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* denotes stories inappropriate for those under 17, according to law. Not that you won't read it anyway, just don't hold me responsible

[Only New Stuff]

All Things Lead To A Requiem (41k)

Post all things - The first time, just the way Gillian Anderson would have told it. *

All You Need is Bed Rest (18k)

Post Roadrunners - Scully’s in the hospital again, time for some angsty reflection.

Alpha Male (19k)

What happens when Mulder and Doggett have to share that tiny basement office.

Asking a Favor (6k)

Post Christmas Carol/ Pre-Emily - Scully asks Mulder to do her a BIG favor

penandpaper.gif (245 bytes) Best Laid Plans (34k)

Post Arcadia - Tension in Arcadia? Want to know why? Want to see how it was fixed?  *

Damn Good Agents Part 1 / Part 2 (Total 36k)

What happens to two damn good agents when life throws in a curve ball. *

Don't Let Go (13k)

Mulder can't sleep and needs to run off some energy.

Eden In Her Voice (10k)

A book on tape enlightens Mulder to his partner's past. *

Fox Mulder Is Dead (30k)

Post Gethsemane - Mulder’s dead and Scully finds herself turning to his friend for comfort. 

A Fox's Den is Never Safe (31k)

Post Young at Heart - Nothing is Reality 

penandpaper.gif (245 bytes) Gents (32k)

The boys club isn't what it used to be. *

Granting Wishes (7k)

Scully finds out what Mulder's dreams are really made of. *

I Had You Big Time (9k)

Post Fight The Future - Missing scene from the movie 

I Want A Baby (19k)

Post Emily - Doing favors for friends gets taken a bit too far. 

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss? (7k)

Post The Red & The Black - Mulder's thought's after the Kiss. 

Leaving Comity (22k)

Post Syzygy - What happens after the clock strikes midnight in Comity.

Lifetime Lover (53k)

The Renaissance in England was not particularly know for it's artists. Here's the story of one and his muse.

A Little Golden Bond (12k)

Post Travelers - Scully finds the ring (sequel to Promise Ring) 

Love of a Lifetime (18k)

The typical MSR story . . . with a twist.

Moving Day (15k)

Mulder and Scully help Skinner move into his new apartment and maybe more. *

My Perfect Son (12k) 

Post Existence - Mulder and Scully standing in a room, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes baby, then comes love . . . wait, that’s not right . . .

NEW! Our Cancer Year   Chapters 1 - 8 (357k . . . so far)

Post Tempus Fugit - What a year could have been like if Mulder had done something more for Scully's birthday other than giving her the Apollo 11 key ring. *  

Pain and Pleasure (25k)

Post Tunguska -What happens when Alex Krycek is taken to Skinner's apartment. *  

Paper Hearts Tear Easily (6k)

Post Paper Hearts -What Scully does after the credits roll. 

penandpaper.gif (245 bytes) Progression of a Love (15k)

Post Deep Throat -What starts as a one-time deal, becomes much more.  

Promise Ring (11k)

Post Travelers -The reason why Mulder was wearing a ring…  

Promises Kept (9k)

Post-Redux / Pre-Redux II - A nurse’s shift during Scully’s hospital stay. 

Promises Of Life (8k)

Post Memento Mori - Mulder promises life to Scully. 

Quit Playing Games With My Heart (15k)

Mulder believes Scully has betrayed him, but has she really?

Reconstruction (5k)

Post The End - Mulder and Scully do some redecorating. 

Red and Black All Over (3k)

Post The Red & The Black - Mulder's thoughts in the beginning 

Small Things (6k)

Post Small Potatoes - Another take on *the* scene. 

So Now What? (24k)

Post DeadAlive - What do you do with a pregnant partner, a scarred face and no apartment?

Something Old, Something New (13k)

Something old, something new, time is borrowed and no one's blue.

Something's Not Right (4k)

Pre-Dreamland -Scully’s internal thoughts as she’s about to find Mulder. 

Third Wheel (4k)

Post The End - Diana's views on herself, Scully and Gibson. 

13th Rose (27k)

Scully has a secret admirer. . .

The Thrill is Gone (8k)

Post Arcadia - You knew something like this would happen . . . 

Tiny Little Cross (6k)

Post One Breath - After Scully wakes up . . . 

To Protect The Innocent (83k)

Mulder and Scully are assigned to more than just a case *

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (10k)

Post Gethsemane - Hours after Scully announces to the FBI Mulder's death. 

Transition (13k)

Post Patience - Transitions are very hard, especially when you’re alone

What A Dream (10k)

Post Dreamland - Mulder’s new life as Morris Fletcher isn’t so bad . . . 

penandpaper.gif (245 bytes) What A Workout (15k)

Smut, pure and simple. But it's good smut. *

Winners And Losers (15k)

Post Small Potatoes - What really happened in the month between Eddie's non-kiss and the visit to the prison. 

You Are My Sunshine (6k)

An e-mail from Mulder cheers up Scully.




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