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Dear Corporate Customer

Welcome to WorldCom. Following the recent announcement by WorldCom to cease providing Internet services to the consumer market, Voyager New Zealand corporate customers will begin to move under the WorldCom brand.

Over the past several months, WorldCom has combined its key IP (Internet Protocol) assets. Now that IP is the mainstream technology of business communications, we are going to market globally under a single WorldCom brand name as a single unified business that offers an enhanced range of services to our customers.

WorldCom's leading market position was sealed when it combined the services of UUNET, the first commercial Internet service provider exclusively dedicated to the needs of business, with the infrastructure of WorldCom. This allows the backbone developed by UUNET to run on WorldCom’s global facilities-based communications networks.

To better serve your business needs, we will be updating our product set to reflect the brand name of WorldCom. Products will retain all existing features and benefits and will be backed by WorldCom’s extensive suite of IP, data and other complementary services.

Our motivation for change is to improve and broaden our offerings to customers as they seek innovative ways to improve business efficiency with the power and performance of "connection-less" IP services such as IP-VPNs, web hosting solutions, and IP-based call centre technologies. With the combined knowledge and experience of our employees, WorldCom will continue to provide the most advanced technology available, enabling our customers to successfully conduct business effectively and efficiently.

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For further information regarding and its products please visit the Products section of this site. If you would like to contact WorldCom:


Toll Free: 0800 468 863 or Auckland +64 9 443 9494


UUNET and WorldCom brand transition