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Purpose of this site
As you might have guessed, this site serves no real purpose, at least not for the general public. But it harms nobody ;-) It is mostly used for informational purposes, documentation, putting my English and HTML knowledge to use, etc. If the answers you are looking for are not provided by this site, contact me directly. My email address is sTv@heuscher.ch


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And all is set for a short week in the buzzing city of New York. Wish me luck and a many good pictures for my diary.
BTW, on http://google.com/search?q=heuscher I'm first, thank you all for linking me!

Finally! My Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English has arrived. I got a B. The interview was the worst part ( Borderline ), but who the heck cares.

Having caught a "pre-flu", I decided to stay at home, not to spread it out even more. So, with time on my hands, searching the internet for ideas for my thesis, I stumble over my first homepage, archived at http://archive.org/. We've come a looong way!
BTW, on http://google.com/search?q=heuscher I'm third, damn volley!

Started working at the the swiss federal archives, where I hope to be writing my thesis on long-term digital storage soon.

Happy new year! I've made the transition in Soma Bay ( Egypt ). Everything can be read and seen here. ( german ). This site now has a gallery and a frequently asked questions section. More questions needed!

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