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April 8

Kidd for MVP? How about The Truth, Paul Pierce?
Hey, J-Kidd is the best point guard in the league, and a great MVP candidate, but how about Paul Pierce of the 45-32 Boston Celtics? This guy kills everybody, including the Nets (remember his 46-point second half in December?) and leads the NBA in points in the fourth quarter. He had 32 Sunday night against NJ and is third in the league with 26.5 PPG. Pierce is also good for 7 rebounds, 3 assists and almost 2 steals a night. And he shoots the three at just over 40%. People need to start including Pierce when they talk about Vince (Raps are 8-0 without him), T-Mac (disappears in the fourth) and Iverson...

And while we're at it, what about Jim O'Brien for Coach of the Year? If you think Kidd is the MVP than the Nets turnaround can't be solely attributed to Byron Scott. As this writer points out, O'Brien turned around essentially the same Celtics team. Scott dumped Marbury and added Kidd. No wonder they're better this year.

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April 7

Kidd for MVP? Jason Kidd has helped the New Jersey Nets double last season's win total and put them in the playoffs. Who's your choice for MVP?

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April 3

He's bac- er, check that; He's gone. MJ's out for the season now with that knee injury, putting the last coffin in the nail of the Wizards coulda-been season. He says he plans to play again next season if he's able, but more importantly: did this season accomplish anything for the future of the Wizards franchise?

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Jeff van Gundy to coach the WNBA's Washington Mystics, an alarming development if I've ever heard one. The thought of van Gundy attaching himself to Rebecca Lobo's leg when she tussles with Chamique Holdsclaw just rates far too high on the potential comedy scale. The rumors that had him in Golden State or elsewhere next season seemed to make a bit more sense (or perhaps kicking Vince in the tail in Toronto?), but maybe he needs a year or two off in a lower-pressure environment.

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April 1

Maryland wins. Terps defeat Hoosiers to win national championship.

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March 31

The UConn Women Are Perfect Are they the greatest of all time? IMO yes they are, but I am biased.

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they were near mirror images on the floor. yes, they sure were. and it was a great game. but the reason the terps are playing basketball on monday night while the jayhawks are just 'playing with themselves' is... (more inside)
nytimes link; backdoor is open, though.

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March 30

Good Knight! Hoosiers win. As a former Indiana boy, I always picked the Hoosiers to go deep into the tournament. The last few years they've disappointed me time and time again. This year I decided to pick them to lose in the first round. Bummer. But I'm happy to see them in the finals anyway! Go Hoosiers! (I'm also happy for Mike Davis; I am not a big Bobby Knight fan.)

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March 27

Where does Shaq rank? No question he'll be going to the Hall of Fame, but where does Shaq rank all-time? He's in my top five...

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March 25

Is Scotty Pippen a Hall of Famer? I think Scotty was a solid player in his prime, whose game fit perfectly with that of the man who was probably the best player of all time. Is having been Michael Jorden's caddy enough to get in?

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March 21

IU WINS! IU WINS! For the first time in years, IU is proceeding to the Elite 8, knocking down the number one team in the country. The last time Indiana beat Duke in the tournament in 1987, they went all the way. Could it happen again?

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March 20

Fake one for the team. How many players on the NBA's injured list are actually injured? Estimates say 1 in 3 may not be.

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March 19

It's all about the three. The New York Times [username: sportsfilter/password: spofi] says three-pointers are the key to upsets in the NCAA tournament.

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March 17

So you think your brackets are busted? As one friend put it, 'my bracket looks like Berlin in 1945.' But you probably aren't the only one. The stats in the link are illuminating- relatively few people made some of the correct calls. (slightly more inside.)

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March 15

If the NBA season ended today... I would bet on the 5-8 seeds to beat the 1-4 seeds in the East (whether Charlotte or Miami faces the Nets). When has that ever happened? And the West - Blazers vs. Lakers in the first round ... again? A Utah vs. Sacramento rematch? (remember that incredible series two years ago?) Duncan vs. Garnett? When have the NBA playoffs ever been so compelling, top to bottom?

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March 14

And so it begins. Pepperdine, my surprise pick to reach the final eight, falls to Wake Forest. What was I thinking? Thankfully, Missouri prevailed. It's madness, I tell you, madness!

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March 10

March Madness is upon us. Who is your favorite to win the whole thing? Any first round potential upsets stick out? Is your alma mater in the tourny? Of course I will be routing for mine, go Uconn.

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March 9

Akron high school basketball star LeBron James is the next "next Michael Jordan" with an SI cover, his own section in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, dozens of makeshift collectibles on EBay and every single NBA team requesting credentials to his games.

