Frequently Unanswerable Quest 1 0 N S
TRIPPING thru a bRYEsend
when in doubt... ENDjoy.

To: dan-bern-list@eskimo.com
From: see_D_pr0phF1TS 
Subject: Re: DB list COMPLemAINTS, 
              + my "(^" thingy re-broadcast

Resent-Sender: dan-bern-list-request@eskimo.com

At 12:12 PM 5/16/98, L(>) wrote a dry witticism:
(^so, here's my pickin' back at yah. 

((^ THOSE NOT INTO JAMES JOYCE (but may want to be)
(^all others , please feel no need 
to put yourself through the rest of this send.
>Are you feeling okay, Brian?
(^..?.. oh. yeah. Finding.Inner.Natural.Energy... 
F. I. N. E. yuppers. Y?
> I ask because, for once, I could actually read 
>  an entire sentence of yours. 

(^which one? the one that was highlighted and clickable? ;)

> It didn't stick to rules of punctuation, of course,

(^ oops! .. did I ferfgit th' " {a href="brooo-haa haa stuff"} ?

> but that's hardly important--
>it was punctuated and it wasn't filled with your "creative" spelling. 

(^..I feel a rye smirk coming on, there, Luth.. or 
(^ R U pickin' on me?

> Anyway, I hope you're not sick or something, 

(^ In need of sleep badly is all. Thanks for the.. "concern"..

>and that your posts will soon return to their standard, unintelligible form.

(^if you know the code, it ain't too hard. 
(^.. hey.. I'm not typoing aramaic latin al transcriptions. 
This isn't tounges-speak...
IT's tung in groove move.
>You wouldn't want people to actually start *reading* what you write. 
(^I only want my thinGks (th)READ by folks 
(^not in the business of tieing hangman's knots. 

(^for those that never want Finnian's Wake
(^ to be read allowed and then re-transcribbled,
(^  HITHERE...... mindblow, waiting for last night's show to get listed..
>Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 19:39:31 -0700
>To: dan-bern-list@eskimo.com
>From: see_D_pr0phF1TS 
>Subject: no DB content-re:my "(^" thingy...and getting a clue
((^de-"(^"ed for the beginnig, just so Luther can read it
((^ without mindcrash occurring.

yet again, it seems to be brian prosser decodification time.

If we can try and "get" his stuff (not easy... yes/no?).... 
then maybe, just maybe, 
we on the internet will bother to get EACH OTHER,
no matter where we/they are comin' from.

This is one of the REASONS I like Dan Bern's lyrics. 

I periodically dump this send in here in order to wake the FEW up 
who would CARE to understand my sends, if they only knew how to.
so, in response to the lack of confusion of late:

((^>< "no speaky typo hiccupy langbastions?...
((^>> " okey doekey. I'll take it to the pubLICK.

 ONLY once a month.
(^just like wyiwndr's obligatorial reminder subject:
 "jane! how do I get off this crazey list thing, ? !!"
To: Brian Prosser complaint department of internulled affairs
From/For: those not used to my ascii text fontage yet
Subject: we can't get beyond your " (^ " marks.

(^I presume this person was trying 
*to not waste space or time on the list*
(^yet was politely trying to tell me that 
(^I have toilet paper stuck to the seat of my pants.


(^hee hee.. well it is now.^) 
I don't mind making fun of myself 
when the flames are (were) getting too hot.

OH ! LOOK ! the toilet paper is masking taped into place! 
((^in other words, folks.. I KNOW this " (^ " thing of mine
(^ is irritating... but at LEAST it's a nice hazzard sign for 
(^ those unwilling to comprehend anything newer
(^ than the out of date textbooks tell you to expect and believe...

(^I ALWAYS.. repeat USUALLY... 
(^ am both
 (^ making fun OF....and 
   (^ making fun WITH.

(^ Take it whichever way your soul believes  will help the most.

(^ if anyone WANTS their feelings pounced on, 
(^ I'm sure they will inevitably twist others words into doing just that,
(^ with or without the original authors' intentions being followed through on.

ppl (that's short for "people" , for those not used to shorthand) 
will make up darn near 98 % of what they THINK they've heard/read/said.

(^ok?  I just make this blaringly apparent to a few choosers. That's my job.

>I just wanted you to know that 
>I've given up on reading your posts,
>because it's such a huge chore.  

((^not as big of a chore as writing them, I assure you, L...^))

((^..I wonder if he'll read this far down?  hey, Luther! UstillW/USe? ^))

(^... oh. so sad. I'd hoped YOU of all folk were catching all this.

>As you will see below, your messages are
>filled with extraneous characters at the beginning of each line,

(^ no, they are not!  eh..eh.. extraneous, my EYE! 
(^HowWouldYou LikeAButtache?^)
(^who ARE you with that great big greater than sign
(^ stuck in your forehead, like everybody else, anywayz? 

>< and your refusal to adhere to "standard rules of capitalization"

(^..what? you want me to start trying to make  $$ off this ? YIKES!

> and punctuation means that it takes me ten times as long 
> to figure out what you're trying to say. 

(^heh.. yeah.. I guess not having a product to sell CAN be incongruent.

excuse me for ranting, mearly to

"...make Nasrudin's Donkey visible..."
(sic)..from page 59 of
COSMIC TRIGGER. falcon press ISBN 0-941404-46-3
(^dear whoever eWE are, USe. 
YES. I know.  "(^" seems 
EHver so much more confusing than ">".

((^ tongue in cheek, folks.. I don't like the greater than signs...^))
(^I'm mildly amused when anyone actually is .."polite enough "
(^(yeah, right) to mention it. hand slap me, even.

