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To tell you the truth, I've never been obsessed with a single anime series for so long. Well, true, Dragon Ball back in 10th grade lasted a year, but that was because the anime series' I knew consisted of Ranma, DBZ, Robotech, Macross, and Lodoss ^^; So that doesn't count. Gundam Wing I watched faithfully until the end of the TV series, but I wasn't crazy about it. Same goes for Bakuretsu Hunters, Evangelion, and Kimagure Orange Road. Then I started reading CLAMP, especially X, saying "Wow, this is a -nice- series - cool plot, good art, nice characters, interesting background" etcetc., and then I was totally disappointed by the movie, but it at least got me on the swing of Nobuteru Yuuki worship.

Not to say that Yanagisawa Tetsuya, Fujii Maki, or Tsuchiya Kyoko are on the same technical level as Nob. Yuuki. Certainly, Nob. Yuuki's been in the anime art business for much longer, and his style has had a lot longer to ripen and mature. But there's something familiar I see in Yanagisawa's and Fujii's lines to Nobuteru's bold, expressive lines, their bright, rich colors, especially in the eyes and hair, and something elegantly simple in Tsuchiya's artwork, that can color so much in just a few sketchy strokes, her images seeming so complicated in their CG rendering, but based actually upon a bare skeleton of lines capable of expressing the entire image within, like Nobuteru's lines that seem only incidentally determinatie. The art is what caught me to Weiß kreuz, and geez, I'm not adverse to attempt to emulate it, and finally assimilate it into my own style. On to the pictures.

-Jelouise Kama

I'll err... go out of chronological order, because it really HAS been that long since I've drawn a serious picture of Aya @_@!! It's really been a long time. As far as my pathetic memory goes. Anyhow, this pic I drew especially for Joppo's Fanart contest, and is the first picture I've seriously colored on Adobe Photoshop 5.0, and I think it came out pretty well ^^ 's no Tsuchiya, since I don't have the eye for color tones [yet], but his neck came out a little squished :/ Well, that's what happens when you draw anime characters off of real human proportions [you might recognize this pose and cloth folds if you have the Koyasu 2001 calender]

Umm... so sue me. I chat a lot in the WBS/Infoseek/Go Network comglomerate (~_~) and once in a blue moon, I actually RP there, too *L* I've not gotten around to RPing with Aya, although his entrance is sitting patiently upon my desktop to be accessed when that day comes, but my main character, Jey Kama, has met a handful of other memorable characters, so I drew a picture of them all rather out of character (i.e. OOC) and, for fun, threw in some of my own favorite characters *L*

This was my best Aya official sketchie so far *L* Official meaning it's in my sketchbook... granted there are also several sucky Aya sketches I'm too "HAZUKASHII!" to show in the open, so you only get my biased selection. I think his katana hilt is perhaps five inches too long, and maybe too straight, his eyes are a bit too big, but demmit, I want a trenchie like his ~_~_~_~_~ *dribble* Anyhow, I don't have this one anymore ^^; Sold it to my friend Melody (who maintains the great WK screencap gallery somewhere, who happens to live right across the river from me) for $20 on eBay.

Anoo.... I drew this on my Genetics notes, I think. It's all in pen, so there're plenty of mistakes I can't just go ahead and erase, but I think I did a pretty good job on Aya on all the non-important places. His face, however.. is all blacked out by his hair ~_~ But... gotta love that shirt he has on.

Lessee... Drew this one during the extreme boredom of Organic Chemistry lab lecture. Eerrr... at least the piccy of Aya sitting, I think. The other piccy of Aya (which I think I sort of stole from the first ep of the series o.O;;; I drew during one of my Greekie classes afterwards ~_~ I can't remember. Probably my history class. My usual favored outfit for him ^_^ with the laced shirt and rolled up sleeves, although I screwed up on his feet since I don't remember what he usually wore in the way of shoes with that attire. And there's Aya in his usual kakkoi ehh.... "hunting" attire o.O Although I've -STILL- no clue what that thingy hanging off his belt is for. Adornment I guess.... And ignore that partial face on the left ~_~ I might have been decent had I not used pen, since otherwise I would have been able to fix his mouth *bleah*

OK... another sketch proper actually located in my sketchbook and not my notes. It's Aya.. in a ... rather non-characteristic pose that reminds me of that one scene in FF7 in the Don's mansion. K'sou... I can't quite decide on how to do his face.. either Tsuchiya style or anime style, and inbetween, which was how I was sort of aiming for doesn't really work right ~_~ Ah well. That's Youji smoking a joint squished in the side *smacksmack* Bad boy!! *L*

Mm.. I drew this on a letter to Van, so since it was a decent sketchy, I decided to scan it. A cutesy semi-chibi Ayan and Yotan with wings o.O I like chibi Youji better than Aya for once *L* Err... and in the background are obviously normal-proportioned (if that can be said of bishounen anything) Aya and Youji, who just look sorta funky. I still haven't figured out Aya's eyes.

Cute little inspiration I just decided to put onto sketchbook paper today. Ran and Aya, probably after everything Weiß is over, enjoying a little hanami while shopping (er.. there were -supposed- to be shopping bags which Ran was holding, but apparently I just forgot to draw them). Aya.. %*(@ I mean Ran's shirt is sort of a hybrid of that cool black lace-up shirt I long for so badly and that black shirt Koyasu is wearing in some of the Schlag des Herzens photos, which has these metal clasps instead of buttons. It turned out sort of funky here... should have gone for one or the other, instead of both o.O Aya is wearing both of those long danglies and stuffed her hair into one poofy brai *L* and as for the outfit... dunno, just fumbled it out.

