1782 Henrico County Tax Lists for Masters of Some of the Gabriel Conspirators

1782-1783 Henrico County Person Property List

1784 Richmond Census - Return of Inhabitants

1782 Henrico County                                   

PROSSER, THOMAS SR:  (John James overseer)  Slaves: Wall (Watt?),  Hanover,  Phill,  James,

Jack, Nel, Sarah, Amey, York, Staunton, Patt, Nell, Isham, Natt, Phill, Robin, Prince, Bob,
Sawney, Ishmael, Sesar, Jenny, Dilsey, Daphney, Sall, Dafney, Guzey, Jenny, Siller, Mary,
Moses, Yammer, Alis, Aggy, Mike, Liddy, Judy, Aaron, Joe, Phillis, Jenny, Fanny,
Dinah, Biddy, Winny, Easter, Toonsey, Harry, **GABRIEL, SOLOMON, SAM,  MARTIN, BEN, PETER,
FRANK   WALL (Watt?). 

** All tried, convicted and executed (except Ben, Solomon and Watt) for complicity in the
Gabriel Conspiracy 1800). Watt was rejected in Jan. 1801 by a slave trader who bought
the reprieved slaves and sold them to the islands.  Watt had suffered severe frost-
bite of the feet in the Richmond Jail during the months between Sept 1800 and Jan 1801. 

SHEPPARD, BENJAMIN: Benjamin and William: Slaves: Phillis, Dicey, Amy, Gilbert, * PHARAOH,
Baby Hannah.
* Pharaoh went to Richmond and told Gov. Monroe that the slaves were going to revolt that
night, Aug. 30, 1800.  The plot was foiled, and Pharaoh was freed by the State of Va.

SMITH, JACOB: 1782 HC taxes pg. 10: Adults:  Harry, Will, Jack, Rachel, Sary, Aggy. Children:  
Lyda, Sandy, Edee, Jean. ** GEORGE, CHARLES. 
** George was an early leader of plot, and recruited Gabriel in July 1800.  Charles, George's
brother, was indicted, but acquitted. 

1791: Will Of Jacob Smith: To Son Jesse: girl Jude.  Son Jacob: boy Ned, woman Ursula and 
her child George. Son: Obadiah: man Moses.  Daughter Mary A. Henley (lend) George, Tom,
Moses, William, a boy Charles. Daughter Susannah Ellis:  (lend) Dinah and her child Moses
and girl Hannah and boy George. Grandaughter Elizabeth Garland Smith (dtr of Jesse) negro
boy Sandy. Grandaughter Elizabeth Smith (dtr of Jacob) girl Ede. Wife Anne for life:
Harry, Will, Jack, Ursula, George, Lydia, Rachael, Charles, Hannah, Sandy, Agnes and her
increase. [hcwb2 pg. 183]

SMITH, JESSE SR: (Son of Jacob Smith, above). HC taxes 1782, Slaves: Edam, Davey, Cesar,
Ned, Molly, Milly, Betty, Rachel, Betty, Seven, Prince, Lewis, Grace, * DICK, Ester, Sylvia,
Nira, Ned, John, Nell, Sam, Jude, Betty, Dick, Molley, Ned, China. 
* DICK, indicted and pardonned for complicity in the plot.

PETER SMITH, who had been freed by his master William Smith, brother of Jacob Smith, convinced
conspirator Jack Bowler to turn himself in to the authorities.  Peter got a monetary reward,
and Jack was bought by the slave trader who rejected Watt Prosser. 

SMITH, PETER: 1804:  Free Black: Dec. 10: I, Peter Smith of the City of Richmond, being fully
persuaded that freedom is the natural right of all mankind and that it is my duty to
do to others as I would desire to be done by in the like situation and having under my care
a negro man slave named Jerry  Smith, do hereby emancipate and declare him, the said Jerry
Smith free from and after the date hereof and do for myself, my heirs and executors and 
administrators relinquish my right, title, and pretention of claim. at this 3 Nov. 1804 At
a monthly Court held for the City or Richmond on Monday 10 Dec 1804 acknowledged by Peter
Smith. signed Peter (X) Smith.

WILKINSON, NATHANIEL: 1782 HC taxes:  overseer:  Dan'l Grinstead and m. Tulkey: slaves:  
Jew, Tom, Billey, Ben, Amion, Dick, Adam, Will, Thames, Ester, Usrey, Peg, Dilcy, Doll,
Phillis, Biddy, Lucy, Sarah, Abby, Jack, Hagar, Sam, Anaky, Rob, David, Davey, Absalom,
Frank, Tom, Sylvas, Milley, Reuben, * JUPITER, PETER, SAM, DAVID/DANIEL, FRANK:
Tried in 1800 conspiracy.

