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20th Century
South Australian Shipwrecks


...to C19th Wrecks

Name; displacement in tons; rig; Yr built; Where built; dimensions [in ft[date of wreckHow and where wrecked
Aagot 1242t i barque 1882 228x36x2111 October 1907Ashore at Wardang Is
Acis 27t i steam tug31 January 1904Wrecked west of Pt MacDonnell [Douglas Point]
Ada & Clara subs Showboat 3m sch 1891 Milang 59.2¹x14.9¹x4.6¹1962Wrecked at Goolwa
Adelaide Renown fishing boat26 April 1979Lost off KI
Adelaide Reown fishing boat26 April 1978Sank off Cape de Couedic KI
Adonis 49t w ketch 1864 Tasmania 66x19x618 February 1953Outer Harbor
Alancia fishing boat4 November 1966Foundered off Carpenters Rocks
Albatross 77t w ketch 1874 79.3x20.2x7.113 March 1913Wrecked on Eclipse Reef nr Pt Victoria
Albatross cutter20 October 1937Lost on Wedge Is
Alcaird 72t w aux schooner 1911 Tas 80.7x22.9x6.310 October 1923Ashore at Marion Bay
Alien II fishing boat20 November 1990Capsized in St Vincent Gulf
Alpha 12t w cutter 1879 Pt Pirie 43x12x41921W of Pt Broughton [Middle Spit]
AltairJul 1971Althorpe Is
Amber Star 32t 1966 Tas14 January 1973Lost off KI
Andiah prawn trawler23 May 1991Burnt off Pt Lincoln
Angelica S tuna boat 20m13 December 1996Sank Masillon Is Nuyts Archipelago
Annie Brown 160t w brig 1867 Scot 90.5x23.6x11.923 January 1903Ashore on Spilsby Is
Aquainta fishing boat21 June 1976Sank nr Wedge Island
Aquarius 43t prawn trawler28 October 1976Burnt in Spencer Gulf nr Cowell
Arcadiana 4t w lugger1917Wrecked at Nth Brighton Beach
Ariel ketchApr 1928Disappeared off Althorpe Is
Astra 42t s cray boat12 January 1981Sunk under tow 30km off St Francis Is
Australian 352t i sch steamer 1879 180.2x39.1x15.78 May 1912Wrecked on reef off Wardang Is
Bernadene cray boat 13m21 November 1990Foundered nr Pt MacDonnell
Bitang Terang 65t trawler1 July 1973Wrecked on rock off Venus Bay
Boieldieu ketch4 February 1920Corny Point
Bona Star fishing boat5 August 1975Burnt nr Pt Lincoln
Bourke barge1912Waterlogged at Point McLeary
Britannia 34t w ketch 1896Jun 1905Wrecked in Spencer Gulf
Brothers cutter13 June 1911Lost at Cape Cassini KI
Broughton 49t ketch 1873 Adelaide 72x18x614 July 1947Lost at Flint Point
Buck 15t w ketch 1869 Pt MacDonnell 50x12x52 February 1920Foundered in Outer Harbor
Cape Arid patrol boat12 December 1979Capsized nr Kingscote KI
Cape Byron tuna boat26 January 1981Foundered nr Rocky Is
Cape Jaffa trawlerSep 1973Disappeared off Sellicks Beach
Carlene fishing boat16 April 1959Lost SE Pt MacDonnell
Cecelia 32t w ketch4 October 1946Broke mr at Pt le Hunte
Charles Francis9 September 1978?
