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The amazing thing is that when I am fully aware, I am fully amazed. This is not a condition that is in general encouraged.

Canada ranked a mere 26th in this Mother Jones look at U.S. arms sales worldwide. There is something very strange about this... , let's see, who's number 1? - with a bullet. Arms Around the World stop hugging, it hurts
"It was the early 1990s and then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton was on the campaign trail making promises: "I expect to review our arms sales policy and to take it up with the other major arms sellers of the world as a part of a long-term effort to reduce the proliferation of weapons." "
I've often caught Radio Netherlands on CBC latenight, but never thought to seek out their webhome / newslog. Wereldomroep
"The UN Security Council will meet soon to decide on the future of the Western Sahara. This stretch of desert in North Africa has been the scene of an intense struggle between Morroco, which controls the region, and the Polisario, which wants independence."
Jan Lundberg, founder of Culture Change magazine, has a go at private property and the false security it offers. Private Property: Insecurity amidst overpopulation
"The walls of the universities and of the houses will crumble and not be rebuilt. They are unsustainable, and are only necessary in a self-defining culture. The alternative is being created in front of everyone’s eyes, but is invisible in the mounting petroleum haze and the blindness of materialism."
It would be meaty and righteous to grok a history of those we will do. Erroneously called The Cradle of Civilization, which we all know to be an inner no-spime neurochemically lit with projected insight, Iraq - History and Culture from Noah to Present is quite concise and well hyperized.
"Although he was a successful military leader and administrator, Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC) is primarily remembered for his codification of the laws governing Babylonian life. Under Hammurabi the two cultures which compose Mesopotamian civilization [the Assyrians and the Babylonians] achieve complete and harmonious fusion."
You Are What They Ate: A Brief Survey of Entheogenic Foods and Their Possible Roles in Human Evolution is just part of The Infinite Mushroom. Quite.
"Oral Cannabis ingestion seems to have reached a peak during the Victorian era, where it was consumed in the form of candy, butter, or jelly. An entire genre of Victorian literature is based on these expereinces."
Ask Dr Hemp


Badly in need of upgrading my most used proggies I went on a freeware downloading frenzy this month. Far beyond any need, the search for gratuitous (often in various senses) code turned into a crusade. Now I only have five hours left (out of 120) for the month, and can look forward to a few more days until the April hours d'oeuvres are baked and ready for more restrained consumption. In the near future I'll put up a page describing those downloads that smote my driven drive; with juicy links 'n all.

The Shape of the Universe is not quite what might be thought. Mahamba, man.... Mahamba! A meme for the future.
"As soon as the child is able to walk, bring him or her out to meet the tree and to feed it. Encourage the child to take over the care and feeding, and seal the responsibilites with gifts. Continue reinforcing the merit to be gained from the act, in whatever terms the child understands: The legend of a tree that brings good fortune might be one of those harmless myths that can teach more than a hundred hard facts. nd the simple act of nurturing a tree, distributed memetically, repeated recursively, might help our species get a grip on our planet's runaway throttle."
The Oscar Wilde Collection, simple, complete, say no more...
"Yet he was afraid. Sometimes when he was down at his great house in Nottinghamshire, entertaining the fashionable young men of his own rank who were his chief companions, and astounding the county by the wanton luxury and gorgeous splendour of his mode of life, he would suddenly leave his guests and rush back to town to see that the door had not been tampered with and that the picture was still there. What if it should be stolen? The mere thought made him cold with horror. Surely the world would know his secret then. Perhaps the world already suspected it."
Short essays such as A Matter of Attitude - The Wisdom of the Rutles drew me to this alter-world, and I discovered an Inferno. Greg Panfile's Music
"Some at this point may think I am in way over my head (duh!), or grinding some emotional or ego-related axe of my own. Be that as it may, I personally believe I am presenting historically and psychologically valid information on a very basic level that the average person should have mastered by the time of high school graduation. The main reason it is not taught, I'd guess, is due to a combination of ignorance (it's not occurred to many people that this material exists or is important) and some darker motiviations: in that our religious, educational, governmental, and commercial establishments are in a state of near-total dependence on emotional engineering and cannot abide the possible loss of power and influence that divulging these ideas could cause."
Twisted Mister
"I'm gonna talk about the ideal world, Chris. I've read, I understand reality. If you're asking me as the President, would I understand reality, I do."
GWB, May 31st 2000

Matt Mumau echoes my amazement at Devin Harris' The Infinite Flat Universe - Everything Forever - ...as I read, I became more than simply interested in what I saw before me - I was completely absorbed by something I've never before even considered possible.
"We have come now to the very reason why spacetime is systematic and orderly. One specific future is totally and completely inevitable. The universe in its later half of development is no longer diverging outward into a great sea of increasing possibilities, as it was during the Big Bang period. Instead, time is being forced toward a single state. The future being inevitable, shapes the past.

