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Southwest Province

Eleanor Green, Kembong 1995-1997

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GETTING THERE AND AWAY: Kembong is 180 km from the nearest city, and it takes 4-12 hour to get there. A taxi will cost about 4000-6000 cfa. Popular transportation methods are Toyota Corrolla, Double Cabin Pick-Up, and Van.

To reach Kembong from Yaounde, take one of the big Greyhound like busses to Doula In Doula take a town taxi to Round Point (though I think they have moved this park since I was a volunteer) Take a bus to Kumba (you will probably want to spend the night here, especially if it is the rainy season) In Kumba go to Three Corners Park and take a taxi (Corrollas are best in the dry season, pick-ups in the rainy season, vans normally suck) to Mamfe In Mamfe grab a taxi to Kembong. I've been gone to long to really give accurate prices (or even to spell Doula right). Close posts include Mamfe, Okoyong and Tinto.

CONTACTS: Peter Ayukachale-politico and parlimentarian Ojong Ebai-cocoa buyer and good friend Manyi Ebai-his wife and a nurse Therese Ayukakba-my landlady Aaron-works manager of the Data Club

LODGING OPTIONS: Kembong-someone's house, in Mamfe-Data Club


HEALTH FACILITIES: There is a health center but no fridge and no drugs Besongabong has a clinic, drugs but no x-ray Nicest hospital in the area is in Nguti (also one in Manyeman), Kembong-Gravity run water system--Very good water Mamfe's water comes from the river and relies on electricity to be pumped, not quite as good water.

FESTIVALS: The unofficial termite festival after the first rains when everyone catches termites. This is the whole village Most national holidays are celebrated in Kembong as well. The ju-ju's come out at random times and for big celebrations such as a big cry-die or chief instalation


LANGUAGES: English, Pidgin, Ejagham

RELIGIONS: Mostly Christian

GROUPS: Ejagham

CLIMATE AND LANDSCAPE: Warm and moist most of the year, Flat with rolling hills, some rainforest and rivers

ELECTRICITY: Yes, fairly reliable. We are at the end of the line, so it does go off from time to tim

CUISINE: Palm Wine Fufu and eru (cassava fu-fu and leaves from a local vine) Koki and plantains/cocoyams (koki is steamed crushed blackeyed peas with palm oil and coco leaves) Boiled Cassava and Plums (boy do I miss this) Peppe Soup with bushmeat Ndole and plantains Okra Soup and Gari Lots of fresh fruits

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