Chateau Briand ship17 December 1912Sturt Bay
City of Adelaide 30t s lifeboat1954Pt Lincoln
Civic Star fishing boat12 March 1975Burnt nr Corny Point
Clan Ranald 3596t steamer 1900 355x45.6x24.731 January 1909Sank off YP after cargo shifted
Columbia 1381t w barque 1871 205.9x40x241906disappeared
Cookaburra 32t fishing boat 1930s Milang19 May 1962Ashore in Emu Bay KI
Cookaburra fishing ketch16 April 1963Foundered off KI
Coorawa psJan 1930Sank nr Morgan
Corio 3346t s steamer 1919 Newcastle 331x47.9x23.626 February 1951Wrecked on Carpenters Rocks
Corona Astron 18t w cutter 1937 Hobart3 March 1976Lost nr Cape St Albans KI
CroatiaJul 1971Burnt at mr Torrens Is
Cygnet 77t w schooner 1875 Adelaide 79x20x7.87 August 1905Wrecked off Cape Yorke
Dalrymple Star fishing boat13 July 1988Burnt off Pt Adelaide
Darren Lee26 February 1977Swamped and sunk
Dashing Wave 39t ketch25 December 1926Lost at Louth Bay
Degel w tuna boatJan 1974Lost nr Pt Lincoln
Dianella 84t w schooner 1872 90x19.2x8.13 October 1909Ashore at Moonta Bay
Dorothy H Sterling 2526t w 6m schooner 1920 Oregon 267x49.6x25.2 formerly Oregon Fir 1927North Arm Pt Adelaide
Ebor fishing boat29 May 1948Destroyed in gale at Robe
Eclipse 79t w aux schooner 186430 April 1929Wrecked on Wolff Reef
Eculta cutter13 May 1974Lost nr Cape Willoughby
Ekalta tuna boat 1955 c1962C Catastrophe off Pt Lincoln
Eleanor 176t i schooner 1921 130.3x20.2x10.118 February 1930Wrecked on reef off Jos Banks
Eleni K 7245t liberty ship 1943 441.5x57.1x27.929 September 1966Sank & later beached on Goat Is
Eliza 29t w ketch 187629 June 1903nth Point Riley nr Wallaroo
Elizabeth Annie 64t w ketch 1874 Adelaide 68x18x816 December 1911Minlacowie
Ellen 324t i ps 1876 Goolwa 120x18.9x7.522 January 1930Burnt at Morgan
Ellen 91t 1883 95.3x18.6x5.712 December 1908Ashore Morgans Bch nr C Jervis
Elsie 84t w ketch 1873 Adelaide 85.4x19.9x6.53 April 1901Ashore on Coorong
Elsie cutterOct 1939Lost nr Carrickalinga
Enchantress 22t w fishing boat 1877 Adelaide 47x13x819 September 1903Stranded at Pt Adelaide
Estelle Star 85t w trawler 1927 NSW 79.9x20.3x7.515 May 1978Burnt off Pt Gibbon
Ethel 711t i barque 1876 Sunderland 177.4x30.7x18.52 January 1904Wrecked at Reef Head nr Cape Spencer
Eva 8t w steamerSep 1903Ashore Antechamber Bay
Ewbank 11t barge1903Off C Kersaint Kangaroo Is
Excelsior 301t s steamer1931Mutton Cove Port Adelaide
Explorer w cray boat1 February 1977Lost nr Cape Jaffa
Fairy 18t steamer9 January 1926Destroyed by fire Pt Pirie
Falcon tug1906Sunk in collision at Pt Adelaide
Farid Fares 8697t s mv livestock carrier 195028 March 1980Burnt & sank off KI
Ferret 460t i steamer 1871 Glasgow 170.9x23.2x12.713 November 1920Wrecked at Reef Hd nr CSpencer
Fides aux w schooner 1918 NorwayNov 1933Broken up at Pt Adelaide
Flinders 948t i steamer 1878 227.1x28.3x20.11911Hulked at Pt Adelaide after fire
Flinders Star cray boat5 March 1976Burnt nr Flinders Island
Florence cray boat3 November 1976Wrecked on West Coast
Florence fishing boat1961Wrecked off Eyre Peninsula
Flying Dutchman 13t fishing boat20 May 1958Lost off Wedge Is
Four Winds 21t aux schooner1 March 1928Burnt off Pt Adelaide
Free Selector 46t w ketch 1875 Adelaide 62x19x65 September 1942Wrecked at Outer Harbor
Garthneill 1470t s barque 1895 Glasgow 238x36x21.7 formerly Inverneill1935North Arm Port Adelaide
Gem cutter1917Eastern Cove KI
Glaucus 1363t i steamer1934North Arm Port Adelaide
Glen Morry fishing boat c1970C Catastrophe off Pt Lincoln
Glen Morry tuna fishing vessel10 June 1967Wrecked on rocks off Pt Lincoln
Glenelg motor launchJune 1938Lost at Rapid Bay
Glenpark 1959t s ship 1897 Glasgow 265.8x40x23.61 February 1901Struck rock 6km off Wedge Is
Gloridia V cray boat12 March 1977Lost nr Nth Neptune Is
Grace Darling 627t s steamer 1907 Hardinxveld Holland 175x27x12.81931North Arm Port Adelaide
Grelka motor launch26 January 1955Destroyed by explosion off C St AlbansKI
HA Lumb deepsea trawler 28m9 December 1994Scuttled off O¹Sullivans Beach
Hartley 83t barge22 February 1909Sank at Murray Bridge
Heather Belle 50t w aux ketch18 May 1937Burnt at Wallaroo
Heather Christine fishing boatNov 1967Lost nr Grey
Hebe 758t barque 1876 187.9x30.8x18.8Jan 1913Declared unseaworthy at Adel
HelenMar 1974Lost nr Pt Lincoln
Helena 24t schooner 4 September 1925Lost nr Whittelby Point
Hertford steamerDec 1940Mined in Investigator Strait
Hirondelle cutterNov 1971Sank nr Reef Head
Hougomont 2428t s barque 1897 292.4x43.2x2420 April 1930Dismasted sth Cape Borda cond.
