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   Lat/Long: 29-30-30.100N / 095-03-04.800W
             (29.5083611 / -95.0513333)
  Elevation: 21 ft. / 6.4 m (surveyed) 
  Variation: 06E (1985) 
  From city: 26 miles E of HOUSTON, TX 

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Airport Operations

      Facility use: Open to the public 
   Sectional chart: HOUSTON BUY IT NOW
     Control tower: no 
   NOTAMs facility: CXO (NOTAM-D service available) 
        Attendance: DAYLIGHT HOURS 
    Wind indicator: yes 
  Segmented circle: no 
            Lights: DUSK-DAWN
                    ACTVT MIRL RY 13/31 - CTAF. 
            Beacon: white-green (lighted land airport) 

Airport Communications

                     CTAF: 122.7 
                   UNICOM: 122.7 
         HOUSTON APPROACH: 134.45 
        HOUSTON DEPARTURE: 134.45 
       CLEARANCE DELIVERY: 127.25 
 WX ASOS at LVJ (10 nm W): 118.525 (281-992-1853) 
WX ASOS at HOU (14 nm NW): PHONE 713-847-1462 
WX ASOS at GLS (18 nm SE): 119.275 (409-740-9248) 

Nearby radio navigation aids

  VOR radial/distance                 VOR name   Freq   Var
  -------------------  -----------------------  ------  ---
  HUBr122/14.7                   HOBBY VOR/DME  117.10  05E
  MHFr255/16.0                 TRINITY VOR/DME  113.60  07E
  VUHr320/17.3                  SCHOLES VORTAC  113.00  06E
  IAHr145/31.0                   HUMBLE VORTAC  116.60  05E

  NDB name                    Hdg/Dist  Freq  Var  ID
  --------------------------  --------  ----  ---  -------------------
  SANJAC                      169/9.7    347  05E  JPA  .--- .--. .-
  HUMPHREY                    192/17.7   275  05E  HPY  .... .--. -.--
  GALVESTON                   296/18.6   206  08E  GLS  --. .-.. ...
  SANDY POINT                 084/21.8   338  05E  SYG  ... -.-- --.
  ANAHUAC                     227/25.7   413  05E  CBC  -.-. -... -.-.
  HULL                        098/32.4   388  05E  SGR  ... --. .-.
  LAKESIDE                    115/37.5   249  05E  LYD  .-.. -.-- -..
  WEISER                      124/39.9   286  06E  EYQ  . -.-- --.-

Airport Services

      Fuel available: 100LL JET-A 
             Parking: hangars and tiedowns 
    Airframe service: MAJOR 
  Powerplant service: MAJOR 
      Other services: avionics service, flight instruction, aircraft

Runway Information

Runway 13/31

                    Dimensions: 4999 x 60 ft. / 1524 x 18 m
                       Surface: asphalt, in fair condition 
            Weight limitations: Single wheel: 30000 lbs
                                Double wheel: 39000 lbs 
            Runway edge lights: non-standard
                                NSTD MIRL. ONLY 2 THLD LGTS RY 13 END & 4
                                THLD LGTS RY 31 END. 
          Runway edge markings: RY 13/31 MARKINGS ARE FADED. 
                                RUNWAY 13                RUNWAY 31
               Traffic pattern: left                     left
                Runway heading: 137 magnetic, 143 true   317 magnetic, 323 true 
                      Markings: nonprecision instrument  nonprecision instrument 
            Markings condition: poor                     poor 
                      Latitude: 29-30-49.899N            29-30-10.345N 
                     Longitude: 095-03-21.791W           095-02-47.797W 
                     Elevation: 20.0 ft.                 18.6 ft. 
           Displaced threshold: no                       no 
               TOUCHDOWN POINT: yes                      yes 
                  TD elevation: 21.0 ft.                 21.0 ft. 
                  OBSTRUCTIONS: BRUSH                    TREES 
                        Height: 4 ft.                    30 ft. 
                Slope to clear: 8:1                      
       Distance from threshold: 233 ft.                  200 ft. 
      Distance from centerline: 30 ft.                   230 ft. right 
Additional obstruction remarks: +6 FT BRUSH 190 FT FM    +30' TREES & +4' FENCE
                                THLD ON CNTRLN EXTDD;    230' R OF CNTRLN AT
                                +4 FT FENCE 205 FT L     THR. 
                                OF CNTRLN AT THLD;       
                                12-15 FT BRUSH & TREES   
                                180 FT L OF CNTRLN AT    

Airport Inspection

      Inspected by: State of Texas aeronautical personnel
   Last inspection: 27 October 1998

Airport Operational Statistics

    Aircraft based on the field: 80      Aircraft operations: average 66/day
        Single engine airplanes: 70           92% local general aviation    
         Multi engine airplanes:  6            8% transient general aviation
                  Jet airplanes:  2
                    Helicopters:  2


(A89) FOR FP FILING CALL CXO FSS 1-800-992-7433.

Airport Diagram

SPX airport diagram
Diagram from the 2000 Texas Airport Directory,
courtesy of the TxDOT, Aviation Division
Diagram may not be correct or current

Services or Facilities at this Airport

Business NameContactServicesComments
Houston Gulf AirportFuel
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Bay Area Aero Club[www][email]Flight school/flight training, Aircraft rentals, Flying club
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Houston Gulf Avionics[www][email]Avionics service, Aviation accessories

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Fuel Prices

FBOBrand100LLJet A DateDiscounts
Houston Gulf AirportAvFuel$2.00$2.05 14 Jan 2002$0.20/gal off 100LL on weekends with 15 gallon minimum

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