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News :)


Saturday April 6—The first Broadcast of my new internet show “The Rush Hours”  <-click it for info!!!

The Show is broadcast live from 6-8PM Eastern Time. Thanks TO DJSHOWS.COM for the Weekly show!!!!


Well my trip the UK was a huge success… Got some great time in the studio with Energy.. Look for another release by myself and Energy in the coming months…  Phosphor and I are still plugging away, we should have some news about the tracks we are working on in the near future.. J

On the release tip: “Wipe Away” by Energy and justrich will be coming out in the next month or so… Go Mental Platinum #5

Some great events coming up in Winnipeg over the next few months, finally!!!!!  I will release the info as I get it.  J


Also if you live in the Winnipeg area be sure to check out “Havinit Large” @ Chaos Chameleon on Friday Nights featuring resident djs: freaky_alien and justrich. Music policy: 4 on the Floor!!!!

Be sure to check out Hardcoretechno.ca featuring some of Canada’s best Hardcore maniacs…



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