FLAK - blitzkrieg (download)
FLAK - support your local terrorists (download)
FLAK - warmongler (download)

steyn on guitar & vocals, kahl on bass and backups, astral on drums and backups... come see us on IRCNet's #anarchy if you can stomach it...


We'll get them in their backs
Gotta bomb those tracks

You better fall in line
to meet the reaper
you better look behind you
counter-t's are everywhere
and that is why I keep that action clear

support your local terrorists

In a blazing inferno
don't waste my time
unless your planting the shit
give it away
since when was killing policemen
a fucking crime
never take time to sit
we don't play it that way

I'll take my chances
rely on my aim
I'll take no recess
it's all mine to claim

In the trail left behind me
the unburied dead
empty shells lie beside me
dropped in the dust
got a freeze-frame perception
aimed at your head
would I miss - an exception
in that you can trust


shoot to kill
aim for the head
they can't avenge when they are dead
on cops mercy will never be spent
cause authority will never repent

kick in the door, storm the place
bust a few rounds in some pigs face
stand up, look around
kill that witness
this is how the game is played

I gotta kill to live
I wanna be alive

Yeah, killing cops for a living
in urban camo and a ski-mask
hey, killing cops for fun ;-)
they die by my machine-gun
see the world through my eyes
authority wants to see me iced
through my arctic warfare scope I see
hey, I'm on a killing spree