In study of this convergence toward a single state, toward an inevitable physical condition, we can now begin to recognize how our forces of nature are engineered in a way to bring about that specific future. Forces are not just the way nature happens to be, with no purpose or meaning. Instead, spacetime has a destination, and forces guide spacetime along a path toward a goal."
For Carrie, Stephen and Amber
And the rest of Earth's Children,
That they may dissolve the conceptual pathogens
That poison their lives and their institutions.

So dedicated, The Origin of Social Dysfunction: The Pathology of Cultural Delusion by Everett E. Allie is discharged deep, fluent, fluid. Chapter to chapter, be prepared for recognitions of truth in retrospect that enable a memetic samadhi. The ability to discriminate is the very basis of intelligence and learning, yet, the American culture has made discrimination a dirty word. Instead of examining the basis for discrimination, the act itself is suppressed.
"Humanity has moved beyond innocence. As a species, we now have the knowledge to make corrections. Whether or not we do so depends upon the decisions and activities of individuals. The drive must emanate from individuals. Whether we succeed or fail, we no longer have excuses, nor does nature grant excuses."
The last couple of days have been adventures through, around, inside and out of spime, and I will end my gravity with a levity of the impossible. Atlantis : No way, No how, No where Thus spake Kevin Christopher.
"Atlantis continues to captivate people's imaginations because it offers the hope that lost ideals or some untapped human potential will someday be uncovered, not the masonry blocks of a dead civilization. Scrying for crumbled roads in Bimini or poring over the outline of some terra incognita on a forged map ignore the real Atlantis, the undiscovered country of human ideals."

The religious mind is entirely different from the mind that believes in religion.


Author J.R. Mooneyham sent me a most uplifting note and the updated link to An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Future Technology and Social Change.
"2009 AD-2017 AD : The internet permeates our lives and begins radically reshaping our institutions, even as breakthroughes in other fields promise fundamental changes in living standards and all future human endeavor; personal computing gets still more powerful even as costs drop further; net users in the developed nations are becoming increasingly isolated in terms of typical historical human interaction; the first crude 'second skin' applications arrive; some forms of insanity and other surprising afflictions prove to be literally contagious; the danger of mass effect biochemical weapons use peaks for most developed states; the wealthy enjoy 'perfect' organ replacements; there are significant increases in the numbers of people taking to the sea to live and work; vigilante organizations rise in prominence and influence."
To reverse temporal course for a flash, one of the great speeches of our age was presented to the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, February 4, 1992. In a world of global civilization... - V. Havel, eh - ...only those who are looking for a technical trick to save that civilization need feel despair.
"The world, too, has something like a spirit or soul. That, however, is something more than a mere body of information that can be externally grasped and objectified and mechanically assembled. Yet this does not mean that we have no access to it. Figuratively speaking, the human spirit is made from the same material as the spirit of the world. Man is not just an observer, a spectator, an analyst or a manager of the world. Man is a part of the world, and his spirit is part of the spirit of the world. We are merely a peculiar node of Being, a living atom within it, or rather a cell that, if sufficiently open to itself and its own mystery, can also experience the mystery, the will, the pain, and the hope of the world."
Journey into the culturelatively timeless with An Analysis of all Aspects of Hindutva - Hindu History, Hindu Culture, Hindu Philosophy and the Hindu Outlook towards Religion and Human Existence. A must-visit historical romp, eloquently and elegantly presented by an insider cum secular humanist.
"Mein Insaan Hoon, Sirf Insaan hoon,
(I am a human, only a human)
Insano koh dhoondtey ghoomta hoon,
(I am in search of others who too are only human.)
Miltey hain Hindu, Farsi, Isahi, Yahudi, Sikh aur Musalmaan,
(I have met many Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs and Jews.)
Nahi Miltey sirf Insaan.
(But I rarely meet those who are none of these, but are only human)"
"It is already becoming clearer that a chapter which has a western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in the self-destruction of the human race... At this supremely dangerous moment in history the only way of salvation for mankind is the Indian Way. "

Dr. Arnold Toynbee
British Historian, 1889-1975
In a queer way the 
concept of 'Zero' or Shunya 
is derived from the concept of a void. 
The concept of void existed in Hindu Philosophy
hence the derivation of a symbol
for it. The concept of Shunyata, influenced 
South-east asian culture through the 
Buddhist concept of Nirvana
'attaining salvation by merging 
into the void of eternity'

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