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March 8

North Carolina schools know how to keep a rivalry going: Jim Rome and others are talking about pictures of University of North Carolina fraternity members having a ball with Duke basketball and football player Reggie Love after he passed out drunk at their house. Actually, two balls.

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March 6

Will changes in selection impact the tournament? Has anybody else heard about this? I suspect it'll shake things up more than they think.

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Be assured: the CAA will still have a Jeff Capel coaching. Jeff the younger, the 27-year-old former Duke point guard, gets the top job at Virginia Commonwealth, where he was an assistant for one season. Capel also worked a season for his father (also named Jeff), the former coach at Old Dominion. Just in case you were worried that a former Duke guard wasn't going to go into coaching.

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March 5

Chucky Brown: NBA Traveler My buddy & I were languishing at another Raptor home loss when we tried to determine who the most traveled active NBA player was. We tossed out Chris Gatling, Tony Massenburg & Jim Jackson but we weren't even close. And check out the teams that have come out on the short end of the Chucky Brown Karma.

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March 4

Look Out For Uconn. Uconn has been dissed all year by the pollsters, but after they win the Big East Tourney, and get a number two ranking in the tourney, no one will be ignoring them. Uconns RPI ranking is 11, and they were not ranked for most of the season. If you are looking for a bandwagon to jump on folks there is plenty of room on the Uconn express.

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I can't believe we let the 40th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game pass without note. It's a feat without equal, never to be repeated again. Check that link out for game audio, stats, and the history behind it (legend has it that Wilt hitched a ride back to NYC from the players on the opposing team).

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March 2

Nolan Richardson's contract has been bought out after he claimed he was treated differently due to his race. Seems to me that it's not so much a racial issue as a story about how quickly we forget a coach's record during one sub-par season -- and who can blame Richardson for lashing out?

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NBA Coach of the Month. When Bird retired as the coach of the Pacers, I was enamored at the idea of having Isaiah as the new coach. I knew very little of Rick Carlisle, except the kudos that Bird was giving him. Now, I still like Zeke, but I'm beginning to wonder what Carlisle would have done with the Pacers. He seems to be coaching a pretty mediocre team with great success. With all the talk about pro players needing to respect their coaches, how has "low-profile" Carlisle gotten his team to respond?

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March 1

Is it March already? Ah, yes, the madness begins. Here's CBS SportsLines projection of the field of 65 (last year they nailed 64 out of 65 schools invited); it includes a nice explanation for the inclusion of each team. And here's their projection of the seeds.

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February 28

Virginia, Virginia, Virginia paypal account:

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If you can't beat them, beat them. Six Kentucky high school students assaulted a rival school's best scorer before the district tournament, knocking him (and then his team) out of play.

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February 26

Michael Jordan's getting knee surgury, and his season could be over. Does this sink the Wizards? His career? Does this change what you think of his comeback?

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Bill Laimbeer's business fouls out, writes the Freep's Tom Walsh. Laimbeer Packaging Co., which the former Piston shut down two months ago, left nearly 100 employees jobless. Creditors have sued him, his union is demanding vacation and holiday pay, and TV news crews have dogged him. Who knew that boxing out NBA players would be easier than making cardboard boxes?

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New York Knicks Cancelled Because of Bad Ratings. Somebody woke up David Stern and told him the Knicks stink. Via Slate. Now howzabout getting some Nets games on teevee?

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February 21

Nuggets trade entire offense to Dallas for washed-up veterans. Is Raef LaFrentz the last piece of the Mavericks championship puzzle? David Stern handing the trophy to Mark Cuban would be priceless.

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February 19

Shaq's toe is getting better. Allen Iverson's is not, nor is Cassel's . Jason Williams missed 8 games with ingrown toenails. Camby and Hakeem have had toe trouble as well. In a sport that has a synergistic and symbiotic relationship with the marketing and retailing of excessively expensive sneakers are these foot injuries a potential black eye? Some researchers claim that the shoes that some players wear can contribute to the injuries. Are the latest crop of shoes producing toe trouble?

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Trade rumors are swirling around Indy. Thursday is the NBA trade deadline. If you were the GM of your favorite team, what deals would you make? Here are ten trades that Bill Simmons (from ESPN) thinks should happen.

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February 18

Maryland beats Duke, leading by as much as 25 points and knocking Duke out of first place. Is this a passing of the ACC torch, or a one-time fluke?

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February 16

Dime Magazine. Is there room for another SLAM? The boys from the once popular but now defunct bring you Dime Magazine :: The Game. The Player. The Life. Their online version is not too bad. They give you some daily SMACK, a Game of the Day breakdown , and an occasional feature.

