F-16 - VER-2 Vertical Ejection Bomb Rack
Smart Rack for Smart Bombs

Cleared Configurations
Years of operational experience with variety of stores. Certified on Stations 3, 5, 7
Vertical Ejection Gives Excellent C.E.P
Store Carriage Capability 1,105 Lbs. 2 stations
Store Pitch Control
Dual dependent pistons, enable either tail up, level or tail down store ejections.

Advantages of VER - 2 versus TER

Characteristics VER-2 TER
mil 1760 Capability Optional Not Optional
Store Pitch Control Dual dependent, pistons enable either tail up, level, or tail down store ejections None
Maintenance Sealed for life hydraulic system. Guarantees 60 days or 150 firings before cleaning Requires daily cleaning after firings
Ejection Velocity
for 500 pound store
15.5* ft./sec.
Higher ejection velocity enables clean separation from aircraft
* Depending on model of ejector unit.
7 ft. / sec.
Reliability Dual cartridge Single cartridge
Store Arming Utilizes state-of-the-art Zero Retention
Force Arming Units
Utilizes unreliable retention style arming units
Certified on Stations-5 Certified Not Certified
Aircraft Velocity 600 KCAS 550 KCAS
Store Carriage Capability 1,105 lbs.m 2 stations 1,000 lbs., 2 stations

P.O.Box 540 Haifa 31003, Israel
Tel: 972-4-8319292
Fax: 972-4-8319384

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