Combination 19" television and Nintendo 8-bit Entertainment System, 1989.

Sharp has a history of releasing special combination units in Japan. Most frequently known are the exquisite Famicom Twin units. Sharp also made several other versions of the Famicom, from a video titling unit, to a television combo similar to the one here.

Sharp has not been afraid to sell combination units in countries outside of Japan. As a result, we can thank them for such gems as the combination SNES/TV, and the combination NES/TV as seen on the right.

The unit is a standard 19 inch television, quite large by Japanese standards of the day. It could easily pass as a standard television until you look down and see the feet.

Those are the real give away. The extra height of the game box makes the unit unstable due to the high center of gravity from the tube, and without the feet, the unit is prone to tip over! (similar to the "Warning! falling XBOX may injure small child." warning on the Xbox.)

The unit has two press open covers, one which says "GAME" right in the middle. I guess they think us squirrel eatin' folk in the US of A can't find a NES built into a television! Sadly they were right... The shop I got this from said the original owners had forgotten the nintendo in the bottom. I didn't even have to clean the contacts , it worked the first time I put a cart in.


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