Egads... I sketched this on someone's Japanese textbook (in pen ^^;;) while I was visiting Van back during spring break. 'S me an' Van, Aya and Youji style because... well.. we're cosplaying, and for some insane reason we decided to hack off our hair that way somewhere in the very beginning of February O_o My hair's down past my eyes now.

*snicker* I drew this on the self-same letter that the previous Aya/Youji picture had come from. Jes' the chibi-Weiß in their work-attire. Gah, of course I like the cheesy Aya in his pose, but Youji munching on a stalk of wheat is pretty cute, too O_o And Ken's bawling over Omi, who's accidently deflated his soccerball on his shuriken ^^

Urk... I'd drawn these two on the box of said letter ^^ (I draw everywhere on things I send to people, usually) trying o figure out Tsuchiya's style of chibi-fying. What I'd ended up doing is popping out Weiß2 and staring at the omake trying to figure their lack of nose O_o;; Aya's fussing about Youji's hair (kamikami) and Youji's fussing about Aya's nose (hanahana).

*hides* I suck at drawing naturalistically, but yeah, that's supposed to be Koyasu-san ~_~ I took him directly from the Renaissance picture I have up in the seiyuu section, since I was staring at it while drawing this piccy on Van's letter during Genetics *L* Bleah.

Umm... I actually made this a while ago, before Fanimecon, so thhat places it somewhere just before my spring break *L* It's supposed to be a convention badge for the WK Mailing List, of Koyasu and Aya, but eventually I'll get around to making the other three in the set. I'm using this one *L* Sticking font on an original picture just doesn't look good to me aesthetically.

Once again, I'm too lazy to put the most recent stuff on top -_- Baka. Anyhow, I was looking through Anipike for cel sites that sold Weiß kreuz cels, and stumbled across Moonshine Cels and after a few emails, she took the dare to CG some of my pictures in exchange for some commisioned drawings ^_^; So, after agonizing over what to have her cel, I thought "a cel of Crashers Ran would be RAD." So this is the first result, the main line art for Ran. Please ignore those chibi sailor-fuku'd creatures on the side. They have no relevance ^^;; and the picture is mirrored horizontally for the celling.

I stayed up all night CGing this picture, actually because I was using it for chat and people were complaining that all its 200 pixel width and height was too big -_- so I ended up CGing the whole thing, and I'm going to use it for a color match and something to base the color scheme for the cel. The trenchcoat in the original is actually much purpler than this picture as I was changing the color shades around to find what I liked. He looks much less anorexic in technicolor ^^;;

Finally I put this picture in here, to commemorate 4000 hits, only to find that a few days after, the coutner is creeping up to 5000 X_x;;; It's a cute picture. Aya's hand is a little misplaced, and his nose looks a little odd with respect to his chin, but it was an entirely different approach to coloring pictures ^^;; Too pastel for my stomach, though, and unless something wild happens in the OAVs, this scene'll probably never happen ;_; (notwithstanding outfits and props, I mean)

This was a little chara sketch I made on the same page as the previous, planning out Aya's white trench coat ^^; A bit heavy on the belts, but that's how his trench coats -always- seem to be, from Aya's work outfit, to Ran's Crasher's trenchie, to... even this? It's very brightly colored X.x but for some reason, I want that choker of his ^^;

Warning, this is a -big- picture. Umm... it's actually a sort of comic strip ^^ Jey the seeming anti-yaoi's version of yaoi, with the typical WK theme that nothing ever ends well ^^;;;;;;; Good luck reading my lousy Japanese handwriting. And yes, this is completely metafictional. To the best of my knowledge, Takatori Reiji did not ever try to make out with Aya-chan ^^;;

I don't remember exactly when I'd drawn this, only that it had been after AX and before my birthday ^^; It was, from the title, originally going to be the 7000 hits image, but by right now, the counter's already past 9000 ;_; GAH!!! So I drew this after drooling over the Animedia sketches for the Music Clip Animation, and while I'm not exactly sure which song these outfits were for (they resemble Matsuo Shin's style, who is doing the animation for Carnival 2000 (;_; Fujii Maki isn't doing any of the songs)) but Aya's wearing this white-collar shirt with a long tie (and tie pin *L*) looking skinny as a stick. Anyhow, I drew him in that get up with his hand on the family gravestone ^^; but on the upper side's just random other drawings. A random cute Neko^2 Aya^2 (with a bokken ^^;) and a sketchy bust of Aya more in my own style.

I drew this picture of Youji for Van's birthday, right under his nose, so I have no idea whether he was expecting it or not ^^; It was one of those on-the-toilet ideas I had, so it looks a bit incomplete now, even though it's finished (on paper). If I ever get around to CGing it, go reminisce on the lyrics to Miki's Black Angel, and the color scheme should be pretty clear. Unfortunately, I realized about a week later that I'd drawn Youji in that position to show off his tattoo, but in the end I'd completely forgotten to draw it ^^; So I'll CG it in, since I don't have the original. Whoops.

I was bored silly, so I drew another piccy of Aya in the Music Clip Tokyo Sling style. It'd much more gorgeous in the real version ;_;

Remember that pic of Ran I said I'd get celled way back when? I finally celled it X_x Killer to shade, and unfortunately, he was the first cel I made in five years, so... I really oughtn't have practiced on him ;_;

The crappy HTML on this page was coded by Jey Kama, circa 10.23.99. Most of the pictures here were also edited by him, so don't steal, please.