Wife On Display

This is an actual event that took place in a local community clinic.  This is a true story that was related to me by my wife, but she has no idea that I would repeat it. Especially on the internet!  My wife initially gave me a 2 minute story on this episode later the same day, but I made her tell it to me in as great detail as possible, so my mind could soak it all up.  I still get turned on thinking about it, I think my wife does too!

The story….

About 2 years ago, when my wife, Colleen was 24, she went to the “all female clinic” to get her annual exam done.  We have a regular family doctor, but since he is male, she prefers to have her pap done by any one of the female nurses at clinic.  She made her appointment as usual, not expecting anything to be different than before.  Usually she is in and out in less than 30 minutes, but not this time.

Colleen sat in the lobby waiting to be called, looking around, she noticed that there was nobody else in there.  After waiting for about 3 minutes, and older female, probably about 40, opened the door from the back rooms, into the lobby and out the door.  Shortly after, the nurse opened the same door and asked for Colleen.

She walked back with the nurse into the room with the scale for her weight.  105 lbs.  This was her normal weight and had always been proud to be ‘skinny’.  She felt her weight to be proportional to her 5’04” frame.  With long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, she is definitely attractive.  After being weighed, she was handed a small plastic cup and was asked to void into it in the bathroom and leave the sample in the small window there.  After she left her sample and cleaned herself up, she walked out of the bathroom and back into the room, where the nurse was patiently waiting.

The nurse then escorted Colleen into an empty room with all the familiar equipment that you would expect to see, however this room seemed larger than the rest of the rooms.  Actually, this was the biggest room she has ever seen for a clinic.  It was at least three times the size of a normal examining room one would expect to see.  This one seems like a room where more than just examining would take place.  There was the usual table in the middle, but three of the walls were lined with padded benches, with the one remaining wall taken up by the usual sink and cupboards.

Colleen was asked to hop up on the table, where the nurse checked Colleen's blood pressure, heart rate, and the normal “is everything normal” type questions.  This was done while Colleen remained fully clothed (well, a tank top and shorts anyway).   After getting the vitals, she was asked by the nurse to go ahead and remove all her clothing and put the paper gown on which the nurse handed her.  The nurse left and Colleen quickly shed her tank top, bra, shorts and panties.  Colleen has always kept her pubic hair very closely trimmed.  She always wished she never had any hair there.

Colleen was brought back to reality when she heard voices outside the door and she quickly finished covering up with the blue paper gown.  What a joke these paper gowns were.  They don't do much for the modesty and they're noisy embarrassing to be seen in.  Colleen listened intently, and it sounded to her like there were a lot more people out in the hall, to what seemed to earlier be a basically empty office.  Just then, she heard a light tap on the door and another nurse quickly entered and shut the door behind her.

This nurse quickly introduced herself and looked at Colleen's chart in her hand and asked if she had any problems at all.  Colleen quickly related that she seemed to be just fine and was on birth control pills.  With that, the nurse said that was great and that she was going to ask her some questions.  The nurse put her chart down and related that the local university's nursing class was spending the day in the clinic for “hands on training”  The nurse continued that this was required of all nursing students in their schooling, to observe, and to participate in ob/gyn fields.  Since the clinic is so close to the university, it was common for the students to attend such exams.

Colleen's jaw then obviously dropped down when all of this was being said to her, and was becoming clear now why she was in a room that seems much too big for just her and a doctor or nurse.  Colleen began to subconsciously shake her head, when the nurse continued to talk again..  You must understand, these are simply nursing students that will be doing exactly what I'm doing now.  It would be of such a service to these new students, these new professionals to the field of medicine.  The nurse went on with her speech, quickly making Colleen feel like an uncaring person to not let these students assist.  Colleen finally gave in and consented after feeling guilty, and told the nurse that if they really needed to do this, they could, but lets get it over with already (thinking to herself).

Colleen didn't know if she could handle some students in the room with her.  These exams are usually embarrassing enough as it is, with out additional people in the room looking at her intimate parts!  The nurse told her it would only be a ‘couple’ of students and that they were very mature and professional.  Colleen thought to herself that a couple of women in the room wouldn't be too bad she guessed, she'll just keep her eyes closed for the most part and think of something else.

The nurse then handed Colleen a “release form” for the students to “practice” on her.   The nurse took the paper and left the room to retrieve the students.  Colleen couldn't believe that she was going to go through with this.  It already seemed like she has been in this room too long and was feeling anxious to just leave.  Suddenly, she heard the familiar light tap on the door and the nurse opened the door rather quickly, with a stream of students entering the room right behind her.  Colleen felt her face suddenly redden as not less than 8 students, 6 of which were male, and the other 2 female, sat down on the benches around her.  Colleen quickly looked at each of them and soon realized that she was probably the oldest in the room, with the exception of one male student, who looked to be about 30, and the nurse.  She swore than one male student looked to be about  15 or 16, as well as one of the female students.

