Schedule of Fees  
  Per Student:
Registration Early-Bird Registration - if PAID by April 5, 2001 with all forms and payment arrangements     $450
  Registration - after April 5, 2001     $550
  Late Registration - after July 1, 2001     $750
Tuition * Pre-K and K $6,300 Grade 6 $7,550
  Grade 1 $6,500 Grade 7 $7,600
  Grades 2 & 3 $6,900 Grade 8 $7,700
  Grades 4 & 5 $7,150  
  * Sibling discounts reduce your cost by $500 for 3rd child; $1,000 for 4th child; $2,000 for 5th child
Stabilization Fund Due July 15, 2001 by separate check $500
Books & Supplies Fee Due July 15, 2001 by separate check $200
Lunch Program Mandatory for all grades $450
Activity Fee Covers class day-trips, parties, teacher Channukah gifts, Pre-K & K $100
  special projects, graduation 1st thru 5th $80
  Does NOT INCLUDE OPTIONAL ITEMS, such as overnights/ 6th & 7th grades $170
  clubs/ice-cream/donuts/school photos & fundraisers 8th grade $200
  Per Family:
Journal Obligation Each family must subscribe to or solicit ads for the Academy's annual dinner journal in the $650
  amount of $650, to be paid by separate check dated no later than December 15, 2001.  
  Solicited ad credit must be requested in writing by the date of the dinner  
  (The cost to attend the dinner is not included in this fee)  
  Per Family:
Parent Teacher Council Due July 15, 2001 by separate check payable to PTC $50
          Per Family:
Family Bond Obligation $2,500
  The Bond program is a one-time $2,500 non-interest bearing loan to the Academy,  
  which will mature and be repaid, upon request, when the family's last child graduates  
  from JKHA or KYHS.  Bond payments are due annually on December 31st by  
  separate check payable to the JKHA Bond Fund, and may be paid over 5 years.  
  Families wishing to donate their Bond should so indicate, and will receive a tax letter.  


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