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Freedom is just another word for "nothing left to lose"

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Decided to change the lay-out. Prelude to a clean-up of the entire site. Same as usual: not enough time to do a comprehensive redesign, not enough inspiration to write new content, and I still can't find all the things I wrote over the years to explain what the Committee is and does... oh well.

Hang on! Found some of the old texts floating around on the internet. Head on over to the Committee page for details.

Hang on again! Lost all recent(ish) chages to my site: deleted the root and forgot to take a backup. Things will be back, but even more slowly than I anticipated.

Things are very much under construction here. Of course they always have been at Zog.org, but een more so right now. Sorry for the mess.

NB: best experienced with Internet Explorer (Netscape sucks). Best at 1600x1200 on a 21" monitor with your browser resized to roughly 750x1000, but it should work at just about any resolution .