Welcome to the Urban Assault Strategy and Info Page!

Welcome to the

Urban Assault

Strategy and Info Site

Got Microsoft Urban Assault? Are you stuck and want some help? Looking for some strategies to help your game? Or just looking to see what other people do. Whatever you want to know about Urban Assault can be found here. Strategies, building and vehicle info, info on the adversaries you may face and their vehicles, some pics, and lots more.

(PS. Any problems you can see with the site, e-mail me using the address on the main page, and I'll try and sort it out. If you want further info, I'll either edit it into the site or send you the info you requested. Adios!)

Single Player Strategies

The Resistance Vehicles and Buildings

Taerkasten Vehicles and Building

Ghorkov Vehicles and Buildings

Mykonian Vehicles and Buildings

Sulgogar Vehicles and Buildings

Black Sect Vehicles and Buildings


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