Colleen felt very vulnerable in her little paper gown, being completely nude under it, while everyone else in the room was fully clothed.  And all the students were in street clothes to boot!   The nurse noticed how Colleen nervously looked around the room and told her to just try and relax, and everything would be just fine.  The nurse asked if Colleen had any other tasks to do for the day, and like an idiot, she said she didn't!  She didn't think fast enough, or else this could have ended this much quicker.  The nurse began to talk to the students in medical terms and how to put the patient at ease, etc…  The nurse then asked Colleen to slip the paper gown from her chest so they could check her lungs and breasts.

Colleen felt herself again get embarrassed at the idea and felt the cool air on her breasts as she slowly let the paper gown slip from her shoulders.  Her face felt like it turned several shades of red.  She tried not to look at the students in the room.  The nurse spoke with the students in what she was looking for while probing her back with a stethoscope and being asked to breath deep.  Her nipples contracted with the coolness in the room and from the embarrassment she was enduring.  The deep breathing was also helping with her in trying to relax.  The nurse could also sense the nervousness of her.  The nurse then had Colleen lie back on the paper covered table and had her extend her arms up and over to behind her head.  Of course this definitely eliminated any sense of modesty that she may have had.  Her breasts weren't very large, only a small B at best.  This made for the palpating of her breasts that much easier.

After the nurse performed the breast check for lumps, she invited all the students to come around the table and for one at a time to perform the same test.  The nurse actually asked what looked to be the youngest male in the group to begin palpating the breast in small circular motions all around the nest and then finally lightly pinching the nipple looked for any discharge.  All 18 eyes were staring at her breasts, with obvious bulges in the male students’ pants.  And it was obvious that these students were very new at what they were doing.  Many of which needed further instructions from the nurse.  After Colleen's breasts received a very thorough checking from each and every student, her nipples were getting sore from being squeezed and standing at attention for so long.  Her breasts usually get very little attention.  She also noticed, embarrassingly enough, that she was getting ‘wet’ between her legs.  An area that she knows will be getting looked at soon enough!

After the nurse told the students that they did a good job so far, the next step would be the pelvic exam.  Colleen knew that this would be coming up, but wasn't sure if she could handle this.  A breast exam was one thing, but…..  The nurse instructed Colleen to slide down to the end of the table, as she was extending the stirrups from the end of the examination table.  She then heard the nurse tell one of the students to bring over the examination light.  One of the students brought over a portable halogen light and brought it over to end of the table.  The nurse asked Colleen if she could completely remove the paper gown, relating that the students would have a hard time viewing the procedure if she was covered.  Colleen reluctantly agreed and she sat up and completely removed the gown.

Now, there she was, a completely nude and beautiful women in a room full of mostly young male and some female students.  Colleen could hear a couple of the male students quietly talking to each other, and could make out then saying that they were so lucky and what they were going to see!  Colleen was assisted in putting her feet into the stirrups and was instructed to scoot down further on the table, until her rear end was just hanging off the end of it.  The nurse then opened the stirrups as far apart as they would go.  It was a good thing that Colleen is fairly athletic and was very limber!  Colleen felt like her knees were almost in her ears!  Now that she was in this position, she could tell that she was very much on display and the students all gathered around to the foot of the table, all trying to get a look at her charms in full opened view.  She could feel that her pussy lips were opening up and was very much wet .  She could also feel the cooler room air enter her opened hole.  Even her asshole felt as if it was slightly gaped open.

The nurse made some medical talk with the students and told them about the procedures of a pelvic exam, but Colleen felt like she was just prolonging this position that she was in for the benefit of the students or the humiliation of her situation.  Finally the nurse pulled up a short stool and sat down in between Colleen's legs.  She flicked on the light and directed it right to her vulva and anus.  The heat of the light actually felt good.  She shut her eyes and was just trying to think of a place her mind could wander to.  But, she quickly found this to be impossible.  Now, she could actually feel wetness trickle down and out of her slightly gaped vagina hole.  The heat of the light probably didn't help her situation any.  She began to feel highly aroused by the idea that all of these young people are staring at her most intimate parts.

She jumped slightly as the nurse put her hand on her thigh and was informed that she would be ‘feeling around down there’, and if she felt any discomfort to let her know.  All Colleen could do was nod her head.  She felt fingers slightly squeeze and palpate her outer pussy lips, or ‘labia majors’ as the nurse put it.  Quickly followed by the same to her inner lips (labia minora).  The nurse then did an anatomy lessen with the group and she could hear the students calling out the correct terms for all that they saw.  The nurse even retracted her clitoral hood back, exposing the clitoris itself.  With this manipulation of her most sensitive organ, she began to slightly squirm on the table and could definitely feel how large it was swelling to and the increased moisture coming from her vagina.  The nurse then ‘parted’ her vagina opening even more, so as her entroitus, or urethra could now be visible and inspected.  The nurse had her ‘bear down’, to make sure no unusual lumps or deformation of the now gaping vagina hole might show.  Now the students were commenting on the moisture seeping from the hole and the increased redness and swelling that was taking place.  Now, this was embarrassing!

