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SSEYO SSEYO develop mobile music making services & Koan technology.

Koan Interactive Audio Platform Koan Interactive Audio software lets you bring alive mobile or Internet environments like nothing else can.

 Musicians & Users: Create stunning music

 Website Designers: Use audio in exciting ways

 Software Developers: Build cool audio apps

 Manufacturers: Drive services & upgrades

 Operators: Ringtone remixing and music in GSM

   SSEYO Koan Audio Technologies

Koan is the most comprehensive, powerful and programmable interactive audio technology, also available as a free Internet and PDA audio plugin. If you want to create unique mobile or web-based musical or audio tools, content or applications then you need look no further. Developers are increasingly turning to Koan because of its sheer breadth of capability - nothing else comes close.

Koan includes a suite of audio capabilities from full and advanced software synthesiser, support for audio samples / sample processing and the leading generative music engine right through to seamless support for the increasingly used vector audio format and much more. And, it has a very extensive and well maintained set of APIs for JavaScript (e.g. Flash fronted ringtone remixer), Java and C.

   What's New?

SSEYO is 2001 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award Winner

The Koan vector audio track on this page is only 1.2Kb