Quake fans, the wait is over. The official Tomorrow Never Dies Quake Custom Level has arrived!
Amazing new weapons, interiors and bad guys (Meet them below...) make TND Quake the most exciting custom Quake level ever!

Imagine yourself as 007 himself... armed with a Walther PPK and MP5K.

Your mission: Secretly board Elliot Carver's 100 million dollar stealth ship, set explosive charges and destroy the ship.
You will need to be careful of the crew members on board as most are suspected to be armed and dangerous.

Proceed from one pontoon through the middle of the ship into the other pontoon setting all the charges along the way to complete the task of destroying the boat. Then, escape without detection.
Boom!! Carver's plans for world domination thwarted thanks to you!

Are you up for the task?

PC Download and Instructions | Mac Download and Instructions

The maniacal Elliot Carver is at the helm of his stealth ship waiting for you - surrounded on all decks with fully armed staff... Don't miss your chance to battle it out with Carver's main goon, Stamper. He's tough and armed to the teeth and waiting for you on bridge with the boss. At the wheel is Captain Berjenko.
Carver's 1st class grunt. Carver's 2nd class grunt and Systems operator. Carver's 3rd class grunt.
Carver's 3rd class grunt...caught unprepared.

Checkout some stills from the game below.
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