Make a Difference Day is a national day of service sponsored by USA Weekend; this last year, Make a Difference Day fell on October 28. We invited every school in the OJCL to join the thousands across the country in helping others live happily.

Informational packets were sent to each chapter in mid-September. During the week preceding and on the day of October 28 approximately 150 members of the OJCL gathered in 9 schools to complete over 400 hours of service. Projects were wide and varied. Students from several schools constructed greeting cards and Halloween cards for nursing homes. Others painted mini-pumpkins that brightened the lobby of another local nursing home. A slave auction was held in one school to raise money for charity. Still, others held canned food drives, toy drives, and even an underwear drive! The new underwear was then donated to a homeless shelter. One school cooked a whole dinner for a women's homeless shelter. And not only did clubs succeed in spreading the spirit of service throughout the state of Ohio, but they had a fun-filled time doing it. You are invited to read on to discover the efforts of individual clubs, which are listed in alphabetical order. OJCLers should be proud of themselves for the hard work they put into this project. Again, congratulations!!!

Bowsher High School (approximately 100 hours of service)
Approximately 30 members of Bowsher High School donated candy, toiletries (toothbrushes, face wash, shampoo etc.), and especially their time in making a wonderful meal for women from the Sparrow's Nest, a local homeless shelter for women. On October 28, at around 5 PM, they were able to share the meal and gifts with many incredible women. There was plenty to go around. The plates were filled with turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberries, Caesar salad, blueberry and banana nut muffins, corn bread, cookies, pumpkin pie, marshmallow salad, cherry cobbler and beverages. Each item was cooked by one of the 15 students and/or parents who attended the dinner. There were even leftovers for the women to keep.

Fenwick (135 hours from 3 projects)
78 members from Fenwick High School made approximately 180 Halloween cards. Students designed and constructed the cards, and then dressed up to visit a nursing home, people in homes, those living in the assisted living area, and those living in independent cottages. About 80 cards were mailed to shut-ins in 3 parishes.
25 members participated in a bake-a-thon. Students made cookie batter at home and brought it to school where they spent a couple of hours baking approximately 70 dozen cookies. The cookies were donated for a prisoners' retreat and for Hope House, a homeless shelter.
45 members helped out with a "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" drive. They collected money and new underwear for a homeless shelter. They supplemented the donated underwear with some that they bought with extra money. After all the underwear was collected, they donated it to the homeless shelter.

Indian Hill (58 hours)
21 members from Indian Hill High School spent 3 days after school and Saturday afternoon, October 28, making greeting cards out of construction paper. They did not use computer graphics; they used their own designs and created individual cards. Middle schoolers as well as high schoolers were involved in their project.

North Royalton High School (over 4 hours)
35-40 members made Halloween cards and gave them to a local nursing home. The cards were made after school and delivered the weekend before Halloween. The residents were overjoyed to receive the cards and said that they were cute.

Shaker Heights High School (7.5 hours)
15 members of the Shaker Heights Latin Club held a bagel sale to raise money. The $90 was then donated to an animal shelter.

Sycamore High School (approximately 50 hours)
Over 30 members gathered after school to participate in their "Paint-a-Pumpkin" event. 50 gourds (mini-pumpkins) were painted by enthusiastic Sycamore JCLers. The pumpkins were judged by foreign-language teachers and the best pumpkin-painters received prizes. The 4-dozen+ pumpkins were then delivered the following Friday to a nursing home. There, several students decorated the main lobby with the colorful pumpkins.

St. Joseph Academy (40 hours)
10 members gathered toys, dolls, books, crayons, and a slide to deliver to the children at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. A letter of overwhelming appreciation was received from the hospital.

Stow-Munroe Falls High School (17 hours)
46 members used their annual Roman Slave Auction on Oct. 25 to raise money for charity. They decided to give the profits to a fund for the DARE officer at their school who has terminal breast cancer, so that she can take her young children to Disney World. During the auction freshmen, the officers, and Mr. McCaffrey were sold to some very enthusiastic buyers. The slaves were then at the command of the buyers for the next few hours. The auction raised $150 for the cause. Also, starting on Oct. 21st canned foods were gather in the Latin classes and at the party on the 28th. The items were a requirement for attendance at the bonfire and party, which was a blast.

Wyoming High School (8 hours)
17 members made and distributed Halloween cards to the residents of a nearby nursing home. Club members stayed after school during the weeks before Halloween to make a total of 150 cards. On Halloween, 8 club members delivered the cards and candy to members of St. Clair nursing home.

Total Hours: 420

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