Ina 56t ketch10 November 1917Wrecked on Spilsby Is
Investigator 605t i steamer 1882 210.3x28.3x12.524 April 1918Ashore at Wardang Is
Iron Barge No 2Aug 1920Lost in Spencer Gulf
Island Girl fishing boat18 February 1987Burnt & sank off KI
Jadran prawn boat6 October 1975Burnt nr Corney Point
Janet fishing boat29 March 1938Wrecked on Cape Cassini KI
Jeanette S fishing cutter28 April 1966Foundered off West Bay KI
Jedda fishing boat17 April 1985Disappeared off Robe
Jennifer fishing boat29 May 1948Destroyed in gale at Robe
Jessie Darling 289t steamer 1884 Glasgow 125x23x1021 April 1907Hit wreck of Norma
Joan Margaret cutter18 March 1963Ashore at Black Point KI
John Robb 64t i ketch 1879 Adelaide 76.7x18.7x6.524 April 1954Sank after collision Outer Harbor
Juliet Percy fishing trawler 25m10 December 1990Wrecked at C du Couedic KI
Juno 241t s steamer1931North Arm Port Adelaide
Kapara 846t s steamer 1914 195x32.1x12.613 November 1942Wrecked on reef off Flinders Is
Karina G 307t fishing trawler 19664 January 1989Stranded on far West Coast
Kate cray boat1 December 1986Wrecked on nth coast KI
Katey prawn boat24 September 1976Foundered nr Ceduna
Kathleen K shark boat13 July 1982Lost N Coffin Bay
Kingfisher cutter26 October 1936Lost in Spencer Gulf
Kona 679t w schooner 1901 Califormia 184x38.5x143 January 1917Wrecked in Antechamber Bay KI
Kookaburra fishing boat 1962 Adelaide16 April 1963nr Ravine des Casoars KI
La Paloma fishing boat29 May 1948Destroyed in gale at Robe
Lady Angus fishing boatWrecked at Edithburgh
Lady Anne cray boat24 April 1975Lost nr Pt MacDonnell
Lady Flinders ketch5 October 1937Lost on Flinders Is
Lady of the Lake 40t ps1913Lost on Murray during a flood
Lady Palmerston i barque1934Scuttled off KI
Latvia tuna boat28 March 1979Burnt off Pt Lincoln
Lemael 98t w vessel 1892 101.7x26.3x7.721 July 1921Wrecked on reef nr Cape Banks
Leprena 109t trawler 1912 92.8x22.8x6.612 February 1964Burnt off Point Moorowie
Lialeeta 82t 1913 ketch 1913 Tas 78x22.8x6.6Apr 1925Disappeared
Lillie Hawkins 84t w ketch 1875 Tas 85.6x23x7.16 April 1917Ashore at Pt Gibbon
Lillie May 43t w ketch6 June 1921Foundered off Cape Elizabeth
Lincoln Star tuna boat27 February 1961Disappeared off Rock Is
Linda Jane cray boat 17m10 October 1995Ashore at C Radstock
Lindy Lou cray boat2 November 1976Ashore in Sceance Bay
Lismore Star fishing boat 1945 48x16x630 April 1978Lost at KI
Loch Vennachar 1552t i barque 1865 250.1x38.3x22.41905Wrecked West Bay Kangaroo Is
Lord Roberts cutter1 June 1902Myponga
Lorraine tuna boatNov 1973Lost west Pt Lincoln
Lurline 59t w ketch 1873 Hobart 79x18.5x7.126 July 1946Broke mr Sellicks Beach
Macintyre 127t aux schooner 1877 Euchuca 109.8x21x7.51 April 1927Lost off Cliff Point Wardang Is
Magee Two shark boat8 August 1990Wrecked nr Pt Lincoln
Magic 28t fishing boat3 April 1958Ashore on KI betwwen White Cliffs & Stokes Bay
Mako9 December 1975Burnt at Franklin Harbot
Malcolm 22t ketch22 September 1928Stranded at Tumby Bay
Maldon Lewis 51t w schooner 1867 69.2x18.5x6.73 September 1918Ashore at Stenhouse Bay
Managa 722t i steamer1931North Arm Port Adelaide
Mannum ps22 May 1921Burnt at Mannum & scuttled
Marco Polo cray boat4 November 1960Missing off Robe