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Steve Logan 41 - Southern Miss 37 You think all those NBA scouts still think he's too short? Also, is the best defense in the game (UC) the only hope anyone has against Duke come tourney time?

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February 14

It's None of Your Beeswax! By now, you've heard about Webber's "profanity-laden tirade emanating from a story in Tuesday's [Sacramento] Bee" connecting him with Tyra Banks. In today's column Mark Kriedler from the Bee writes, If a man wants to keep it perfectly quiet whom he's spending time with, he almost certainly does not bring her into the middle of All-Star Weekend when she already is recognized on sight by most of the pop-culture addicts on the planet. You cannot invade the privacy of a man who already has willingly surrendered it. Sneaky little rule, I know. Not surprisingly, his teammates defend Webber.

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February 13 is available! Get it! Alonzo Mourning says "F*ck the fans, congratulations" to Kobe. How are Alonzo's comments different than Bonzi's (less harshly worded) comments earlier in the season? Alonzo also said Kobe is the NBA's finest spokesman. What? Mr. Cut their hearts out? I say it's got to be Jason Kidd, or Kevin Garnett. I'm not sure Kobe's even in my top 10. Who are yours?

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Kobe is now the MAN. The torch was passed last night in LA. Kobe Bryant is the next Jordan. I have my doubts, what about you?

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Shaq-less Kobe beats Michael as the Wizards blow a 20-point second-half lead. Is this more important to Kobe Bryant or Phil Jackson?

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February 11

Utah Jazz point guard DeShawn Stevenson was sentenced to probation today after pleading no contest to having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The team will "arrange for Stevenson to do his community service at the Boys & Girls Club," according to his lawyer.

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February 10

In tonight's NBA all star game Kobe Bryant scored 31 points and took the MVP honors. The win was bittersweet as fans booed and showed their disapproval to the Philadelphia native. I suppose that the philly fans would rather have seen Kobe play for the 76ers. But that's not his fault, during the 1996 NBA draft the 76ers had first pick and they chose Allen Iverson instead. Guard Allen Iverson on the other hand, also a good player, Philadelphia�s favorite son and winner of the 2001 NBA all star MVP was held down to only 5 points in his own building tonight. So what's with the booing? the rumour is that Philly sports fans have a reputation that precedes them

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February 8

Stephon Marbury arrested for "Extreme" DUI. So how's that Kidd-for-Marbury trade looking now, on the PR front as well as standings?

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Michael Jordan walks on water (or comes really, really close). The Wizards are 26-21 and in third place in the Atlantic division. This same sorry team was 19-63 last year. It seems the initial sentiment of sports punditry was that he would "tarnish his legacy", then modified to "it'll be fun, but nothing will come out of it". If the Wizards just make the playoffs the legend of MJ will grow even larger (if such a thing is possible).

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Conference USA: Home of scoundrels. In Esquire's March issue, writer Charles P. Pierce slams the league for harboring corrupt coaches. "There are buccaneers and cutthroat types in every conference," Pierce wrote. "And then there is Conference USA." Memphis' John Calipari, Pierce writes, "shouldn't be allowed on a college campus without an armed escort."

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I had to stop after 4 last night, and I still made a little mess in the cab! The NBA is back, (remember when it was in trouble?) The first 10,000 drinks are on on KG next week when the T-wolves play the Suns. His motivation is to make the Target Center like a "crazy... rat house." Hopefully he'll have a great game. What are some other examples of players making nice with their fans?

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February 5

Juanita to Jordan: "I'm Back." She withdraws the divorce. Like MJ, she's going to give it another shot.

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February 1

Polls get slightly more sane So it turns out that one coach had 7-12 Temple ranked in the top ten in the country, placing them into the 'others recieving votes' category. You have to wonder how often this type of thing occurs in slightly more subtle ways.

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Remember when the NBA slam-dunk contest was actually cool? Remember when guys wanted to participate? Well, times have changed. This years event has just four contestants, of which only one is an all-star. Does anyone even care anymore, or is it time to put it out of its misery?

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January 31

The reserves were announced last Tuesday for the NBA All-star game. Of course sports writers talk more about who was snubbed, rather than who was selected. The fans vote for who they want to see, and the coaches try and fill in the holes, but some deserving players are going to be left out. Is this the process all-star games should use?

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January 27

nobody said he couldn't coach. texas tech (15-3) rips the number six rated oklahoma sooners at home, 92-79, avenging a blowout loss in norman two weeks ago. bobby knight has turned the red raiders into winners. can he keep it together and make lubbock, texas a perennial college hoops powerhouse?

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January 26

we have clearance, clarence. kareem abdul-jabbar lands head-coaching postition for the oklahoma storm. flyover country gets a rare opportunity to see a living legend.

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