The nurse addressed this as to arousal from the manipulation and was completely normal.  But also added that a lot of women become very dry, and that they were lucky to have a subject that wasn't dry.  Now if this wasn't enough, the nurse had each and everyone of the students do what the nurse had just done.  The nurse then inserted two fingers into her vagina to search for the cervix.  The nurse then had one of the students bring a large speculum from the tray, and warm it up under a flow of water from the sink.   Large? Colleen though to herself?  She never thought of her pussy as being large.  The nurse then was handed the warmed speculum and carefully inserted it and directed it to her cervix and opened it to its maximum.  She felt opened more than she ever had been before.

The nurse asked if she was OK, because she had her vagina opened so far for the benefit of the students.  Colleen said it felt a little big, but could handle it.  She looked up to see all of the faces peering onto her pried opened cunt hole.  More of the students commented on all the juices that were streaming from her.  Not were there only milky secretions forming on the walls of the vagina, but the actual cervix was flowing a milky river as well.  The nurse also related that this was completely natural and healthy.  She was not looking forward to the scraping and probing of the Os of her cervix, but all the students were able to see the nurse insert the cotton swab into the Os of her cervix, then the wooden scraper around the Os.  The nurse told the students this would be done only once, as not to cause any more undue comfort of the ‘patient’.  The nurse did have each and every student sit down on the stool and just look into the vagina for future reference and if any of them had any questions so far.

Again, the idea to Colleen of all these young students looking into her vagina was making her very sexually aroused and especially with that ‘full’ feeling of the speculum, she was on the verge of an uncontrollable orgasm.  The last student, the youngest one of course, sat down and told the nurse that the speculum was sliding out and he could no longer see her cervix.  The nurse told him to gently close the speculum and slide it in and open it once again.  The thought of this young student playing with an instrument inside of her hole began to put her over the edge.  She was trying not to breath hard or become obvious to the crowd of her situation, but was sure all could tell.  This student then opened up the speculum and could now see her cervix.  The student then made a comment to the group as to how the cervix was beginning to move in and out, just like a piston.  The nurse walked up and peered into the vagina and acknowledged that this too can sometimes happen when the patient is nearing an orgasm.  The nurse then also pointed out that her clitoris was fully erect and was no longer concealed by the ‘hood’.  She had the entire class try to look into the speculum stretched vagina, as an orgasm was imminent.

Listening to the nurse talking about her having an orgasm and the manipulation of the speculum inside her finally pushed her over the edge and she managed to have a very intense orgasm in front of the entire student gathering at her feet.  They were obviously standing there in awe, as the cervix did piston in a ‘in-out type fashion’ inside of her. There was an obvious ‘squirting’ of additional mucus from her cervical opening as indicated from the continued comments about her copious amount of fluid that now ran out of her stretched hole and down her anus.  The humiliation of having to endure this ‘vagina on display’ actually caused her own orgasm, and the amount of talk that she could hear among the students was just unbelievable.  This, my friends, was the ultimate in humiliation an exposure one could endure, she thought.

The speculum was removed and the nurse demonstrated how to insert two fingers and push down on the uterus and ovaries from the top to feel for lumps and abnormalities.  The nurse then had each student perform the same.  Then the nurse performed the ‘bi-manual’ exam, whereas the nurse inserted one finger in the vagina and one in the anus to feel the underside of the uterus and cervix.  Again, each student received the opportunity to ‘feel her up’, now with a finger in her asshole!

The exam ended after another 30 minutes of the nurse talking and the students asking questions with touching and looking at the ‘wife on display’.  Colleen couldn't wait to get out of there now.  The nurse thanked her and had her take her feet out of the stirrups and she sat up.  Everyone noticed the huge wet spot on the paper of the table.  She didn't even attempt to cover herself up now, even though the students were all standing around, with some still staring at her nudity.  The nurse told her she could get dressed, which she did, right there with everyone still watching.   She looked at the clock on the wall and had realized that she had been there for almost 3 hours!  Now she realized how sore her legs and holes were going to be.

Again the nurse thanked her and the nurse turned to her students and told them to thank the ‘patient’ for her patience and courage for assisting them.  There was a very loud and appreciative applause from the students, which definitely made Colleen feel better, but still embarrassed.  She finished getting dressed, and the nurse told her she would be notified of her pap test results in the mail.

My wife may have endured a very humiliating experience, I just wish I could have been there to see it!