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National Special Security Events

In May of 1998, President Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive 62. A portion of PDD-62, which is a classified document, deals with the coordination of Federal anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism assets for events of national interest.

In effect, PDD-62 formalized and delineated the roles and responsibilities of federal agencies in the development of security plans for major events. The clarifying of responsibilities serves to focus more clearly the role of each agency and eliminate the duplication of efforts and resources.

When an event is designated a National Special Security Event, the Secret Service assumes its mandated role as the lead agency for the design and implementation of the operational security plan.

The Secret Service has developed a core strategy, the concept of forming partnerships with law enforcement and other security and public safety officials.

The goal of the cooperating federal, state and local agencies is to provide a safe and secure environment for our protectees, other dignitaries, the event participants, and the general public.

Although we cannot discuss the methods and means we utilize to carry out our protective responsibilities, we can say there is a tremendous amount of advance planning and coordination in the areas of venue and motorcade route security, communications, credentialing, and training.

Certainly, we emphasize the importance of prevention and deterrence when we are developing an operational security plan, but we are also prepared to respond tactically to a threat if the situation dictates. As a result, we will employ a number of our specialized units during the course of this event.

The skills utilized by our agents and officers to carry out their protective responsibilities are perishable. As a result, our personnel train on a continuing basis so that each individual remains prepared to respond to any eventuality. Their responses must be immediate, well coordinated, and effective. A variety of training initiatives are conducted to include simulated attacks and medical emergencies, inter-agency tabletop exercises, and field exercises.

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