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Night Shot Voting Deadline: 3/31/2002
'Grab your camera when the sun goes down, and take your best night shot! Keep in mind the importance of shutter speed and aperature value on this one.

The catch on this challenge is that the photo must be taken during the week of the challenge. If your file doesn't contain exposure date, we may e-mail you with further instructions.'

There are 56 submissions for you to vote on.

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  congrats very good jobmagnetic9999
2 hours ago
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29 minutes ago
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2 hours ago
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WINNER:  00011110 v2
by Peter Kemmer
CHALLENGE:  Self-Portrait
(3/11/2002 - 3/17/2002)
RUNNERS UP:  Split personalitiy
by lee kong leng

dole, ispod mojih nogu...
by Zeljko Bagaric