Orian of the Realm

You can reach me via E-mail at orianrealm@geocities.com

Dianne, The love of my life, protector of my heart, The light in my dark

Friends of Orain

Qvsnov, Snake, Brick, Muriel, Reverie, Cargen, Pixel, Megan, Sluggo, Clyde, Darcy, Izabella, Jadelin, Dave, Sera, Drizzt, Deanna, OB, Izbeth, Rowan, Radin, Pyre, Breena, Tedra, Jazzcat, LuckyStar, Nem, Zim, WhiteCap, WhirlWind, Toria, Hailstorm, Kenpo, Bubblie

Information about the realm

The Realm
Jerriths Information Stand

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