WOOD, DRURY: 1782 HC taxes:  Moses, Charles, Frank, Moses, Sarah, Louisa, Lucy, 
Emanuel, Moses, Abram  EMANUEL, near neighbor and friend of George Smith.  

1782-1783 Henrico County Person Property List
Goode, Thomas:  Dian, Stephen, Pomp, Silver, Dilse, Ned, Primus, Charles.

Williamson, Samuel: (1782)  (Wm. Cornet)  Negroes: James, Tom Jupiter, Charles, Jack, Tom, 
Phill, Lucy, Hannah, Nancy, Kate, Ursley, Chinah, Dinah, Darius, Lewis, Susanna, Sarah, Jane, 
Barbary, Judithy, Nancy, Fanny.

Williamson, John (John Mitchell)  Negroes: Jack, James, Ned, Jane, Easter, Mally, Sarah, Dilsey, Nat, Charlotte, China, Mary.

Shephard, William & Benjamin Sheppard: (1782)  Negroes: [  ]s, Dicsy, Amey, Gilbert, Pharaoh, Bibby & [  ]na

Dobie, Samuel: (1782)  Negroes: Lucy, Peter, [ ]illy

Harrison, Benjamin: (1782)  (His Excellency, the Governor): Negroes: Charles, Parlour, 
Charles, Jack, Critty, Frankey, Judy, George, Harry, Johnny, Clarissa, Culty, Molly

Price, Charles: (1782)  Negroes: George, Sam, Ben, Bobb, Watt, Roger, Absolom, Stephen, John, 
David, Cloe, Nan, Sarah, Amey, Pat, Patience, Darias.

Carter, Giles: (1783)  Aaron, Joe, Doll, Sarah, Moses, Will, Betty, Lewis, Anabell, Amey.

Lewis, Capt. Joseph: (1783)   Fall, Tom, Will, Ned, Robin, Beck, Cesar, Solomon, David, Moses, Adie, 
Temp, Famous, Penelope, * Sawney.
* Sawney, hired to William Young of Westbrook Plantation, indicted, convicted and executed
for treason - Gabriel Conspiracy.

Lewis, Francis: (1783)  Sall, Peter Rachael

Lewis, Charles (at the Homehouse): (1783)  Gilley Lewis, Francis Lewis, Ned, Ben, Fibb, Dilsey, 
Bett, Temp, Lucy, Patience, Patt, Jenny, Charlotte, Absolom, Isaac, Dilcey, Easter, Anthony,
Tom, Peter, Bob, Sam, Bett, Moses, Will, Tiller, Nan, Emanuel.

Lewis, Benjamin (himself in Richmond): (1783)   Jack, Phill, Gabriel, Hannaball, Roger, 
Jack, Rose, Milley, Charlotte, Bridgett, Jenny, Fanny, James, Molly, Dinah, Jack, George, 
Tom, Ned, Betty.

Pleasants, Joseph: (1783)  Ned, Jude, Ben, Nick, Nedd Jr., Tabb, China, Frederick.

Price, John (Swamp): (1783)   Quainany, Patt, Chloe, Godfrey, Cesar, Phil, Pat, Jude, Fanny,
Lucy, Ursley, Tom, Ned, Nulley, Phill, Julius, Hannah, David, Aaron, Amey, Cesar, Milley.

Price, Joseph: (1783)  tom, Dick, Philis, Major, Phil, Abram, Hannah, Kate, Fancy, Lucy,
Emanuel, Rose, Patience, Peter, Will, Charles, Aggy, Dandridge, James, Isaac, Sukey, Ben,
Frank, Wilshire, Isaac, Phil, Harry, Sharper, Moll, Rose, Sylvia, Aaron, Pat, Jean, Davey, 
Moses, Dilsy, Amey, Peter, Robin, Julia.

Pleasants, Jacob (Estate of): (1783)   Will, Jean, Stephen, Jinny, Nancy.

Selden, Rev. Miles: (1783)   Stepney, Limerick, Billey, Charles, Tom,
Cesar, Tom, Tom, O'Canah,  Ben, Grace, Jude, nellie, Bridget, Milley, Sam, Davie, Elsey,
Patty, Juno, Cutterior, Jack, Mary, Edmund, Will, Lucy, Peter, Harry, Philis, Sylvia, 
Patty, Emanuel.

