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Interviewer : Graham Finney

Earlier this year during an interview with Kittie we were discussing cool bands and one band whose name cropped up was Nothingface. Anyway, I found their CD Everyday Atrocity and was blown away by it. Mixing a brute heaviness with something most of todays bands are devoid of, a tune, Nothingface were a band that deserved every bit of support they could get. That support came in the form of an appearance on the infamous Tattoo The Earth festival. Playing alongside the likes of Slayer, Slipknot and our own One Minute Silence, Nothingface made fans everywhere. Now, on the eve of the release of their third album, Violence, Intoxicated finally gets to sit and chat to Nothingface.

PLANET-LOUD - So, how are things in the world of Nothingface ?
Nothingface - "Pretty good, just preparing for another tour, packing and all that good stuff. How's it over in the UK ?"

PLANET-LOUD - It's pissing down.
Nothingface - "Oh yeah, you guys have been flooded big time right ?"

PLANET-LOUD - Yeah, it sucks!
Nothingface - "I bet! Nobody is getting hurt or anything right ? We're hoping to get over there sometime, hopefully next year sometime. Hopefully it won't be flooded ha ha!"

PLANET-LOUD - Hopefully! Right, while you've got your packing to do we'll get started. As a lot of people won't be aware of the band in the UK, could you give us a quick history ?
Nothingface - "Yeah, we formed in 1994. We got together through ads, that's how we met our drummer and he happened to be room-mates with the bassist so the three of us just clicked and it's been that way ever since. We had a guy who sang with us for about a year but he left for personal reasons. Then we found our current singer Matt in a local band and the rest is history. We just recently lost our drummer Chris through illness but he's been replaced by a guy called Tommy who used to be in our crew. He was actually drum tech."

PLANET-LOUD - Is that a permanent move ?
Nothingface - Yeah. I'm not sure what the condition is with Chris whether he'll be able to play drums again but, what happens is that his blood pressure is very erratic and he has to be medicated for the rest of his life. The thing is I don't know if that medication would help if he was doing vigorous workouts like playing drums or whatever."

PLANET-LOUD - His healths gotta come first though ?
Nothingface - "He's gotta think about his health first, exactly!"

PLANET-LOUD - Right, what's the meaning behind the band name ?
Nothingface - "Actually the original singer for the band came up with that name. I knew it was a science fiction novel from way back. I also listened to the Voivod album Nothingface and got little connections from friends and stuff like that. The thing is though, when we wrote it out we didn't think of it that way, it just rolled off the tongue and sounded really good. It kinda fits the vibe and image of the band where we didn't want to be lumped in with anything. It kinda gave us an anonimity."

PLANET-LOUD - For anybody that hasn't heard the band, what do you sound like ?
Nothingface - "Very heavy, very aggressive, very passionate. It's very emotional music, very lonely music. It has a lot of aggression in there. Our biggest influences in the world are The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. We don't listen to too much current music unless we hear something that completely blows us away. We can't find that anymore, you've gotta go back to the old stuff to hear when there was a real passion in music."

PLANET-LOUD - What do you listen to besides The Beatles and Zeppelin ?
Nothingface - "Stuff like Janes Addiction, a band from Sweden called Refused, those guys just completely rock, the new Amen record is awesome but that's about it. I don't listen to too much music but if a friend turns me on to something then I'll pick it up but I'm so outta the loop as to what's new now that I don't really listen to much stuff."

PLANET-LOUD - You guys are about to go out with Machine Head. Looking forward to it ?
Nothingface - "Ha. We look forward to playing with everybody. We're don't have any anticipation that there is gonna be huge amounts of people looking at us. We did the TTE festival in America and we played in front of huge crowds but we've always been a very confident band and you can put us in front of any crowd and we'll throw it down real hard at them. We're looking forward to it, we've never met them or played with them so it should be really cool."

PLANET-LOUD - What other bands / touring have you done ?
Nothingface - "We did a tour with Ministry, some shows with Stuck Mojo but apart from that we've not really done much full on touring. It's just been like regional touring but, for the most part, upto now, has been on a small independant level. When we hooked up with our new management who also manage Ministry, it was a helping. The TTE was our first big tour and, immediately after that, we did two months with Amen in the States."

PLANET-LOUD - After all the small tours you've done it must have been nice to move upto the level of something like TTE ?
Nothingface - "Oh yeah, it was excellent. We love playing smaller venues with the crowd going bezerk but, yeah, we'll play infront of 15-20,000 people everyday. Ha!Ha!"

PLANET-LOUD - What did you think of the rest of the bill ? A tour like that seems to indicate that heavy music is far from dead in America ?
Nothingface - "Yeah, you know, I would it's completely the opposite. Over here there is a huge market for heavy music. The thing is that there is so much repetition in the rap metal scene. I was talking to my friend Chad from Mudvayne and we agreed that there is so much copying going on out here that you'll have an artist come out and do something and someone will come along and say "I like that" and do the same but change it enough to call it his own and that's just so abundant out here. There are so many bands that are so cliched and then you get a band like Slipknot who come along and totally blow everything out of the water. That band ripped the face off metal and that was with no airplay, no MTV and they sold two million records. The thing is, over here, you have the MTV thing which controls most of the kids that aren't..err.. die hard music fans ha, but there is definitely a huge, huge fanbase for heavy and underground music."

PLANET-LOUD - Good timing to release your new album Violence then ?
Nothingface - "Oh definitely. I think the timing is perfect for this album. So far, it's doing great, it's been out for about four weeks and we haven't done the Media push which won't really happen until about January but, for us, I think it is a case of a lot of time and a lot of touring. We're a band who don't just want to become huge, we want to enjoy the ride and make it worth getting there. We wanna work our asses off. We wanna go through the stages and right now we're doing that. We've got from touring in an RV for years and now we're moving to the bus stage and we're enjoying all these little things."

PLANET-LOUD - After all the hard work, does it piss you off that you're still fairly unknown outside the States ?
Nothingface - "Not really because the first two records were done on such a small label that we didn't really expect too much from them. We didn't expect to become stars or whatever. We wanted to do a couple of records to get our foot in the door and get the door open and have people aware of us. We toured extensively for those records and we got a good fanbase from those albums. We're now stepping forward and we've gone through the bullshit and now Violence is coming out we know we're gonna be seeing the world in the next few years."

PLANET-LOUD - Speaking of which when are we going to be seeing Nothingface ?
Nothingface - "Hopefully early next year."

PLANET-LOUD - Don't suppose you'd wanna come over and tour with One Minute Silence by any chance ?
Nothingface - "Oh we'd love to! Those guys rock! They're really good friends now! Massy is such a character. They shaved his head one night when he was all passed out and played tic-tac-toe on his head with a marker."

PLANET-LOUD - They're doing good in America right ?
Nothingface - "Oh yeah, kids are lovin' em. They're awesome live. We did a few shows with them. They're incredible live! Especially Glen. Good god, that man has so much energy. He makes me tired watching him! That guy just flies man! It's awesome!"

PLANET-LOUD - Okay then Tom, cheers for your time, anything else you'd like to say ?
Nothingface - Yeah, thanks for your time man, I cannot wait to get over to the UK, my family is from Scotland so it's gonna be awesome! Cheers!"

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