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Are you a cracker or can you write keygens ? If so and you would like feedback, or anonymous submission of your work to the software vendors we can help. We deal with numerous software houses, who really appreciate your feedback. We can ensure that you receive a response and also credit, plus help advance software protection.

Contact us for further details

PGP Public key here

Please note. We do not release any software sent to us. Any programs sent will be deemed ready for submission to the relevant software houses. We will not release any details of anyone submitting any product.



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Please note ! These pages can only be viewed correctly with Internet Explorer at a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 !... Netscape / Opera give the incorrect results. Sorry.

The new look to Villan, well it was time for a change.... The old features are still here and can be accessed from the the side menu. There are a few points to note, and you must fully agree before proceeding any further. We do not host or offer any downloads, missing disks, cracks, hacks etc. The boards that are hosted by this facility are free and open to public opinion, we do not control these at all, you must contact the board controllers directly (details below). They are responsible for the running and content of these.  We can not control the postings, but will remove any offending, illegal or undesirable comments. In the first instance contact the board sys ops or bring this to our attention as soon as is possible by using the contact us option on the left. The main reason for this site, and the boards that are hosted here is to advance the software protection employed by software vendors. We do not condone or encourage the illegal activity of "cracking" software. Some details on you .........


We actively promote, and forward the details and content of this website to the software vendors that are mentioned. They are encouraged to use this resource, and have been granted full access. All IP addresses are logged, and any details collected are passed to recognised software vendors when requested. You have been warned !

Report software piracy to the BSA in the UK on the number above or here

As always we do not have any advertising, and do not promote any other sites, unless we have asked them, and they have agreed.

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Zor - the underground scene news. Zor has been for many years the premier news service. Take time to read the group news, and respect the NO REQUESTS policy. Zor can be contacted on

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