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DoveSong International in association with

Your Resource for Positive Music

An Educational Site Developed by Composer, Musician, and Writer Don Robertson
Founder of the Positive Music Movement

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Essays and Articles

Music: The State of the Art
The Classical Music of the 21st Century
A New Study Links Music With Brain Reaction


The DoveSong library of positive music, one of the largest of its kind in the world, is arriving at your desktop. We are placing MP3 files of great, out-of-print, impossible-to-find recordings on the site for you to download for free. We will be releasing about 10 gigabytes of great music toward the end of August.

The Positive Music Archives

We are currently adding more material to DoveSong's Positive Music Archives. The Archives are the heart of the DoveSong web site. We have a tremendous supply of information and recordings at DoveSong and we will be drawing on this repository. The Positive Music Archives will represent the most inspired and complete source of positive music information ever formatted, and is the culmination of over 30 years of research.


Many issues concerning the subject matter and viewpoints expressed on the website have been addressed in e-mail form. This is where the "pedal hits the metal." You will find this body of correspondence here.
As unfolds, it is becoming the finest resource on the web for information about positive music. We will be continually updating the site with information about music and recordings, discographies, and links to major sites. Please bookmark and check our Positive Music Archives regularly.

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