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Monday, Apr 1 2002   

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Building strong families...

Patriarch's mission is to bring about a return to patriarchy, leadership by strong, godly men in every sphere of life. For this reason we promote:

  • Christ-like manhood, neither wimpy nor tyrannical
  • A home-centered lifestyle, from homeschooling to courtship
  • Transformed churches, Bible-based and family friendly
  • Vigorous Christian citizenship, to reclaim the nation
  • A Biblical worldview, comprehensive yet practical

Come on in and be a part of this world-changing adventure!

Quiet Heroes
Christian Manhood Freedom fighters. That's how David Beamer, speaking at the packed-out Sunday memorial service for his son Todd at 1,400-member Princeton (N.J.) Alliance Church, described his son and his newfound friends who decided to move against the four hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93. Government officials believe their action averted a disastrous attack on Washington.

Posted by admin on: Friday 15 February @ 16:07:15 [read: 175 times]
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Does Doctrine Divide?
A Biblical Worldview One of the most common problems faced by a group of families trying to form
a new church is how to handle doctrinal differences. (Established churches normally
will have solved this problem already.) Some families have come from Baptist
backgrounds, some from Charismatic, some from Presbyterian, some from this and
some from that. How do you combine all these people into one church?

Posted by admin on: Friday 15 February @ 15:48:05 [read: 218 times]
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Why Should a Father Study Theology?
Family Worship & Ministry

by Robert E. Fugate

It is not uncommon today for people to question the importance of studying
theology. Some Christians affirm that they just want to hear practical sermons,
not sermons that teach theology. (Don't they realize that Biblical ethics are
derived from Biblical theology?) Others assert that theology divides, so they
conclude that all theology is detrimental. Because of such attitudes, reputed
authorities on church growth warn pastors to avoid teaching doctrine. Yet, we
must ask, is this a Biblical approach? Are there reasons why we should study
theology? I would like to suggest several reasons why it is imperative for Christians
study orthodox, Christian theology.

Posted by admin on: Friday 15 February @ 15:36:26 [read: 181 times]
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