General Italian Personal Pages

Italian Personal Web Pages: This is a page full of REAL Italians who have set up their own pages in Italy. At least one of them is an Arduini.
Home Page Personali: Even more Italian home pages.
Italian Genealogy: Edmund Tardio's home page direct from the Netherlands, complete with the Electronic Italian Surname List.

Personal Family Pages

Allessandri: Giorgio Alessandri's Home Page: Direct to you from Rome.
Alfano: Lou Alfano's Home Page In his own words, "It's not very fancy, but it's FREE!" He also manages the Il Circolo Filippo Mazzei Home Page. for those of you in the Washington DC area.
Ascolani: The Ascolani Family Home Page
Astolfi: Astolfi & Reali Family Genealogy
Bacigalupa: Casa Baci: The Homepage of Drew Bacigalupa, ultimately from Cicagna, Liguria
Bomabaci BOMBACI and Associated Families Genealogical Home Page
Brucato: Ron Brucato's "A Little Bit About Everything" Page.
Caprio: The Caprio Chapters
Castella: Don Castella's Home Page
Cimorelli: Cimorelli Enterprises HomePage: Tony Cimorelli's unique offering.
Cira: Cira Family Genealogy
Cirincioni Frank Cirincioni's Place to Show Off
Dellasala: Dellasala Genealogy Home Page
DeNardo The Denardo Genealogy Page
Fastiggi The Fastiggi Family Web Site! Also with the connected site Calitrian Connections for folks from the town of Calitri, Avellino.
Girimonti: Bill Girimonti's "Around the Mountain" Home Page
Giamona: FamilyQuest Genealogy Resources
Gigliotti Gigliotti International
Gionfriddo: The Gionfriddo Family Web
Grifasi: Angelo Grifasi's Home Page: My Sicilian cousins have moved north.
laMarca: Jeff laMarca's Home Page: One of my oldest cyber-buddies has his own page. This guy really knows how to write HTML.
Liccardello: John Liccardello's Family History Home Page
Madeo: Mike Madeo's Home Page
Maggioncalda: Maggioncalda Family Home Page
Messina: The Messina Family Page
Moraca, Muraca, Maruca: Moraca World-Wide Registry
Musetti: Musetti Surname Resource Center
Nardello: Nardello: Origins of Divisions
A great page which includes the story of the "Fate of the Steamship Ancona," that brought my grandfather to America.
Oriolo: Oriolo Research (both the town and the name)..
Petrianni: The page of my dear friend and paisano, Lidano Petrianni, (with the accent on the first syllable in Lidano)! The page includes a picture of his fiance', Barbara Arduini, and more about our home town of Sezze.
Runfola: Runfola Family Homepage
Sacco: Spence Sacco Burton's Home Page: Even though he lives in Petaluma, I've been trying to have dinner with Spence for a long time to no avail. Well at least I can link to his page.

Nick Sacco's "Super Sicilian Search"

Schiro: Domani... Tony Schiro's Home Page
Vara: Dick Vara's "Greci Cugini" page, dedicated to emigrants from the Arberesh comune of Greci, Avellino.

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