Margit 1241t s barque 1896 226x36.4x21.910 November 1911Ashore 60m nth Kingston
Marie Stella24 April 1975Lost at Westall Point
Marinda ps1904Abandoned at Goolwa
Mariner launch21 July 1964Wrecked at Rapid Bay
Marinoa 104t w ps 1862 91.6x15.6x5.5Feb 1904Lost at Goolwa
Maris Stella24 April 1975Westall Pt, Streaky Bay
Markwell Daring fishing boat20 May 1975Wrecked nr Point Sampson
Marleesh fishing boat15 May 1961Lost nr Robe
Mars fishing boat20 July 1957Lost at Weir Cove KI
Mary 35t w ketch 1856 Adelaide 63x15x51 August 1951Ashore on Antechamber Bay KI
Mary Ellis 89t w ketch 1868 54.8x14.8x6.16 April 1907Ashore at Sleaford Bay
Master Jack 452t dredge 196510 May 1984Wrecked on KI
May fishing boat10 March 1951Ashore nr Cape Willoughby
Mercury Star3 June 1977Lost
Merle 87t ps 1904 Morgan 82.7x15.6x3.61 March 1958Burnt at Murray Bridge
Merle ketch2 January 1929Burnt at Pt Adelaide
Mermaid 16t fishing cutterSep 1906Sth C Borda KI
Milford Crouch schooner 1957 Adelaide 102x19x1227 October 1959Lost off Pt Gibbon
Minnie A Caine aux schooner3 September 1917Burnt at Pt Adelaide
Minnie Sims 28t cutter26 August 1933Lost off Pink Bay Kangaroo Is
Minx launch27 April 1947Collision with steamer Adelaide
Miriam 99t bargeFeb 1904Sank at Goolwa
Miss Echo fishing ketch1948Lost at Victor Harbor
Miss Jeanette cray boatApr 1966Lost off KI
Monarch 132t w schooner 1871 109x23.9x7.61 April 1909Ashore at Wardang Is
Montebello 2284 s barque 1900 276.8x40.3x22.518 November 1906Wrecked Sth coast nr Boom River Kangaroo Is
Moorara 100t pwd lighter 1909 111x21x5.3Aug 1975Sank off Wardang Is
Morning Star 17t ketch16 November 1923Lost at Glenelg
Nadgee II fishing boat12 March 1974Sank in St Vincent Gulf
Napperby 70t w ketch 1872 Adelaide 75x20x713 January 1928Pt Adelaide
Naracoopa 294t w tuna boat 194025 June 1968Burnt after explosion off C Bolingbroke
Naracoopa 294t w tuna boat 1940 120.4x26x8.425 June 1968Burnt off Point Bollingbroke
Nelcie cray boat15 March 1986Swamped off Pt MacDonnell
Nelcie cray boat15 March 1986Pt MacDonnell
Neptune fishing boatNov 1969Disappeared off Grey
New Arrival 24t schooner 187526 June 1906Stranded at Wallaroo
New Dolphin fishing boat1982Wrecked on St Francis Is
Nola Too fishing boat23 August 1978Wrecked in Vivonne Bay KI
Norma 2122t i barque 189321 April 1907Hit by Ardencraig off Pt Adelaide
Notre Dame d¹Arvor 2646t s barque 1902 Nantes 27.6x40.4x22.520 March 1920Ashore at Wardang Is
Nyora 309t s tug 1909 135x25x141917Swamped off Cape Jaffa
Osprey 38t w ketch 1871 Hobart 66x18x511 September 1903Disappeared off Edithburg
Pacific Gull fishing boat6 August 1975Burnt nr Ceduna
Pam 1310t i barque 1864 Greenock 214x35x2320 March 1934Towed & sunk by navy S KI
Pareoa 650t s steamer 1896 180x29.2x11.118 September 1919Wrecked on Althorpe Is
Pelamis fishing boat28 April 1965Sank nr Liguanea Is
Penguin fishing boat12 August 1973Burnt nr Pt Lincoln sank under tow
Portland Maru 5865t s steamer 1919 385x51x3620 March 1935Holed off KI and beached W C Torrens
Portonier 36t w ketch 187626 October 1924Ashore on Troubridge Island
Posidonia i bucket dredgeFeb 1914disappeared in Bight
Post Boy 62t schooner 18741907Wrecked at Arno Bay
Proud Mary 40t houseboat13 December 1986Burnt at Murray Bridge