Smith, William S: (1783)   Peter, Lucy, Jack, Beck, Isaac, Amey, Daniel, Juris,
Ursley, Anthony.

Smith, Elizabeth: (1783)  Stark, Robin, Abram.

Smith, Johns Sr. & Jr: (1783)  Tom, Ned, Julius, Hannah, Ursley, Lucy, Fibb, Abram,
Shadrack, Milley, Sylvia, Isaac, Patrick, Phill, Sall, Jude, Grace, Charlotte.

Southall, Turner: (1783)   (Phillip & Wm. Southall, Wm. Hibdon):  Rose, Harvey, Lewis, Phill, 
Tom, Daniel, Frank, Lucy, Phillis, Sheba, Rachal, Absalom, Daniel, Squire, Jack, Joe, Sall,
Kate, Clarice, Mariah, Davey, Sukey, Luke.

Williamson, Mrs. Susanna: (1783)   (Jno. Williamson, Robt. Williamson, Jeremiah Glenn)  
Joseph, Moses, George, Aggy, Lucy, Beck, Molley, Joe, Shadrack, Alexander, Nancy, Sarah,
Jenny, Rachael, Aggy, Betty, Abigail, Sukey.

Williamson, Allen (Wm. Williamson, Edmund Williamson)  Dick, Cisley, Hanah, Beck, Betty.

Wood, Drury: (1783)   Sam, Moses, Dinah, Kate, Sara, Lucy, Davey, Abram, Lucy, Isham, 
Emanuel, Kate, Wilshire, Nancy, Louisa, Moses

Wood, John, Jr.: (1783)   Biddey, Charlotte, Sukey.

Pleasants, John: (1783)  Dan, Hatcher, Janey, Nancy, harry, Lewis, Rose, Colly, York.

Pleasants, Robert: (1783)  Old George, Fetus, Phill, Moses, Ned, Nathan, Terrence.

Gathright, William: (1783)  York, Sam, Ben, Sillar, Betty, Lucy, Milly  Ursley,
[  ]ffry, Isham Nat, Mark, Stephen, Charles, Abram, Milly, Amey, Janey, Lucy, Salley, 
Peggy, Nancy, Siller, Judy, Pompey, Joe, Gaby, Squire, Judge, [  ]ry, York, Peter, Dick,
Rachael, Janey.

Pleasants, Thomas: (1783)  (Alex. Reid, Pleasant Younghusband)  Ralph, Will, Sam, Sambyrd, 
Moses, Dell, Aggy, Hannah, Pender, Billey, Olive, Saunders, Ben, Peter, Obry, Humphrey, 
Lewis, Charles, Judy, Pat, Kitty, Tab, Milley.

Sharp, Abramham: (1783)  Will, Mill

Gordon, Richard (employed at Ross's?? Mills)  Edmund Ba[ ], Benjamin Leonard, Sam, Tom.

Sharp, Peter: (1783)  Cesar, James, Phillis, Doll, John, Anthony, Jefry, Charity.

Sharp, Jacob: (1783)  Tom

Cox, George (estate of)  Obey, charles, Tom, Dick, Sampson, John, Milley, Sally, 
Annaes, Phoebe, Causey, Press, Molly, Bob, Wiatt, Betty, Cate.

Foster, Benjamin: (1783)  Isaac, Lucy, Charles, Ursula, Mell, Joan, Eddy, Molly, Stepney,
Hannah, Jeffry, Salley, Beck, Grief, Hampten, Rose, Harry, Cate, Amey, Biddy, Matt, Gilbert,
Judy, Frank, Ned, Tom, Pegg, Jack, Lott, Daphne.

RICHMOND CENSUS: 1784 - Return of Inhabitants
JACQUELIN AMBLER: age 40:  Treasurer,  Lot 593:  Res. 3 years Also:  Rebecca 36,  Elizabeth 18,  
Anne 11,  Lucy 7. SLAVES:  Will 65, Jack 45, Jack 31, Sam 34, Harry 25, Will 23, Old Eve 40,
Eve 34,  Lucy 24,  Jerry 12,  Cooper 11,  Silvia 6,  Lucy's child, 6 weeks. 
FREE MULATTOS:  Mary Lucas 32;  Bartlett (her son) 8;  Betsey (her dtr.) 2. 

JOHN MARSHALL:  age 28:  Councillor:  Lot 630:  Res. 1 year Also:  Mary Willis Marshall 17.
SLAVES:  Moll 30;  Hannah 25;  Moses 19;  Beck 10.

