fi shows generate cults of fans who attend the conventions and buy the merchandise, but the fans of LEXX are very unique - a reflection of the show itself.
  • LEXX fans are like a family. Fan websites are their meeting places - they contact each other every day by e-mail and postings on the billboards.
  • There are hundreds of unofficial fan sites dedicated to LEXX.
  • Every year, the fans travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the LEXX UnCon, to see the studio, the sets and to meet the stars of their favourite show. The first year saw about 30 fans, the second year hosted approximately 60, and this year, over 100 people from around the world are attending the LEXX UnCon!
  • Some fans are very creative! Fans have been known to produce LEXX dolls, figurines, cast costumes and other crafts - all hand-made.

An International Success:

  • The popularity of LEXX started in Europe, mainly because the series is co-produced by German company TiMe Film und TV Produktion. The show also features German talent and German locations.
  • The European audience is drawn to the sexuality and risqué nature of LEXX - the unique storyline has given LEXX the reputation as "Star Trek's Evil Twin."
  • European fans hold their own unofficial conventions and LEXX parties - there was even a LEXX wedding!
  • LEXX is broadcast in over 100 countries, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Africa, Brazil, Japan, Russia and Australia.