Queen 165t ps 1865 103.3¹x18.5¹x5.713 September 1928Mypolonga
Queen Maria fishing trawler 27m22 January 1988Foundered 50 km SE of KI
Quorna 606t s steamer 1912 Glasgow 176x28x1230 October 1950Off KI sunk by RAAF in target practice
Rapid cutter19 September 1937Lost on Althorpe Is
Renmark 152t ps 1912 111.9x20.5x5.32 February 1951Burnt at Goolwa
Renown cutter11 April 1948Lost at Glenelg
Resulka cray boatMar 1968Explosion off Farm beach Coffin Bay
Rimu fishing trawler1967Lost off shore SE
Robbie Burns tug1939Lost nr Corny Point
Robert Burns 45t schooner4 December 1908Lost in on Beatrice Islet Nepean Bay KI
Roma psAug 1902Burnt
Roma star tuna boat5 August 1975Burnt after explosion at Wedge Is
Rooganah 99t aux schooner 1909 95x25.1x719 August 1927Burnt at Whyalla
Rosalind fishing boatDec 1973Sank at mr Southend
Rosalind Star tuna boat24 January 1984Lost south of Ceduna
Ruby 20t w ketch 1877 Tas 49x14x6Nov 1904Wrecked on Kangaroo Is
Saint Michele fishing boat30 March 1965Wrecked on Sth Neptune Is
sand hopperApr 1984Scuttled off Glenelg
Santa Anna prawn trawler11 December 1976Lost nr Cowell
Santiago 460t i barque1945North Arm Port Adelaide
Saori fishing boat ketch rigged 70¹x 3 June 1975Ashore Wedge Is [Shark Cove]
Sapphire 22t s ps19 January 1916Burnt at Renmark
Saurian barge 50x9.2x3.6m24 November 1954Scuttled 5km w Pt Stanvac
Savor shark boat11 June 1982Lost east of Cape Gantheaume
Scamp fishing boat25 March 1978Sank at mr Beachport
Sea Hawke tuna boat19 January 1975Burnt west of Ceduna
Sea Hero cray boat6 June 1985Sank nr Kingston SE
Sea Spray cutter1979Lost off KI
Seale 12t w ketch 1851 Adelaide 37x15x430 April 1908Burnt at Torrens Is
Shannon cray boat [?]10 May 1988Lost off West Coast
Shannon cray boat10 May 1989Lost off Eyre Peninsula
Sigrid yacht1974Swamped nr Pt MacDonnell
Silver GullNov 1968Sank crossing bar Muarry mouth
Sir Wilfred Lawson 47t w ketch20 March 1908Lost nr Point Moorowie
Songvaar 2128t i ship 1884 278.6x40.8x24.514 April 1912Sank at Pt Victoria
South Australian 395t s dredge16 January 1985Scuttled off Glenelg
Spindrift 71t w ketch 1873 79.6x21.6x6.925 February 1927Broke mr at Port le Hunte
St Kevin fishing boat1971Sank under tow nr Point Sinclair
Stella cutter8 May 1938Wrecked nr C du Couedic KI
Storm Eagle cray boat21 November 1975Lost
Stormbird cutter5 March 1943Wrecked on Kangaroo Beach KI
Stormy Petrel 24t ketch 190721 December 1937Wrecked on reef nr C Cassini KI
Stranger 17t cutterJun 1937Wrecked on Wedge Is
Struggler ps and barge Beta29 March 1928Burnt at Mannum
Success 49t barge9 February 1917Wrecked on Troubridge Shoal
Sunbeam 442t i barque 1857 Kirkcaldy SCT 141.5x27.1x16.81909North Arm Port Adelaide
Sunbeam fishing boat20 May 1977Lost
Susanna fishing boat1965Sank under tow Memory Cove
Syluius 29 August 1937Lost at Pt Lincoln
Tarna cutterJun 1948Lost off Yorke Peninsula
Taroona24 February 1976Burnt nr Cape Jaffa
Tattler fishing boat1 June 1977Lost
Telstar fishing boat1 November 1974Lost off Beachport
Thomas & Annie 15t w ketch 1874 Tas1945North Arm Port Adelaide
Thunderbird fishing boat10 December 1964Lost at Cape Jaffa
Time 2575t steamer 1890 300x41x19.613 January 1911Wrecked on reef off Beachport
Toroa yachtJan 1958Disappeared out of Pt Lincoln
Trio cutterMay 1922?