ANNE BLAIR: age 60;  Lot 472, 491 ARCHIBALD BLAIR:  Council Clerk, age 29 Anne Blair 22;  
Benjamin Egleston 8; SLAVES:  Will 30;  Jenny 40;  Sukey 18;  Salley 13;  Edmund 5;

OBADIAH CLARKE:   Age 26:  Bricklayer;  Lot 537 (tax on 5 free Negroes Res. 11 years
Josiah Clarke:  Age 18, apprentice;  Res. 2 years William Scott:  Age 14, apprentice
Sarah Scott 37;  cook SLAVES:  Daniel 3;  Jack 22, Tom 22.

SAMUEL FORD:  Age 24;  Joiner;  Res. 1 year James Allen:  Age 16, apprentice:  Res. 1 year.
Barbary Miller:  Age 15;  Apprentice:  Dabney Miller:  age 14;  Apprentice: 
Benjamin Bryan:  age 15;  apprentice 
SLAVES:  Ben 23;  Pat 21;  Molley 25;  Betty 2;  Peter 4;  Moses 10

HENRY ANDERSON:  Age 25;  Bricklayer:  Lot 575  Res. 3 years Mary Anderson: 21 William Anderson: 
age 15; Apprentice;  Res: 3 years Caleb Anderson: age 13, apprentice:  Res: 3 years Philip 
Williams: age 19:  Waggoner:  Res. 4 years Jack Williams:  Age 15;  Apprentice:  Res: 6 months 
Young Hill:  age 12, Apprentice:  Res: 9 months 
SLAVES:  Daniel 30;  Joe 19;  Sam 19;  Cisley 18;  Ned 12. 

JAMES HAWKINS:  Age 27:  Chairmaker:  Lot 604: Res. 1 year Lucy Hawkins: Age 24:  
(see Martin Hawkins, below, age 30: Carpenter) Nancy Hawkins SLAVES:  (to wit):
Grog 20;  Phil 20;  Nancy 20;  Betty 2;  Jenny 30;  Daniel 8;  Peter 4;  Gilbert 6 months.

Following 2 women said to be "disorderly": MILDRED SEDDON: age 17:  Lot 414;  Res: 4 years
NANCY COLEMAN:  Res: 30 years SLAVES:  Sal 14.

PETER MAUZEY:  Age 33;  Coachmaker:  Lot 517: Res: 11 years Mary Mauzey: age 32;  
Elizabeth 7;  Mary 5;  Mariah 2;   SLAVES:  Cloe 34;  Will 7;  Lucy 5. 

ELIJAH BOWLES:  Age 32;  Carpenter;  Lot 519;  Res: 3 years Mary 24;  Claiborne Bowles 2;
Christian Bowles 1;   SLAVES:  Jemmy 12. 

DABNEY MILLER: Age 37;  Tavern Keeper;  Lot 462 and 141; Salley Miller 28; Chdn:  Nancy 9;
Molley 7;  Rebecca 4;  Betsey 2;  Salley 1;  John 6. SLAVES:  Jean 37;  Daniel 14;  Dick 12;
Indy 50;  Rachael 30; Rachel 10;  Jack 5;  Sarah 4 months;   Beck, a free Mulatto, age 45.

MARTIN HAWKINS: Age 30;  Carpenter Lot 460;  Res: 3 months Elizabeth Hawkins: age 27;
(see James Hawkins above) John Hawkins 9;  Mary Hawkins 4;  Thomas Hawkins 15 months
SLAVES:  Harry 28;  Peter 28;  Hanable 30;  Goody 24;  Sarah 22; Polly 15;   Sally, 
a free Mulatto, age 15.

STEPHENS T. MASON: Age 23;  Attorney;  Lot 23: Res: 1 year Mary Mason 23
SLAVES:  Duke 23;  Lilly 18;  Parthenea 14;  Isaac 10.

EDMUND RANDOLPH:  Age 30;  Attorney;  Lot 35 Children:  Susannah Beverley 4;  Peyton 3.
Elizabeth Eyres: Age 53; visitor. Elizabeth Nicholas: age 15, visitor May Bond 18
George Hay:  Age 18, Clerk  James Rind:  Age 13

WILLIAM RAWLINS: Age 19.  (drawer)  Res: 3 years JOHN WILSON:  Age 24.  Watchmaker.
Res. 4 years JOHN BROWN:  Age 33.  Clerk.  Lot 23 John Shackelford 21:  Clerk 
Edward S. Tabb:  age 17:  Clerk.  SLAVE:  Peter 51.