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Monday, Apr 1 2002   

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You can now contribute to the ministry of Patriarch using your Visa or MasterCard. Please click here to access our secure online donation form.

Patriarch Magazine

What's in the magazine?

The contents of Patriarch magazine are pretty much what you find on this Web site (all of the articles on this site were originally published in the magazine). We also have a section that includes dialog with our readers, cartoons (for the visual learners), a column on Christian doctrine by R. C. Sproul, and articles by other authors on our patriarchy themes (we don't include in this site the reprints of copyrighted articles we have used in the magazine).

How to receive the magazine

The magazine is published bimonthly as funds allow. We operate on a donation basis. That means we'll send you the magazine if you ask for it and will continue to send it until you tell us to stop. In order to be good stewards, we may drop your name off the mailing list if it has been well over a year since we have heard from you. We trust God to supply the means to publish. We ask you to consider a donation of at least $25 per year. Give more or less, as you can. God is our Provider. We are His stewards. You are our partners in ministry. (Ask for a sample magazine if you just want to check it out; suggested donation: $5.)

Patriarch is also available in an audio format. The 90 minute tape includes as much of the print edition as we can squeeze onto it. Those who request the audio magazine will also automatically receive the print edition (mailed separately). The suggested donation for the audio option is $50 per year.

We are now setup to take Visa and MasterCard. You can use your credit card to make a donation to Patriarch. Please use our secure online form to submit your credit card donation. You can also send your donations the old-fashioned way. Make checks or money orders payable to “Patriarch” and send your request to:

PO Box 50
Willis, VA 24380

Use our online form

You can now use the form to the right to subscribe to Patriarch magazine. We will add you to our mailing list and you will receive the next issue when it is published. You are welcome to send your suggested donation of $25 per year to the above address via postal mail.

Permission to use our material

We hereby grant permission for republication of any content found on this site, provided that (1) uses in print include the name and address of Patriarch magazine (Patriarch, PO Box 50, Willis, VA 24380) and our suggested donation amount of $25; (2) uses on-line include a link to this site; (3) the content is not altered (use of selections is permitted; abridgement is acceptable if it is identified as such). Any good ideas you find here came from somebody else, and ultimately from the God of truth. Any bad ideas are, no doubt, our own.

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