Triton motor launch12 January 1908Burnt out off Point Victor
Triumph 19t w ketch17 September 1908Foundered off Yorke Peninsula
Trucanini 40t w ketch5 January 1923Wrecked nr Point Malcolm
Turton Star fishing boat8 October 1992Disappeared in Great Aust Bight
Ullock815t i barque 1875 Aberdeen 186x32.1x18.81937North Arm Port Adelaide
Ulonga 119t aux 3 mast ketch 1910 111.5x27.5x11.26 July 1976Sank in St Vincent Gulf
un-named barge #2 33m24 November 1954Scuttled 5km w Pt Stanvac
un-named barge #3 33m24 November 1954Scuttled 5km w Pt Stanvac
Una 15t w lugger2 February 1903Wrecked on Lacapede Is
unmaned yatch1 June 1994Sank in Investigator Strait
unnamed cabin cruiser 8m12 April 1996Swamped off C Cassini
unnamed fishing boat8 February 1958Lost in Spencer Gulf
unnamed fishing boat1968Lost in Coffin Bay
unnamed fishing boat1968Lost in Spencer Gulf
unnamed fishing boatMay 1973Lost nr Robe
unnamed fishing boat29 August 1986Sank 19km SE C Hart KI
unnamed fishing boat5 May 1991Sank at The Pages
unnamed w pleasure cruiser13 January 1997Burnt and sank off Outer Harbor
Vectis cutter8 August 1932Grounded nr Dashwood Bay KI
Velebit 70t tuna boat11 January 1984Lost nr Point Bell
Venus cutter14 June 1946Lost on Nth Neptune Island
Vera B fishing boat24 March 1961Swamped & sunk off Wedge Is
Vera fishing cutter26 July 1915Wrecked off Weir Cove KI
Veronica trawlerJul 1967Missing off Pt MacDonnell
Victor 32t schoonerJan 1925Wrecked on Balgowan Reef
Victoria 4454t steamer 1928 384x54x245 October 1934Ashore nr Porpoise Head
Vivid 45t aux ketchApr 1932Disappeared off Tumby Bay
Waikerie 82t com ps1911 84x14.9x3.912 September 1929Burnt at Morgan
Wanderer 11t fishing cutter5 April 1906Disappeared off C Hart Kangaroo Is
Waterlily schooner1903Sank off Point Malcolm L Alex
Wavy Street yacht 12m10 January 1991Burnt at Pt Adelaide
Wildflower cutter?Capsized at Port Adelaide
Willyama 2705t s steamer 1897 325.5x45.1x2113 April 1907Rhino Head Marion Bay
Wilpena 12t w ketch11 November 1911Foundered off Point Jarrold
Winnie fishing boat7 January 1942Ashore in West Bay KI
Yamine yacht24 April 1975Capsized under tow West Is
Yandra 990t s motor vessel 1928 211.1x35.2x11.925 January 1959Aground on Neptune Is
Yatala prawn boat1981Mossie Flat Sturt Bay
Young Foster 24t w ketch21 October 1919Foundered nr Outer Harbor
Young Recruit cutter4 November 1902Foundered Port Gawler
Yulta 64t w steam tug 1877 93.8x17.5x829 May 1926Beached Point Turton
Zadar tuna boat27 April 1977Sank off the West Coast
Zephyr cutter11 April 1948Lost at Glenelg