One of the most common local weird curiosities to be found around our state is the existence of the phenomenon known as "Gravity Road," or "Gravity Hill." In addition to these examples of gravity defying roadways, we’ve also featured stories of a Gravity Hill in the town of Jackson, and a "Magnetic Hill" located in Morristown.

"The State Of New Jersey prohibits any vehicle from backing up on an off-ramp," the police officer said to us as we were attempting to try the local legend located at the Ewing Street exit off Route 208 in Franklin Lakes.

"We will ticket any vehicle trying out Gravity Road," the officer said while writing out our ticket.

The legend of Franklin Lakes’ Gravity Road claims that a young woman was killed at the bottom of the exit ramp. When you stop at the stop sign, a mysterious force pushes you backward up the hill again. This is supposedly the ghost of the woman pushing your car away from the dangerous intersection where she was struck down. Rumor has it that putting flour or baby powder on your front bumper before trying this will reveal the ghostly handprints of the girl after the event.

Some claim the phenomenon is just an optical illusion, and although the road seems to sloping downward, it really isn’t. The contours of the embankments appear to make it look that way, but the road actually ends on an upward pitch.

Whatever you believe though, the disorienting motion of rolling backwards uphill in real and undeniable. The officer didn’t believe us when we told him we saw a ghost pushing our car, and because of this we did not deserve a ticket. We didn’t try the "historians doing research" routine either. Fine: $76 and a few points.

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