(^ so `tHEAR `. IF you "really" want to " k(no)w ", 
(^ I mark thinGks this way, so they CAN be thrown in the trash.

(^I've worked around unix too much, and have ended up developing
(^my own linguistic alias substructure. 

(^ iow...my writing style is a direct result
(^ of working around computers
(^ more often than around human beings. 

((^so what's that got to do with Dan Bern? 

similarily, Dan's writing syle is a direcr result
of working around musical intellectual folk
more often than around dullard promo packagers.

..I'm only HUE,man. 

(^ok.. here's a fabricated conversation that once was a lesson on 
"if we can't understand you, will you PLEASE shut up?"

>Maybe you don't care if I read your posts, 
>and that's fine, but I suspect
>that many others on the Dan Bern list 
>are also deleting your posts unread
>for the same reasons. 
>#### (politely removed name refs)
((^well, gorsh. what a surprise. 
(^I don't keep all the  "me too" post, either.

Dan Bern's lyrics have this same effect in certain corners.

((^ read that top section of my last send again. 


>(^for those on this list that have never seen a post like this,
>(^no worries.. the  " (^" is just to show where I (bRYEnd) am speaking.
>(^and "p>" =whoever I quoted from to create the diatribe.
((^...see, ? I understand .. I even TRY (albeit barely) to X plane.

when folks FIRST SHOW UP.....in "tHere"... 
learning to read (or thread) e-mail,
those pesky  greater than signs SEEM superfluous and irritating.
but without them, all the words from past sends would mix together... 
no one could tell
WHEN something was said. 

my "(^" is just me marking WHO said it (me), 
no matter WHEN it was quoted.

decodification is EASY. straight hack jargon. 

I mix 2, 3, sometimes up to 6 words together in order to 
get across subtle nuances. few folk get it. 

((^because they haven't bothered to ask HOW TO "get it". ^))

"anything" in quotes can mean either
 quote this word does not express the half of it, endquote, 
this section here has to be separated from the rest for it to make sense.

(^i'm NOT writing in binhex, 
(^and I'm not trying to get folks to read binomial.
(^not even assembly language.

((^hell... I'm actually typing in english, even if it's garbled.^))

my whispers, " ((^...like this ^)) " or straight out loud typing,  "(^"
are NOT as outrageous as

 >a href="please goe here so I can expound on a product">this<>/a<>br<

((^note.  I turned the html code bracketing inside out
 to make them not work, yet still show what I mean^))

BELOW is a response  once sent to somebody ELSE
about this same thinGk. 

>I don't understand why you keep your (^s. 

(^ don, I mark my words this way on purpose
(^it's kind of like writing :
brian said,   "blah blah blah

(^I figured out a while back that when multiple
(^personalities arte involved in a continuously
(^re-circulated (and added to) e-mail, 
(^everyone turns into  ">" or ">>"or even ">>>>>>>>>>"

(^kind of hard to see who said what, after a while.
(^since most folk are too lazey to play the find/replace game
(^with  the greater than signs, I defaulted to using "(^"
(^any time I type. kind of marking my territory.
(^it may LOOK odd, but in essence it places my words 
(^apart from the common thread: labeled in a way that 
(^allows those that want to SKIP my words the ability to do so.

(^even in a long thread, my words will end up ">>>(^ blah"
(^very few will bother to remove the dyslexic shifted 69 
(^from a forwarded or replied to thread. 
(^ that's right.. "(" as in 9 shifted, and "^" as in 6 shifted.
(^It started off as a joke: became a convention. 

>If you need them for some previous message, 
>why don't you rid yourself of them 
>when you send the messages later.

(^ because then I wouldn't be able to tell if I
(^or someone ELSE typed the words I'm quoting. 

(^this has to do with human organizational quirks. 
(^just like the subject header not getting altered
(^even after the thread of thought has changed...
(^take the resent "Subject: Re: DB: new thread attempt, Vol.II"
(^on the dan-bern-list:
(^even after the subject matter had changed from bottom 10
(^to alternate bands, the thread's subject name stayed the same,
(^making it difficult to differentiate the two trains of thought.

(^I don't want anyone but me blAIMed for my balderdashy way
(^of typing things, so? to give folks a hint that 
(^"something awkward, this way comes", I mark my sentences.

(^that's all. 
(^kind of like randomgirl's term "fonting" or "list humans!"
(^computer jive signals. 
4 P.Ram: and anyone else.

p>....sometimes his(^who, me?^) posts 
p> violate the Law of Diminishing Returns, 

(^yoiks.. another dad blern law to keep track of. yuk!^)

p>so I just smile and move on.
 (^go0DD ! me too !
(^.. wyiwnder is notorious for saying "... whatEH-ver..." when I go overboard.

[PS: hi there, BrEYEn old nie-bore!  If it's dull to you, don't read it!]

(^oh, my... no. I MUST read every little boar bore... I consider it

(ok. a short aside to this one..

(^Paul: I love your sends. my compliments may SEEM
(^backhanded: take them as chumley uhmly brow beatings.

p>Hell, I'm not sure if he was trying to be insulting or humorous 
p> in his response to my post,

(^both. all cajoling aside, I think you can handle it.

p>  and I don't much care...
 (^well, THAT's a blessing, at least! 

p> But still, "freak of nature" might've been just a _little_ bit harsh, non?

(^harsh or not, it's true. and I can cope with it. 
(^thanks fer "sticking up for me", 
(^even if I think the response was to a statement
(^that I had taken as a "just kidding" nudge.

(^no Farakhan fanatics are beating down my webstasis page:
(^I'm FINE.


next up:wHere_2(k)N0W?