It is the year 2061, and we live in an Awakened world. After thousands of years, Magic has finally come back. Elf and Dwarf, Ork and Troll walk the Earth alongside humanity. Dragons fly the skies again, and bits of carefully hoarded magical lore once more work the way our ancestors promised they would.

The early years of the 21st century were rocked by disaster and chaos. Legal battles led to the birth of autonomous multinational corporations. Famine and epidemics raged across the world taking an unprecedented toll. Race riots erupted between frightened humanity and emerging Metahumanity. The global telecommunications grid was ravaged by a mysterious computer virus. Wars were fought and governments fell.

Out of these and other catastrophes was born a new world order. New nation-states were founded, humanity and metahumanity congealed in vast metroplexes, Cybertechnology and the Matrix were built on the ashes of old technologies, Magic struggled for a place in the pantheon of arts and sciences, and megacorporations rose to challenge the power and authority of regional governments.

In the cracks and dark places of this new world live the outcasts, dissidents, rebels, and victims of circumstance who are denied or have rejected their place in society. Living on courage, cunning, and talent, some have formed a special kind of elite. Outside the law, they work for whoever can afford their services, trading their skills and reputations for hard currency and a chance at a better life.

They call it running the shadows.


Book Reviews
updated 4 July 2000


1. Never Deal With A Dragon

2. Choose Your Enemies Carefully

3. Find Your Own Truth

4. 2XS

5. Changeling

6. Never Trust An Elf

7. Into the Shadows

8. Streets of Blood

9. Shadowplay

10. Night's Pawn

11. Striper Assassin

12. Lone Wolf

13. Fade to Black

14. Nosferatu

15. Burning Bright

16. Who Hunts the Hunter?

17. House of the Sun

18. Worlds Without End

updated 9 May 2000

End of Innocence

Running by Numbers

Hard Rock

Ghost Story

updated 9 August 2001

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